Rihanna Officially Named As Chris Brown Victim

Rihanna and Chris Pop diva- and future spokesperson for victims of domestic violence, Rihanna, has officially been named as the victim of the attack that landed Chris Brown, future fast food worker, behind bars- for a short while at least. The official police report names Robyn Fenty (Rihanna’s real name) as the victim of an assault with a deadly weapon. The LAPD however says there was no actual weapon and cites Penal Code 245 as the reason why they had to list the crime as such. Whatever, the case, I still think there is so much more we don’t know about this situation and new stories are popping up online almost hourly. Radar Online has just posted an update from someone claiming to have been in the hospital (Cedars Sinai) at the time Rihanna was admitted.



  1. We don’t know the full story so I’m not going to make any judgements on either side.

  2. This is why young people should take their time before getting serious and moving in together. they both still have a lot of growing up to do. I saw pics of Rhianna on another site with a cold sore on her lip and she and chris were together in a club, this fight can’t be about an STD because they were together at the pre-grammy party. Something must have happen after that.

  3. OMG Stephanie, thanks so much for posting this. LOL. Seriously on myspace there are graphic designers creating beat up photos of Rihanna with scars and bruises on her face, and I was wondering what the hell were graphic designers doing that for. LOL. Now I know. I really don’t get too much into blogs like that except for Brown Sista and Concrete Loop.

  4. bottom line , chris brown can stick a fork in it , his career is done while rihanna`s is just getting started!
    i dont feel sorry for him

  5. Chris Brown and Rihanna will be seen together in the next 2 weeks.

  6. “Future fast food worker…” Stephanie, you crazy…

    I am just so surprised at this whole thing. But you know, sometimes we think we know celebrities because we see them on TV. But we don’t really know these people yall!! They go through the same crap that the rest of the world does.

    He better hope Jay-Z don’t get a hold of his butt. I heard that he was pretty upset when he heard about it. Uh oh Chris….you better “run it, run it. “

  7. @ oliver , look at r.kelly still going platinum after multiple allegations of raping young girls.

    the std story is just to make chris the victim, when rihanna is the real victim. and remember ri-ri didn’t call the police, onlookers did. she did give a statement, but i hear she wants to not press charges…she is trying to save her career now after getting her behind whipped. this is sad. i hope ri-ri is well and makes the right choices for herself (not for agents, managers and record labels).

  8. lol this situation is silly couples go throguh things just because they singers doesn’t mean they not human u always have the good the bad and the uglu in any case if he did hit her he was wrong but come on this is chris breeze lol nothing is gonna happen to this kid his career is going to go far with or without rihanna remember he writes all or most of her music lol things happen people say things they dont mean all the time she had to provoke this boii for him to do something silly like this i mean come on and yes he has experienced some abuse seeing his mom and all but that don’t mean nothing u have kids all the time growing up and seeing there parents get hit but they don’t grow up hitting the wife or whom they choose to be with……. let the boiii go give him community service or something who knows they will probably end up being together after this lets see what happens plus chris don’t look like the type to just attack someone for no reason look at all aspects before judgeing

  9. through things u have the good the bad the ugly lol sry in a rush…

  10. @ iris
    sorry baby girl, if there is anybody who is done at this point…its your boy chris brown, see the big picture for what it is, rihanna was already too huge for his punk a-s-s and now this…like stephanie said he is a future fast food worker…thank God they`re always hiring..anyway where i live !

  11. wow chris…not a good look for your career. that’s all i can say

  12. I’ m going to re-post my comment cause SOME PEOPLE don’t seem to have understand yet:

    I think that it will have a GREAT impact on his career! Don’t forget that 80% of his fans are female teenagers who want to be with him and to be his girlfriend! So imagine now when they’ll see what he did to his own girlfriend! Do you think they will still support him ? I don’t think so!
    BUT I think that if Rihanna’s people know how to manage all that: I mean if Rihanna shows herself as a vulnerable girl who loved her boyriend and didn’t know what’s happened , as a woman who wants “to forget this sad story” and wants a fresh start but will still fight against domestic violence, If she sheds a tear or two on a Tv set (Tyra, oprah , Helen…)…. If she would do all that I’m sure that her career will never be as fine! Everybody will sympathize with her helplessness, They will support her , she will be the victim and Chris the bad guy ( which is what he already is) all the magazines will stand up for her and all this publicity will help her to sell and to keep her name in the spotlight!

