Rihanna Outtakes + More Theft Claims

Remember Rihanna’s gorgeous cover of RollingStone Magazine back in April? Well, more images from that photo session have come to light, which you can check out below.

The 23-year old pop diva was photographed by Mark Selinger, who was recently quoted as calling the singer “the most naturally beautiful specimen I have ever photographed.”

… and in another bit of less flattering RiRi news, the singer and her “You Da One” video director, Melina, once again find themselves being accused of pilfering the ideas of a photographer.

This time it is Sølve Sundsbø, whose work has appeared in such prestigious magazines as W, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

So far Rihanna has not responded to claims. You can judge for yourself with the image below.


  1. Obviously they are similar but I can think of several other artists who have used that type of effect in their videos. Ciara and Justin T, use that effect in their Love, Sex and Magic video. I know folks are quick to claim copying but more than one person can use the same technology. Its the entertianment industry things are bound to overlap. Its no different than artist wearing the same designer jacket or dress in a video. If something is popular expect to see more than once.

  2. Same hairstyle, poses, similar makeup…it goes beyond the technology used.

  3. She is the most beautiful black pop singer out there right now, if I could get her to wear clothes it would warm my heart.
    I think people are pressed for coins and looking for any reason to complain and sue, do what you must tho.

  4. Rihanna is indeed a beautiful woman, without even trying! I think these directors deliberately use or borrow from other artists for the sake of controversy. It’s negative press, but it’s press and their names become more recognizable. They help make these people the superstars they become, like publicists and managers, but the public don’t know them.

    The stylist, choreographer and music video director create the look and imagery that sell the song and artist. It’s not a good look for the artist because people are reading headlines and pointing at the artist. People are just waiting to sue or settle out of court. Whatever happened to creative integrity?

    I hope Melinda and other directors give it a rest, already!

  5. maybe it’s cheaper to pay out a lawsuit than to get permission first?


    with that said, GET PERMISSION for even the slightest of “influence”. ’tis fair, no?


    also, i’m so glad that hair-style (wig) is GONE.

  6. If I were a music video director, I’d want to be known for my awesome, original music videos, not for who I worked for. I’d want positive press — not press about stealing others’ work every single time the camera is in my hands.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being inspired, but there is fine line that people need to respect and are simply choosing not to. There were SO many other directions for this video. It came out all right, but it’s not like they HAD to use those images or HAD to do the whole Clockwork Orange theme in the first place. I don’t know… I know people say “oh, nothing is original, everyone copies” but I don’t think that’s true. I think people are lazy and simply hope they don’t caught (ie. Beyonce’s countdown video which was a straight up rip off of that Dutch woman’s work– if I were Bey, the musical director for that video would have lost their job).

    IMO at the end of the day being accused of theft just brings everyone down, superstar and director and every other person who dedicated even an iota of their time to creating the video…

  7. it is truly sad that artist these days cant come up with original ideas anymore.

  8. I’m just waiting on somebody to shoot a video on the moon.. then nobody can say anything.

    I didn’t know you put a patent on some lights..Give the chick(s) a break. And just let people realize themselves that you were the first to do it. Stop crying.

  9. while I agree that nothing new is under the sun etc etc, after the S&M/Dave Chappelle issue, Rihanna and Melina (is that her name? Melinda) should have their i’s dotted and their t’s crossed.

    I’m a Rihanna fan however I’m not gonna defend her in this- she’s a business woman and a brand, not a starving artist trying to break in the business. There needs to be people checking this type of stuff for Rihanna the Brand, and even if they fall short, something contractual needs to be in place where the video director accepts the liability for something like this.

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