Rihanna Rocks the SNL Stage

Though there was no ‘Shy Ronnie’ skit this time around, 23-year old pop diva Rihanna still managed to keep tonight’s SNL crowd entertained.

Performing her most recent singles, ‘Birthday Cake,’ ‘Talk that Talk’ and ‘Where Have You Been,’ Rihanna gyrated her way through her sets, which featured some of the season’s most elaborate stage settings.

And though not known for her stage presence, it’s clear to see that the singer has heard the grumblings and put in a lot of work to give the fans a better show.

Check out her two performances below.


  1. I’m glad there was no Shy Ronnie skit. Sometimes its best to let things be. The first two were perfect. Going to the well too many times always ruins things.

  2. That’s what you nuts call entertainment? Not! She was as usual a hot mess and them, we cant even call it vocals anymore.

    Clearly, whatever was in the water that Rihanna drank while filming her ‘Where Have You Been’ video has been pissed out. Indeed, when the stiff Barbadian hit the stage on ‘Saturday Night Live’ last evening there was little trace of the the energetic dance skills she displayed in that visual.

    Featuring her usual nasal vocals, Rihanna delivered rather uncomfortable renditions of ‘Birthday Cake’, ‘Talk That Talk’ and ‘Where Have You Been’. Of course, she did manage to draw cheers from the audience thanks to her team of dancers, elaborate stage sets and the “applause” sign.

    What do you hear when you listen to Rihanna really.. Dont look I mean really listen…

  3. Rihanna has definitely improved her stage presence.She has come a long way and I’m proud of her.I hope she continues to grow and improve.

  4. Bores: unlike that robot faced chick you worship Rihanna fans know her value her strength and weaknesses and love her anyway. Unlike you beyonce fans who only like her because of her staged awards so quit writing those novels nobody care beyonce is still old and tired . If you can do better than Rihanna please do .

  5. Im glad rihanna stepped it up with her performances. She realizes that she needs to dance more….all she has to do now is get those vocals in order and she would be perfect. And why are people bringing Beyonce into this? This is about Rihanna.

  6. @kayla

    No, we like Beyonce because of her TALENT! And don’t talk about staged awards like Rihanna isn’t winning r&b awards for being a POP artist!

  7. @KAYLA… stop talking $#!+!!! Stop bringing Beyoncé’s name in a rihanna *common letters only* post. You like rihanna for blah blah blah but all those things are not going to make her a better entertainer.

  8. @kayla they just added an extra show (Revel) to her set because of her Robot moves.. But the real reason, Rihanna just sucks. She cant even go along with the backtracking, that face was priceless when she gave her all just to dance… Pathetic is what she is and how long will you wait for her to get her voice together? You know little Blue will be getting bigger and she then will take over..

  9. um she is 24 and the performance was horrible and stiff, sure wish she would get better

  10. Rihanna is getting better with her live performance, love her and her music! She knows what she’s doing, ok!…Rihanna is THE BEST at what she does, hands down, number 1,UNO…the Cleopatra of her nile, this chick rules, reigns and runs her town!

    I think it’s funny…all the shade…because this girl is Bad!

    The “she has no talent” is OLD, no one is fabricating her digital music downloads or worldwide album sales, or can say corporations buy up her concert seats or her camp ships music to stores or empty warehouses to get recorded by soundscan. She doesn’t steal writing credits, Ester Dean is her girl! A lot of people obviously like her music and come to see her live! She gets her share of award snubs and show up anyway, even when it ain’t about her!

    Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Erykah Badu, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Jill Scott, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Adele all have a place at the very top whether they stay on the hot 100 and 200 charts or not. They’re all music icons and two are legendary. Jennifer Hudson, Monica and Brandy will always have a presence in the entertainment industry, also music icons. Whichever one of these divas you hate, rest assured, they will be around. Brands don’t die, they turn into estates!

    So as much as anyone would like to see one of these girls disappear, forget it, it ain’t happening! MONEY TALKS!

    Rihanna is here to stay!

  11. I’m really, really scared for this new generation. They have such terrible taste when it comes to music. Whoever thinks these were great performances, especially Talk That Talk and Cake need help. This girl has no stage presence, stiff choreography, and terrible vocals. And the fact that she was sick doesn’t cut it. Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson have given better performances under the weather. This girl is just not a born performer and 6-7 years down the line is not getting any better. I now see why concert sales are so low. She’s just not that talented. Very beautiful girl–but singing, dancing and entertaining are not her strong suites.

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