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By now we have all seen the promo shots and behind the scenes footage of Jay-Z’s “Run This Town” video, which co-stars Kanye West and Rihanna. Well now the full video has leaked and Yeah She Said It, has a sneak peak at it.

And for those of you who may have missed it, check out “Miss Good Girl Gone Bad” driving the paps crazy yesterday afternoon in her pink sweater and matching Louis Vuitton Graffiti shades.


  1. Im gonna be nice today, im not gonna talj badly about her, love the outfit, but the boots are atrocious

  2. Im gonna be nice today, im not gonna talj badly about her, love the outfit, but the boots are atrocious


  3. She looking Nice. Pink is most definatley a good colour on her. Her hairdo is getting a tad bit old. surprise us Riri with something else!

  4. What did you guys think of the video? I thought it was a cheap knock off of Tupac & Dre’s California Dreamin’.

  5. Miss Rihanna is filling up these jeans very nicely.
    The video is alright. I can’t say I’m going watch it repeatedly. Nonetheless, the beat of this song is hot.

  6. I do think Rihanna has on butt pads. It went from 0 to 60 in like, 1 day! LOL But as for the song, I love it…The video…not so much.

  7. lol at the booty pads expert you would know you been sucking on some while your life is passing you by

  8. voice shut up!! why do you address chick, i never say anything to you. Grow the hell up! and b!tch my life is not passing me by, i’m doing damn well thank you very much, i don’t spend my life on blogs like you

  9. Amber Rose better watch out!

    Her singing in the video sucks, also the video was a wash, to much build-up for that!

  10. Why is she always naked? Are her and Beyonce having a contest who can wear the least clothes? Song hot-video doesn’t live up to it. Her swag in the video wasn ‘t edgy enuff 4 the track, i dare say even her singing, though her voice cute, got personality. Pics cute, 2much cleavage 4 me.Butt pads?? Very possible.

  11. if it’s a knockoff of dre and tupac , then it’s knock off of mad max…i’m not really feeling her voice on the track. But i do remember those pants the first time around.

  12. Why should Voice be banned..there are people on here that say way worse things and are constantly attacking people for stating their opinions..but whatever. Rih-Rih looks cute but I agree that she may need a new hair style now.

  13. The video was boring to me but I really like the song. Rihanna looks great as usual, go acid wash pants!

  14. Yet to check the video but I will, song is ok to me….I’ma be an odd one w/e but I like them boots…the whole ‘fit she looks cute.

  15. The song is startin’ to grow on me. @ Stephanie And seeing the video did remind me of “CALIFORNIA LOVE” lol (california dreamin) But Rih-Rih was rockin’ em’ black shades her swagg is sicknin’

  16. Not feeling the outfit. Song is alright, can’t see the vid since it’s now pulled from YT. I hope Rihanna does get her career back and doesn’t wear out her welcome being simply a mannequin for edgy clothing.

  17. I agree about the build up. I was expecting something a bit more groundbreaking than this and got nothing. Also, Rihanna’s voice kills this whole song. I cannot listen to it in full because honestly it is just too annoying. Her voice does not suit this song at all. Her accent and the tone she sings it is is just too much for me to take. Keri Hilson would have been a better choice or maybe Christtte Michelle. I think ultimately they wanted a hot chick and just chose her.

  18. She’s looking good but those are definetely butt pads. As for her singing, I’m sorry but that shrill noise is enough to make me want to hurl myself out of a window if I listen to it for too long. So hey! It ain’t for everyone, she’s making money so good on her. She’s just not my piece of cake!

  19. Rihanna looks so cute in that outfit, she usually doesn’t wear sunglasses well, but those are super cute. Once again she’s proven that she can wear almost anything.

  20. Lol ima go get my degree in hurtinggroupiesfeelings Jones i done told you off so many time but like beyonce’s tired -ss weave still you stay there is nothing i can do about your nasty self but let you carry your own welcome out just like your idol so please close your legs cause i can smell it trough my computer and honey you don’t have to try so hard to convince me of your so called wonderful life i know it’s a front hating-ss broke rats, stay in your corner until i call out your whack -ss name kay ?

    and kitty you don’t even want me so keep that trap close too okay ?

  21. This girl is just killing the fashion game. Everything she does I want to emulate… the true sign of a fashion icon.

  22. those aint no butt pads ..those are to small jeans …. bey is the only one who wears butt pads lolol get it right lolol

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