Rihanna Shoots New Video

Rihanna was spotted in New York City on Friday afternoon shooting her new video. The title of her new single is still unknown. However, her release date is still set for November 23rd. There were rumors of Def Jam delaying the album, as November 23rd will also see new releases from Lady Gaga (The Fame Monster), 50 Cent (Before I Self Destruct), Timbaland (Shock Value 2), and quite a few others. In other words… Rihanna has some stiff competition for the #1 spot on that week’s album chart.

FYI: Amazon.com says Rihanna’s new album will be a double disc set.

Rihanna Shooting Her New Video In New York City001Rihanna Shooting Her New Video In New York City002Rihanna Shooting Her New Video In New York City003Rihanna Shooting Her New Video In New York City004Rihanna Shooting Her New Video In New York City005Rihanna Shooting Her New Video In New York City006Rihanna Shooting Her New Video In New York City007Rihanna Shooting Her New Video In New York City008Rihanna On The Set Of Her New Video001Rihanna On The Set Of Her New Video002Rihanna On The Set Of Her New Video003


  1. i didn’t know Beyonce created the double disc. I can name at least 6 artists off the top of my head who have done that in the last few years.

  2. Double Disc, OKAY



  3. It’s official I truly believe that Beyonce’s camp be on these damn blogs posting her name to get a ride out of people. A person could me talking about dog shit-ing in grass and Beyonce name will be right there. A person could be talking about for closer and Beyonce name will be right there. A person could be talking about the KKK and Beyonce name will be right there. ANYWAY Rihanna looks hot, and at the age of 21 she has already had more success than Beyonce at that age.

  4. So Beyonce stole the “double disc” from Stevie Wonder? Stop it, ladies. Double discs aren’t NEW. Let the chick do her.

    Love the hair 🙂

    Looking forward to listening to something soon!

  5. I need Rih Rih’s thighs & legs attached to my hips ASAP! 🙂

    Hatin her hair these days…

    Lovin that jacket something serious!

  6. Wasn’t this her style in “Run this town” naked waist down??? SHe gonna be okay. SHe gonna luv herself one day.

  7. Double Disc ok; thought after Beyonce’s big thing about the Sasha and the Fierce?! Beyonce and the Sasha* lol

    the hair: BY GIRL! FLY GIRL! OMG! Ri Ri! dont do this to me plz!







  9. So she’s copying the double disc and the Sasha Fierce hair. OK

  10. lol, there’s nothin different about her hair but a lil dye. its not that dramatic. so many ppl have their hair 2-toned, its not that serious……..

  11. I actually, finally, begrudgingly like her hair this time around! It actually looks styled…

    WILL be copping that album. Styling looks on point; I’m excited.

    WILL also be copping Beyonce’s DVD as well, since it was brought up =]

  12. first of screw beyonce she is a attention whore rihanna is gonna do very good with album sales her fans support her plus she can sing and has a new movie coming too beyonce i played out shes trying to be the next mj but she got to make better music to be that plus keri hilson is killin bee right now with her album and dance moves right now all i listen to is jazmine sullivan keri hilson rihanna and waiting for the new female group o come out with tamia deborah cox and kelly price what happened to real r&b the 90’s was the best as far as music goes letoya lucketts cd lady love album really goes hard its real music beyonce aint maki real music she trying to make money thats it thats why shes doin video phone with lady gaga beyonce needs to take a long break im so sick of her fake self and she also is releasing 2 dvds at the end of the year shes overbearing only her fans worship her like shes god im happy rihanna is back all three of her albums are hottttttttttttttttttttttttt and she can sing as well as beyonce to tell the truth but she has a better personality and better songs


    HOWEVER, IT WAS A DUD!!!!!!!!!




  14. @LMAO

    BoreYawnsay can keep her I Am Such A Bore DVD!

    Forecast: Hurricane winds a hoax!!!!!!


  15. @jazzy,

    GTFOH with that bs. she can’t sing as well as beyonce…hell she can’t sing! i guess that’s why her peers has given beyonce STANDING ovations for standing there and just singing but rihanna has NEVER gotten a standing ovation from her peers for singing or for a performance. beyonce is an attention wh@re for doing her work (working with gaga is part of the job), so what does that make rihanna who is ALWAYS walking the streets in designer clothes and paps just happen to be around her doctors office building or in ocean city maryland the day she’s in town (paps are NEVER there). you think her sales are going to be so great, you have another thing coming. her last album didn’t even break 200k first week after a #1 single for seven weeks and she got outsold by t-pain. let’s not even mention how the album was released twice and has still sold 2.2mil copies after she promoted that album 2 years straight. btw, if rihanna was so real, why did she have to change her entire image and sound to get people like you to finally notice her? not even for her music, but for her style.