  13. MARIE, have you read the comments these girls think it is her fault. she provoked him. Again r.KELLY does not have a gold record. they are all platinum, marrying aaliyah, a sex tape with a child, and numerous allegations in chicago of acts so vile i won’t repeat them here. All of his records have still gone platinum, women make up the biggest percentage of his fan base……

  14. @iris

    chris brown aint no r kelly..damn! i swear y`all stans can be delusional like crackheads, chris brown is an immature idiot who makes for teens, the teens are growing up and moving to next person, shoot even teens cant swallow his music but for some odd reasons you manage to put him in the same league with r kelly…smdh

  15. i’m saying beating someone will not ruin your career. tommy lee beat pam anderson for years. p. diddy beats the hell out of his first wife misha, kim porter, jlo and cassie and he is still around.

  16. @ iris

    like i said y`all stans are like crackheads, how many records did tommy lee sell after beating pam anderson like you state? when did diddy beat jlo? kim porter? his wife misha…hmmm has diddy ever tied the knot in his life? cassie??? damn girl…i mean dam where do u get all these infos from..lol

  17. As I said on the last thread about this… Rhianna is NOT Chris’s mama & Chris is NOT Rhianna’s daddy, therefore they BOTH NEED to keep their hands to themselves. Nobody needs to be putting their hands on another adult. And the sad part is like Dana said up top, in the next week or 2 the two of them will be together again… smh.

  18. Its time to expose Rihanna for who she really is! I have a friend who is really cool wit CB and he said that she is a VERY jealous person and violant! She always hits Chris when she gets angry, she punched him in the back of the head one time in front of all his friends. I think she pushed Chris’s last button and he went off. The Baijan princess is a psycho! And I dont condon CB’s actions but I understand them. You will all see when it all hits the fan!

  19. I can’t say this enough. I AM SOOOOOO SURPRISED, SHOCKED ACTUALLY AT THE FEMALES WITH DISDAIN FOR RIHANNA WHO ARE HAPPY SHE GOT HIT, PUNCHED, KICKED, OR WHATEVER TRANSPIRED. Jealousy and self-hate can make man a fool. Chris and Rihanna need to work through this trauma/drama out of the spotlight and go their separate ways. There is no rekindling when violence takes place.

  20. Don’t forget Chris is a black man and that’s reason enough for the MSM to vilify him.

  21. I don’t care what the circumstances were, a man has no business hitting a woman unless his life is in danger. I always felt they were a little too young to be getting so serious. Its too bad their parents couldn’t have foreseen this.

    Its unfortunate that their careers are going to end this way. Chris’ squeaky clean image, and Rihanna’s tough girl image have both been destroyed. I hope they saved some money for college.

  22. Rihanna went from Jay-z’s dick slapping her face to C.Brown’s fists punching her face. No wonder she wears so much make up to cover up the “bruises”. Poor thang!

  23. lol @ people saying this would destroy C.B’s career. If R. Kelly’s career isn’t destroyed after chopping down little girls and boys, C. Brown’s career is going to be over because he slapped Rihanna? gimme a break.

  24. @mo’star

    I agree with you Mo
    I don’t undestand why people these days thinks that they absolutly need to be in relationship to be fully completed, you know Rihana is a pretty girl, with a lot of fame & money, I don’t really understand why she had to show to the world that she had a MAN at such a young age. she was caught by the spotlight, literally!

    hope rumors about her jaw been broken or the one about gun assault are not true! OMG

  25. Colleen said,
    February 9, 2009 at3:55 pm 1 hour, 41 minutes after
    Don’t forget Chris is a black man and that’s reason enough for the MSM to vilify him.

    y`all black militants need to get a life, this has nothing to do with being black or white, michael phelps lost one of his endorsement for smoking pot and he is not black..smh, what should the media do? congratulate him on his assault on a female ..lol , get a clue!

