Rihanna Performs For Unicef

Rihanna Rihanna is reminding me of Beyonce more and more everyday. Not only is her sense of fashion as impeccable as Beyonce’s is, but she stays on the grind like Beyonce as well, recognizing the importance of being seen and staying in the spotlight. You know what they say, outta sight, outta mind- and judging from the amount of candid photos and appearances Rihanna has made this week, it doesn’t look like she’s about to let the public forget about her any time soon. However, Rihanna is no publicity whore and has a very good reason for having such a high profile this week- and that is the Unicef concert she performed at last night with Akon. Like any good celebrity, Rihanna is using her fame (and vocal cords) to benefit those less fortunate than herself . Now, on the count of three, let’s all saw “Awwwww” (lol).

All the snazzy pics from the concert can be seen below.

More pics of Rihanna visiting the MTV TRL can be seen on page 2…


  1. Awwwww!
    Really tho, Little Miss Sunshine looks FIERCE! I mean the girl’s style is dope and she’s just absolutely gorgeous in these pix! And daggone it if she don’t have me wanting her lil pup!!! I f*^ks w/ Rhi Rhi- I don’t care what ppl think/say about her. She’s an okay singer but she keeps me jammin’ (cleaning ’round the house) and she looks good (w/ or w/o makeup, to me). Real good to see her supporting a great cause. YEAH RHIANNA:thumbsup:!!!

  2. She sucks! I think she is so pretty but seeing her perform is like watching a monkey with a drum set. Amusing but no talent. The monkey may have more talent.

  3. beautiful pics, beautiful way to give back, i don’t know why, call me obsessive-compulsive but I hate when people’s nail polish dosen’t match her toe polish. that nail polish would be cute if she were 5 yrs. old.

  4. That dress and hairstyle look amazing on her. But I’m worried she looks a lil too grown. Pretty girl anyway.

  5. Totally not like Bee……. Rhianna swag is of the hook her style is too FLY, but Bee can sing waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better they are two totally different people, but I would have to go with Rhi I’m not feeling Bee’s style she can sing, but besides that no! (and I hate her hair styles)

  6. She always looks great! I love her hair cut. Everybody was putting those ugly extensions in their hair and she rocked this bob cut. I love it more than anything else when people dare to be different! That’s why she’s cool with me.

  7. Her style is very cute…I actually like her style better than B’s style…so far :brownsista:

  8. Rhianna is gorgeous and I like her fahshion and hair style. You go girl! :thumbsup:

  9. I’M in so much in :iagree: with everyone on the board .GO ri ri Go ri ri ! I love that asymmetrical wrap, i just plain love her look.Man she is rocking that cut . I find her look to be refreshing not over the top it her style looks like the avg person can go buy those pieces and rock that look

  10. Just lovely! She is in no way trying to be like Beyonce! :iagree:

  11. at least she is not shoved in our throat and she is the new breath of fresh air so beautiful and i love her non fakeness she dont look like nobody but herself to hell with comparaison

  12. Yes Rihanna does have style, but please do not draw parallels with the lack of style that is bee-yawn-say. Sorry, I am a fashionable sista myself and some of the things that she wears is ridiculous. Style is not wearing stilletos in the day, while walking on cobble stones, while you are on vacation. There is so much more that I can declare to strengthen my point but ahhhh I really do not need to. Anyone that has a unique fashion sense will concur.

    By the way, Beyonce’s style is as good as the 24 HR stylists that picks out her clothes.

    Oh yah, if you are a stylish person, you do not need a stylist to decide everything down to the eyeshadow that you apply each and every time you are getting ready to leave your yard.

    I’m just sayin how I feel myan, lol!

  13. Why does everybody compare EVERYBODY to BEYONCE’?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can’t she just be pretty in her own right!!!!!!!!!Without comparison!!! You people are just Beyonce’ fiends ain’t you! Do you pee and boo boo Beyonce’ too!!!!!!!!!!? Damn! She can sing too! Have any of you even heard her? Or did you listen to Beyonce instead? You Go Rhianna!!!!!!!!!!! Shake dem haters off on ya way!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Can somebody please submit something that aint go nuthin to do wit beyonce???! I love her too but damn! Let her rest!!

  15. Yall should all just go to a “Beyonce’ all day” website and just paaarrtaYYYYY!!!!!!! Have a good ol’ field day jockin’ her.


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