  16. Beyonce fans are so jealous of Rihanna it ain’t even funny. They know Rihanna has the look the mass media loves and she is newer and younger. Rihanna took control of her career and refused to be made into a Beyonce clone which is why she is who she is today. I wish her nothing but success. She deserves it after the year she has had.

    Keep ya head up Rihanna. Jealous, insecure Beyonce fans know you (and Lady Gaga) are the real hurricanes that are are about to break out.

  17. A person could be talking about foreclosure and Beyonce name will be right there. A person could be talking about the KKK and Beyonce name will be right there.

    Now ANDRE LE DALE, you know Beyonce was the first person to wear a white sheet.

    LOL !

  18. As if Bey stans/fans are the only ones who bring her up in unrelated posts. It’s ~50/50 with her nay-sayers.

    I’m waiting to see what Rih has up her sleeves this time around. I have no expectations…just want her come out strong. Take it to another level boo.

  19. @dana,

    that’s the funniest thing i’ve heard in a while. rihanna took control of her career? clearly, you are not a REAL rihanna fan or you would have read her many interviews. there’s an interview when she first came out in which she says she’s NEVER changing her island influence music b/c that’s what the record label signed her for. have you heard any island influences in her songs lately? she also admitted that her label “suggested” that she cut her hair. that beyonce clone thing had her flopping, of course they were going to go to plan B. also, if you think she took control, then you obviously do not know the hitory of la reid and def jam. pink left him and that label b/c she would no longer do exactly what he asked her to do (she’s talked about this extensively in interviews). there’s sterling sims whose album has yet to see the light of day b/c he recorded songs that la reid didn’t like (he wrote a blog about this on his myspace last year). la dropped christina millian from defjam b/c she refused to record a song that he wanted her to record…sos (which he then told rihanna to record). he stopped promotion for a LEGEND like janet because janet wanted to release a single that he didn’t want to release. another legend like mariah carey just hinted to a las vegas newspaper that she didn’t want to release i want to know what love is, but it was the record labels choice. everyone, legend or not, who goes against la reid eventually gets dropped or ends up leaving. if you think rihanna is in any type of control of her career under defjam and la reid, then you need to read up on industry news more often. the minute rihanna takes control and does what she wants to do is the day la reid drops that pretty little head of hers from his roster.

    btw, beyonce fans jealous of rihanna because of looks and an image? mass media doesn’t love it that much if bey has managed to outsell gggb without the aid of a re-release and half the promotion in half the time. nice try though!

  20. >first of screw beyonce she is a attention ***** <

    I dont see how its okay for people here to be bashing beyonce and its not okay to bash rihanna. will i think both is wrong. cnt ppl reply back about positively and not making themselves look like ass****. Both rihanna and beyonce make different music…you cnt compare the two?

  21. Sista: Okay?! Girl….
    Andre le dale: Wher eyou been sweety? How are you ?
    Ruserious: They are all going to love themselves one day not just rihanna..

    Dana =Dana you better tell them, I would be so upset if i literally bust my ass everyday for my fans and they are still insecure and petty and try to “sabotage” others on my behalf, That’s sad…

  22. In all seriousness, Rihanna is extremely undervalued. I can’t wait to see what she brings to the table. She’s cutting edge & her tone is distinct. She respects Beyonce, & Beyonce respects her, so why all the emotions from both sides? Just look at the pictures & move on. The sly comments really aren’t needed

  23. Wohoo, JUST read your posts…I honestly thought they were excellent. BUT there’s no use trying to argue. To me, Rihanna & Bey are (obviously) very different yet equals. They have strengths & weaknesses. However, Rihanna rly should perfect her craft more. I hear growth in her voice, so she needs to keep it up. I think this album will reveal even more growth. Beyonce has already won the accolades, & the mutual respect of most of her peers. That means so much, if legends from all sides of the spectrum are intrigued, impressed & respect Bey. I think Rihanna can accomplish the same. She’s at the level Beyonce was THEN at her age, so by the time Rihanna is 28, she WILL be “iconic” in her own right, not just fashion-wise, but for what TRULY MATTERS in this industry: Voice, Charisma & buckets of perfected Talent.

  24. (3 back-to-back, I need to take my own advice)

    I am sooo tired of “Beyawnce” “Boreyawnce” etc. It’s so disrespectful. She’s someone’s daughter, wife & loved one, so respet your fellow human beings ppl. Seriously, it’s old. Pack it up & send it right back to Perez Hilton where you got it from.

    No one’s saying RiYAWNa, Lady Bore-Ga, CiYAWNra, ugh it’s so immature.

  25. @M it’s VERY childish right?
    And why cant there be a couple of artist on top at ONE time why does everyone always have to battle in the 90’s there were plenty of female AND male artist on top they worked hard and got their iconic and legendary statuses. I think ALOT of female artist deserve to be on top of the world right now but THEY just arent working hard enough.