  26. @voice

    IM VERY SERIOUS!! RIHANNA IS VIOLENT! You all will see when it hits the fan!

  27. bottom line is i hope it was worth it pimp. no telling what led to it but i will say God can change any situation, I hope he learns. i don’t want his career to end but i want God to teach him and him learn and him go on to be a better man!!!! BROWNSISTA’S need to want men to learn and be great men not for them to get punished so bad he turns on the world and all women more. Pray for that boy and her. Let’s encourage blessings out of this. two young black careers hang in the balance and we want them to succeed.

  28. You know what? The way people brush off domestic violence is pitiful and quite sad to see if you ask me. Celebrities or not, it’s a serious issue.If he put his hands on her as it’s been said, then I think he should lose his endorsements and success as well. You pay the price for your behavior and, quite frankly, I’m tired of people making up excuses to keep black stars in the spotlight who put the knives to their own throat. Just like R. Kelly the Pedophile, people will make every excuse in the book because it would be oh so sad to see someone who ruined themselves deal with consequences.

  29. I do think this will affect Chris’s career because his fanbase are young girls, not like R Kelly where is fanbase are older women. Parents will not let there kid support Chris Brown if he abuses women. I dont think this is the first time this has happened between the two, whats done in dark comes to light. Rihanna seemed happy during Clive’s event and even in the car after she is talking to someone while Chris is sitting there looking annoyed. I have been hearing that RIhanna has a nose candy issue and he was not to happy about it, this could be the reason why she looks on one at Clive’s party. They are saying Rihanna has black eye, bite marks, and a concusion from her hitting her head on the dashboard when Chris was speeding and he suddenly hit the brakes. Hancock park is a quiet neighborhood, so I do think residents called the cops…Chris left on foot and Rihanna did too but not at the same time, both leaving the car thats why it was impounded. Rihanna was with Chris later that morning leaving the London Hotel in West Hollywood, may have been on their way to their home in L.A.. If Chris was innocent he wouldnt have left the scene leaving behind Rihanna bruised and his rented 2k a day Lambo to walk the streets of L.A. after midnight. The cops has to take someone if they see signs of abuse even if its mutual in California, this is why Rihanna doesnt want to press charges.

  30. I’m going to hold my judgement on this until all the facts are in. But if it turns out that Chris is responsible for putting RiRi in the hospital, I promise each and every one that Smooth Thug is not going to be very nice with Chris… I’m going to talk about him like a dog. Mr. Oliver, you stay on these peoples behinds; I’ve got your back all the way on this one. Ms. Nia, you said that Jay-Z is very upset about this? Well believe me sweetheart, if Chris is responsible for this, Jay-Z will be the least of Chris’s problems. Understand what I’m saying: if Chris ends up in prison over this, he’s going to be surrounded by hard-core hard-heads who have pictures of Rihanna hanging all over the walls of their jail cells. I know you see what I’m saying. Poor ol’ Chris, his booty is gonna be sore and raw for days. You know what I’m saying? FYI: in the state of California, A “245” is assault with a deadly weapon. The law further states that the “weapon” can be any object that is used in a manner that is designed to inflict bodily harm. I’ve heard of cases where the pitiful dude has gotten 5 years for assault. Naturally, the loser protested because he said that he didn’t use a “deadly weapon”. The judge just looked him in the eye and said, “yes you did. All that bling-bling on your fingers that you were wearing when you were beating on her are deadly weapons.” LOL.

  31. I agree that the real story or the whole story does not matter. If he hit her then that is wrong period. He should know if she is violent or jealous and should have walked away. He may be young, but he is not stupid or someone mentally challenged. I really hope that he does not give up on his career because he may not fall into obscurity. I think they will both survive this and bring awareness to teenage and young adult domestic violence.

  32. What has this world come to, to suggest that domestic violence of any form is okay? How much longer are we going to accept abusive behavior towards women or vice versus? We are so quick to point the finger at Rihanna. She is beautiful so she must be a bitch right? WTF so are you all saying that it is okay for a man or anyone to put their hands on YOU?

