Rihanna’s Tour Struggles

Remember when Rihanna wished Ciara luck booking a stage to perform on? Well it looks like the singer may now need a bit of that luck herself. According to the New York Post, ticket sales for Rihanna’s concert in key markets are not selling very well, prompting her manager to suggest she cancel those dates. Shows in Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, Denver and Indianapolis are all expected to be cancelled, while a show in Boston is still expected to go on. The Boston show at T.D. Garden Arena however has also experienced low sales, selling only 3,700 tickets out of a possible 20,000. So what do the singer and her ROC Nation label have to say about the matter? Well, they apparently aren’t talking. Someone who is talking however is Ciara. Check out the coy little tweet she sent out earlier.


  1. I knew Ciara was talking about her when she said that. Rihanna needs to be brought down and peg or two and hit with a dose of humility. The Europeans may want to see you but Americans are not as impressed.

  2. Why is that only black artists act like high school never ends? Does CiCi have room to speak on Rhianna? At least Rhianna has an A list career while she is sniffing the farts of Lala and Kim Kardashian as their sidekick. This is so low class and lacking in grace.

  3. rihanna needs to try to sell smaller venues with cheaper tickets…and learn to sing/perform better live. shes doing MUCH better but its not worth the prices shes asking for



  5. @Stylista – Karma is a B**CH! Doesn’t matter if Ciara has room to speak or not. Rihanna talks to people as if her ish don’t stink and as if she’ll be on top forever. She should have just ignored the comment Ciara said about her and stayed humble; and just maybe she wouldn’t be going through this. Turning to twitter was just as immature. *SHRUGS*

    @Rockon Ummm, Rihanna canceled shows last year. A lot of them. Including the one in Phoenix. Some places she’s not going to sale out. I doubt it will really hurt her, but I personally think blogs are focusing on this situation because of the Ciara “beef.” Other than that, I doubt this would have been brought to the for front.

  6. It is the God’s honest truth. She isn’t selling out or even close to out in the U.S.

  7. Let’s just be honest here – Ciarra ain’t booking Carmike Cinema or a Free Concert in the Park right now.

  8. True Ciara is not selling but Rihanna should not have been so high and mighty because this is not the first time she has struggled to sell seats at a tour. Although I like songs from both artist, I don’t think either one is overly talented.

  9. actually E! news reported last night that the rumour was false and that the tour was on track to selling out.

  10. people are so quick to believe anything negative about rihanna. all the blogs posted this rumour yesterday without any facts but i doubt any of them will post a retraction telling the truth or that rihanna has 9 shows at the O2 arena in london, the most ever by a female artist. it has a capacity of 23,000.

  11. SHE CAN’T PEFORM. That is why folks are not willing to pay money to see her behind.

  12. I’m not surprised. She sucks at performing. Of all the concerts I have been too (solo female artists that is), Celine Dion has had the most people. Her stage was in the middle and both 4 sides were packed with people. Lady Gaga and Beyonce had a lot of people too but the difference is their stage wasn’t set in the middle so only some sides were packed, bus still, there were more than 3,000 people.

  13. Do yall think America is the only country in the world? Scratch that yall probably do. For the rest of us that have actually went somewhere else then inside the states we know Europe Asia and even some african countries Are the business, Rihanna can eat off of the UK alone, so she’s fine.
    As for the american tours she just wrapped up the “Rated R” era she needs to wait longer before touring again.
    As for those laughing at her i think she is a clear example of karma, her karma is she can’t fill her arena what will yours be for laughing at someone else misfortune?

  14. LMFAO@ sista

    sista youre late, and this was already confirmed false.

  15. Rihanna will be fine. She may have cancelled a few in the cities where her turn out were low, but she added dates to those cities where her support is high. That is the norm. If one city is not cutting it move on to the next. There are sooo many cities in America. You think cancelling a few would break an artist? i think not.

  16. She should focus on acting. I heard she is pretty good in that movie she has coming out. Because she is a terrible singer and there is no hiding that. She used it as tool to get out and it worked now find your strengths. If this movie comes out and it is a hit she can be an actress.

  17. Lol this report has been confirmed to be wrong yet blogs where thirsty to report anything that hates on this girl; pathetic!! where is the retraction sista now that E news confirmed this is a bogus story?

  18. LoL I don’t know what to say actually..its funny. I mean when your on top the only way to go is down, we see it all the time your HOT for a couple of years then you not.

    Thats why your always supposed to remain HUMBLE!!!!!!

  19. @leslie yes this is a false report. She selling well in the U.S. Go rhi-rhi.

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