  26. 17150918, that’s what I’m sayin’!
    Like, c’mon…Bee fans are immature, yet you use kindergarden terms to describe how “boring” she is? Umm, no.

    You’re right! No one was all up in Whitney’s kool-aid when she collaborated with Mariah Carey for the Prince of Egypt! They both dominated the ’90s, & it wasn’t suspect. It wasn’t a competition, but a collaboration. I want Beyonce to do a song with Rihanna just to A). Have another fierce hit with a fellow beautiful star, & B). Shut the “haters” posing as rational critics DOWN.

  27. Tuesday can not come soon enough…. her song will be released at 11:23 and I am counting down the time.

    The video… how can anyone judge it and all we see is stills from the shoot? Her having a double disc… perhaps she has alot to talk about… for that I can’t wait either…

    Refuse to compare to others because honestly there is no need to compare them… they are both operating and dominating their own lane. While I don’t care for the other I won’t or don’t waste time typing out her name attmepting to disprove that she did not create the concept of the double disc or many of the other things laid claim to but I digress….

    This Tuesday and the coming months of discoveries and downloads should be interesting….

  28. Why is it everytime someone does something they are copying Beyonce. Please get over it. If that is the case then she copied off of Mary J with the blonde hair. I don’t think she did but you see how ridiculous it sounds. That is how you all sound.

  29. I am so not lovin’ her new nasty girl style, and I hope this won’t set the tone for her entire new album. You are one of my favorites Rih Rih, change that hair and keep it pg 13, and we will be alright.

  30. @ Bee

    I agree, this child is not copying Beyonce. What the hell?

    Now I think with her first CD they tried to make her a carbon copy of Beyonce but it didn’t work but as of late, she is nothing like Beyonce. She doesn’t look or sound like that woman.

  31. Beyonce never release no double disc set. It was two different album one with a few more songs. if you wanted both you have to buy both separately. How is that a double disc?

  32. @jazzy how is Beyonce an Attention ***** when she’s not the one walking the streets for no reason or showing her bare but for no reason? The last I recall she was on tour, but if you mean attention by getting rave reviews, doing sell out shows, winning awards attention then I understand. Rihanna having a double set means all these songs she will not be able to perform live as usual.. Do you know why so many other artist are coming out with her? Because they know she dont have talent and she is no threat! I wanna see her CD come out on that day as planed!

  33. Why can’t Rihanna and Beyonce both be on top?

    Beyonce’s fans are “jealous” of Rihanna yet Rihanna’s fans do the same thing on Beyonce’s post. I don’t see anyone saying they’re insecure and jealous of Beyonce.

    Although I am a fan of both, we all know that Rihanna is just as manufactured as Beyonce. That’s why I don’t understand why people claim she is so real, and Beyonce is so fake. They both employ gimmicks, just along two different extremes. IDK, I just don’t get it. Someone please enlighten me.

    Anyway, Good luck Rihanna! I will definitely pick up the album if the music is hot.

  34. @ Bored

    I agree with that too, she’s taking the “celeb” thing too far, what about the music. Its like lately she is making just showing up her career. Like all she ever wanted to do was walk around a be photographed.

  35. im still not getting this Beyonce vs. Rhianna- they are both beautiul girls who wear close to nothing, just Rhianna ain’t holding a candlestick to Beyonce’s vocals, and Beyonce ain’t holding a candlestick to Rhianna’s fashion game. But they aren’t that much different image wise-Rhianna is pushing the envelope tho, more than B, but B ain’t far behind. so why do we have teams- They both lack depth. ya’ll acting like ya’ll talkin bout Rhi and Alicia-now that’s 2 different ballgames,but…

  36. “Hair awful, She is just a gimmick,Sh is ugly,She is not all that,She can’t sing , she can’t hold a candle to such and such” What’s new? Beyonce fans hate rihanna rihanna fans hate beyonce fans,her family,herself, her management,Her damn husband and everything that makes her whatever it is that she is, Yet beyonce is still doing good considering the times we are going through people just heard rihanna saying the wait is over 3 times on a video teaser and twitter went stupid, people are yelling she is back , The blog sphere is having an orgasm right now, You all need to accept the fact that those two women will stay on top as long as they are destined to be, No one can change a thing about that,Nobody, In no way shape or form is beyonce better than rihanna,Just because she happens to sing better does not make her a better artist, I don’t expect any on you to get that, you are too wrapped up in your personal fantasy where both of these chicks, are grateful to you for whatever mess you create online…Pathetic i tell You

  37. @ ruserious
    Is that what makes you respect a WOMAN only if they wear winter clothes all year round?
    Also just because all of beyonce’s songs aren’t “superowman” she has no depth??? Did you forget about listen, survivor, flaws and all etc.

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