  33. I’ve already heard parents saying their not going to let their kids buy Chris’ album and theyre taking down his posters from their bedrooms! He could loose a lot of fans over this.

    It doesn’t matter if she provoked him, a real man would walk away and not hit a woman! The above commentators who are support CB are crazy and deluded! These are the same women who will let a man hit them because he’s cute, famous, sexy etc. I don’t care who you are or how successful/good-looking, there is NEVER an excuse to beat a woman! How can you endorse such stupidity?

    And Stephanie there is something wrong with your site because its taken me about 30 tries of typing in brownsista.com into my browser and I can never reach the page, I end up on ask.com. Is anyone else having the same problem?

  34. UK

    You are right you are so right. I dont know what is going on with the younger generation. Its seem as though it is okay to beat on a woman. I saw a stat recently that stated 1 out of every 4 young girls have been a victim or knows someone who has been a victim of domestic violence. That is crazy! Abuse is never okay regardless of who the person is and should never ever ever be accepted into any relationship. Young girls need to stop enabling this type of abuse and stop placing someones statist above their own well being or self-worth. Some of these comments are just plain disturbing…


    @ UK Girl – I kind of have to disagree with the whole “These are the same women who will let a man hit them because he’s cute, famous, sexy etc.” I mean, no it’s not right for a man to hit a girl. But in my eyes, it’s not right for a girl to hit a man as wekk. It’s ok for everyone to sit there and support Rihanna because she’s a girl no matter if she provoked him or not? Uh no, NO ONE SHOULD HIT ANYONE! I mean, the golden rule should be followed with anyone and everyone, including Rihanna. TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED. If Rihanna constantly hits Chris that’s wrong of her, but no one sees that. As soon as Chris hits her, they act like he broke both her arms and her legs. LOL. In the end, no one should support anyone because everything is based off of rumors right now. It just seems like everyone is so quick to believe “Rihanna’s story” when it’s a one sided story right now.

  36. Well I am a bit late as usual, I just wanted to see how you would cover such a story given the high brow nature of this blogzine.

    1) Chris do not be like your pastor, bishop weeks and go around beating females- at least his excuse is that we was gay and she was a bit mentally challenged.

    2) What the tabloids are saying is terrible, if these rumours are true , I could see why you might want to inflict pain but on, you should not do that.

    3) Was this relationship ever real? The first time we saw pictures of them was when Rihanna was seen yelling at Jay Z.

    4) There might be a history of her being too strong a personality and embarassing herself in public.

    5) We all do not know these people, but because of cleve marketing Rihanna has become a household name, maybe she was never stable in the first place.

    6) Why is the an increased pressure for “celebrated” individuals to hook up with those equally as famous as they are? One these days I would like to see a female celebrity hook up with your college attending individuals.

    7) Did he bite her? Then she must have been winning the fight, no black man has ever bitten a female before!!! That is a first.

    8) Chris you need to enrol to Penn State and not the state penetentiary.

  37. Well, I think there’s more too it. I think when it’s all said and done, they will probably both be at fault. I think they were both fighting. I don’t condone men hitting women, but women should not hit men. I’m sure this will end up in court and we will hear the WHOLE story. They definitely are not good for each other. They need help and should go their separate ways. Rihanna’s mom might need to move to the USA for more support.

    I don’t think any of their careers will suffer unless someone goes to jail. I just don’t see that happening though.

  38. If she hit him it is just as wrong. I don’t believe in a man should not hit a woman no matter what. I do belive that we are all human beings and no one man or woman should be hit on.

  39. steph same here…sometimes when i click on the site it says page not found as well….i donno why but it does it offten i have to keep retrying it

  40. @ people having trouble getting on the site

    I used to have that problem last year esp. when the color of the page was altered once. Haven’t had a problem since I bookmarked the page.

    Not saying anything about this incident until more info is released.

