Rihanna Plays Russian Roulette & Wins

Rihanna’s latest single, Russian Roulette, is officially a hit. Released to radio less than a week ago, the single will debut at #35 on on this week’s Billboard Pop Songs chart. Few songs chart off of pure (radio) airplay alone, however with demand so high for new music from the singer, most radio stations, Pop and R n’ B, have jumped on board and given the new single immense promotion. Russian Roulette will be available for download on iTunes November 3rd, and that’s when you will more than likely see the single jump all the way into the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart- possibly even landing the #1 position.

Rihanna Rated R CD Cover

In other Rihanna news, the singer’s “Rated R” CD cover debuted online yesterday. I didn’t believe this was really the cover so I didn’t post it. Universal however confirmed via newsletter that indeed this image of the singer, looking like she just got socked in the eye by the class bully at recess, is indeed the official cover.

Rihanna Rated R Album Promo Album Shoot01
Rihanna Rated R Album Promo Album Shoot02
Rihanna Rated R CD Promo Album Shoot01Rihanna Rated R CD Promo Album Shoot05Rihanna Rated R CD Promo Album Shoot02Rihanna Rated R CD Promo Album Shoot04Rihanna Rated R CD Promo Album Shoot03

Lastly, we have more images of the singer shooting her album photo shoot in Germany earlier this month.


  1. I don’t like Rihanna and her music, but still not a hater. Gotta admit that it’s her time. I am not impressed with her new single but a bit curious how her new album’s going to be.

  2. Im not liking her new single at all it’s to depressing for me….anyways she still a bad chick though!

  3. Rihanna has stooped to a new low showing her splits like that! The song is already sliding back down and for the first week that was not expected, they wanted top spot, they wanted a Britney and you know it! The reason you have not seen her in a while is because she is in the studio redoing that CD cause it had more stuff like RR on it and people did not take to it well. Let’s be honest, if the truth be told people’s curiosity got the best of them for that first week. The media is a mess I love how they report the half truth.. People dig the song and it’s not bad, but enough with all the half truths.. Rihanna’s cover looks like the Adam Lambert’s (American Idol) cover… go to justjared they are side by side and they look to much alike..

  4. Of Course it is a hit, She could sing about her Menstrual Cramps and people would still be playing that ish… I don’t like the song neither Love rihanna , scarred by the cover, But her minions will take her to the top Regardless , get ready to have her shoved down your damn throat and see how it feels when you do it to others ^^ Now the same people saying “If you don’t like such and such why do you waste time being the first to comment about her” Those same people are the same one typing Paragraphs about her,Please (eye roll)

  5. It is a terribly boring song but right now she is hot and radio wanted another solo hit from her. Yes it will a hit by default but it is not good.

    As for wanting a Britney, Rihanna has had several singles jump from the bottom of the charts to the top.

    The song isn’t falling down the charts either cause it just debuted. I see no reason to lie on the girl like some of you.

    It is Britney’s “3” song that slid from #1 to #4 in just a week.

    Not a Rihanna fan but I do wish our BROWN SISTA luck.







  7. Love the song and don’t find it remotely depressing. I’m looking forward to more material from the album.

    What’s funnier is the “demonic undertones” people are placing on everything Rihanna does now. Seems the Black American community enjoys setting limitations for their artists as they do for themselves.

  8. i see she’s covering that one eye representing the all seeing eye of the hortus. think i’m crazy go to theinstyreposed.com open your eyes people.

  9. @ Tameke what a fickle fan, you hear someone elses opinion about rihanna and you suddenly are no longer a fan. Wow.

  10. cover looks straight.
    @rockon- (serious question) has beyonce stabbed you or something why so much anger and hate?

  11. Some of those images…the closeups…sooo not needed LOL

    I like the cover!

  12. Don’t like the cover, choosing this cover makes me curious as to how they’re going to present Rated R. I hope they didn’t over-think this promotion!

    I hope inside are these mad pixs that will tell us a beautiful story! I hope she reaches out to women of domestic violence without becoming the poster girl or Chris the poster boy. It’s important for people to realize what women and young girls go through!

