Rihanna Performs At Jingle Balls Concert

Here is someone we haven’t seen posted on BrownSista in a while. Rihanna seems to be keeping a very low profile as of late. However, the sista did come out of hiding over the weekend to perform at the 2008 KIIS FM Jingle Ball Concert. Rihanna was actually just a special guest and chose to skip the red carpet- taking to the stage only briefly to perform the remake of her hit single, Umbrella, with singer Chris Brown. Rihanna also made news recently, nabbing three Grammy nominations for herself and already being confirmed as a performer at next year’s show.

The Grammy’s will air in February but you can check out Rihanna and Chris Brown’s Jingle Ball performance right now…


  1. I love this girl!! I love her style!! I love her personality and I love her music!!
    Her and Chris make a cute couple !
    Congratulation for your 3 Grammy nominations and keep doing your thing you’re getting better and better !

  2. Bad lip synching job Rihanna! 😆 😆 Why would you need to lip synch that simple song! :bag:

    Congrats on the noms! :thumbsup:

  3. For someone who wasn’t suppose to be around that long she is doing the dam thang…go rih rih!

  4. BOOOOOOO! I wish I would pay my hard earned money to see somebody prance around on stage in a questionably cute outfit. :thumbsdown:

  5. For some reason “Jingle Balls” leaves dirty thoughts in my head, hummm?

  6. 😆 its like they forgot they were even singing lmao!!!
    that being said…love tha chemistry between those two. very cute!

  7. Stephanie you may want to change the title of the post. I live in LA and the event is called Jingle Ball.

    Jingle Balls sounds like a different kind of event. :booty: LOL!

  8. They make a cute couple but her singing ability is getting worse when you have to lip sync to Umbrella you are pretty much about done.

    Rihanna had catchy songs that a lot of people got into until they heard her live stuff and by then their money was gone that’s why little no talent is still around and plus that sex is still selling.

    But overall she is still that lip syncing chick who cant sing or dance who is basically an image that has worked for her label…

  9. Well if it isn’t the packed robot sounding manufactured pop tart and her boyfriend. how cute

  10. I must say, the lip syncing was terrible…. :thumbsdown: but her style was fly as per usual… :thumbsup:

    But I think her and CB are so cute together…. awww bless them….

  11. terrible performance. her performances are always so dead. do better rih…do better.

  12. I hope she works with someone for the Grammys..maybe she and Madonna will do “Vogue” or something…She just bores me live.

  13. :thumbsup: I LOVE RIHANNA… She is so unique…I am not sure if I agree with Jenn I mean Bee and Jay be hot on that stage. The performance above is more walking and singing I would not compare that to Bee and Jay really breaking it down and performing, With that said I am still in love with Rihanna and think she is great for music!

  14. She,s fly as hell :bowdown: luv her an chris 2gether cute couple :hifive: all u haters can go flush ur faces :loser:

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