  41. i so tried of most of these batter bitter females on here comin on different blogs talkin crap because they got they behind whip and they stupid behinds stay in the relationship an now there bitter so they want to talk about this boy like a dog like he is some type of master chris is a nice kid i met him some years back him an my baby brother was cool for some years .an he is not like most of yall tryna paint the pic to be he has never beat rihanna up

    an i wish yall stop makin up all these stories and this is not like no R. KELLY NOW THATS JUST PLAN STUPID an to all the know it alls

    she didnt give him NO HERPES
    he didnt punch her in her face

    an the fight started because he didnt want to be with rihanna no more because he wasnt happy an she didnt want the relationship to end an it got heat from there

  42. it’s shocking but it appears to me that rihanna is the jealous type and she’s always hanging on him. we dont know facts but young luv is a muthaf***. chris should have been the bigger man though, and if its gettin violent they better be broke up.,be strong chris.

  43. young luv is a muthaf***. some might think i’m crazy to say that, but its true and no my man dont beat on me. but thats how it is when one person is possibly jealous of another. chris probably did have to smack a bit**, but our boys got to be stronger and walk away from the situation. stay up chris.

  44. This is a shame. I can only hope that this story is not true. Either way, Chris Brown is not looking too good right now. Real men know that there is NEVER a valid reason to hit a woman..Just walk away!!!
    If this story turns out to be the real deal, Rihanna needs to press charges and drop this loser.

  45. u right, i dont know chris but i always thought he was a good kid. young luv is crazy, seriously and no my man dont beat me. but girls can take u there sometime, whatever happen he should of just got out the car. i feel for chris people draggin his name through the drt. stay up chris even if u felt like you got t smack a …..

  46. This is so sad to me. They are both so young. I don’t believe there is every any reason for a man to hit a woman unless it is self defense to save his life or save someone else’s life. I wish them both well.

  47. It’s amazing that some people here and on other sites actually think they know Chris and Rihanna. You don’t know them and you don’t know what happened. The only people that know what happened are Chris and Rihanna, period. The police probably don’t even have the whole story yet.

    Eventually the whole story will come out or it won’t. What’s the point of speculating?

  48. i dont think anything should happen 2 chris their relationship was ruffed up there both beat on each other im a girl n still feel if a chick swings her arms shes ready 2 fight so she should get hit bac. hes young got a lot of life ahead of him jus give him a slap on the wrist n call it a day.. plus rihanna dont want nothin 2 happen 2 him soo … jus leave it alone…..

  49. @ Stephanie – It has honestly been about two weeks for me. I don’t visit EVERYDAY, you know. But say like every other day every time I try to type in the address it’ll say that. I don’t know why. It hasn’t happened the past two days though. So if it keeps happening from here on, I will definitely let you know.

  50. Abuse is never okay, for those of you b-tches who make excuse for chris brown, I really hope
    you come accross someone that beat you up so bad that you remenber every word you said Yesterday or today
    How dare you? How? Abuse is never okay and unless rihanna had a gun to his head and was threatening to kill him, Chris had no right what so ever to lay a finger on him
    and he deserves to be hanged by the balls, I hope rihanna is okay an if she read me i don’ t want her to feel belittled because of this asshole pull yourself together Girl, You know You’ re strong

  51. Stephanie, I too have had problems logging on to the site….past three to four weeks. I have it saved in my favorites, but it still says page is not available?

  52. it is what it is. the sistuation does not seem good at all, but only the people who were there know the real. i do feel for the girl, but im a chris brown fan and he needs support too. who are we to judge.. god does that. so again keep ur head up chris.and if its true he was around abuse, well he might need elp.

  53. iunno i heard she did something to him and honestly i was thought dont dish it if u can’t take it….like da only thing im callin him stupid 4 is dat yo…hes got a sis like if rihanna really did hit him or throw his keys or w.e da hell she did he cudda called up his sis and be like yo deal wid dis but w.e its soft coz she didnt even want to co operate wid da police b4 and den she was co operatin and coverin 4 him like shes lying on different levels and its his word agaisnt hers and she has the bruises so whos gonna be believed?

  54. I dont care what anybody says chris had no reason to hit her. she didnt want to get in the car so he should have left she is grown she can get herself home .

  55. Iam just shocked at the whole thing….. I mean Domestic volience wether it is a man hitting a woman or vice versa is wrong, its just wrong.
    I hope they both are ok and they get through this…

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