    Go Rihanna, it’s your time!

  13. I love Rihanna she seems like a really nice woman but I wish people like Amerie and others would get this kind of treatment like this especially since it’s like she is busting her butt and has better music than Rihanna has right now and yet she is still at the bottom of the list :/

    Plus this cover isn’t artistic or nice or beautiful it’s just awkward, I loved gggb phase but now she is trying to hard! But I love Leona’s echo cover and Amerie’s in love & war cover, they did beauty shots but they are creative without being extremely over-the-top

  14. But good luck to Rihanna hopefully I’ll hear something I like from the album but i’ll probably buy songs on itunes I dont want to own a album with a cover like that it really just bothers me!

  15. Like the song. I think its a cool deep kinda song. If the devil wants to get you he want be so obvious sometimes. Sometimes he’s joyous, bubbly and happy to fool you. ANYWWAAAAYYYZZZZZZ – Good for her. She looks good. Hate the LEOTARD! It is soooooo OVERDONE!

  16. I like the song & find it no way satanic. It’s a big edgier than her last album & I think it will grow on people.

    Who the hell is tiffany and where are her credentials regarding suicide and satan worship..sounds like she’s hating out loud to me.

  17. Good for her! I like the song, but I’m not too crazy about her image this time around or that album cover. However, the music is all that matters to me. If it’s hot, I’ll will most definitely buy the album. I can’t wait to see what else she has in store.

  18. Mrs. Jones- ya feel me. But im not mad, im more hurt. Mission accomplished- keep the masses in the dark. She just a puppet or is she?? some know what they doin and some don’t. Still not sure where Ms. Rhi stand-but she in it. THe eye of the Horus is sum deeeep stuff. People scared 2 dig in that world and i don’t blame me. fortunately, i realize this universe is more complicated than we think, just like at how our bodies are programmed. I peeped that too. rockin that one eye in “Run this Town” 2.

  19. typo-“don’t blame them”
    @Mrs. Jones- don’t try 2 persuade them. Just take the info 2 those who willing to actually see if your so crazy as they claim and research. There are some who seen the light-it ain’t all hopeless. I just converted my daughter’s father 2 jay-z’s “antics” and he was a die hard fan- NO MORE.

  20. Has people ever thought the eye patch was for fashion and her covering her eye is something that the iconic photographer advised her to do?…of course not because you only wanna believe all this devil s*hit

  21. What? I’m sorry, but IMO this is the worst song she has ever made, and I have all of her albums. I still love her but this is not hot. She doesn’t sound as good on this track, and this whole devil worshipping image isn’t cute either. I hate when artist change TOO much, I know you have to change it up a little, but this is just crazy. And the message behind the song is horrible.

  22. As much as I love her, I hope she FLOPS. So many kids are commiting suicide these days, I remember when those two 11 year old boys killed themselves one right behind the other, that broke my heart. This b1tch and Ne-yo should be ashamed. We saw what happened when she cut her hair.

  23. @12345- who WANTS 2 believe that?? i would rather debat with someone who did research and THEN came to a conclusion,even if they still didn’t agree, i would RESPECT that they took time to research-that is an educated opinion, but anyway. if i go into depth it will go over your head, it would be like me speaking Greek. i was a die hard rapfan, i actually used 2 rap when i was younger, uno how i hurt i was about Jay=z and the industry.. I will say this, even tho im certain u won’t get it. Its not about neyo being evil or the fashion designer being evil. They are just puppets as well. a puppet usually don’t know they got strings in they back. But lets agree 2 disagree. im done wit this topic. You can bring a horse 2 water, but ya can’t make em drink it. toodles.


  25. not a fan, she have to much anger in her. plus the cover up eye is what she remember about Mr Brown. lol.

  26. @ruserious- i like all the old sayings clever.I get EVERYTHING you say so dont keep constantly saying i wont understand. But all im sayin is that recently all you’ve been talkin about is this devil worshippin junk, so until she/they give me a reason to recognize that they do (says it publicly, wears shirt that says it or whatever) I wont put thought into believing it’s true.
    (i’m the type of person that NEEDS facts for anything)

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