Rihanna Pops a Fan, Breaks New Record


Rihanna has officially surpassed Justin Bieber as the most-viewed artist on You Tube. The singer’s official VEVO page and its 77 videos have a combined total of 3.784 billion views, surpassing Justin Bieber’s official VEVO page which houses 79 videos and has a combined total of 3.798 billion views.

Rihanna thanked her fans via Instagram, saying “Navy we did it again… most viewed EVER #nobasicbitchzone.”

Rihanna is also making news today because of a video that may show her popping a fan with her microphone.

While interacting with fans during a performance of ‘We Found Love,’ Rihanna found herself being held a little too long by an overly enthusiastic fan. Unlike Beyonce, who simply sends out a warning when touched improperly, Rihanna appears to take things into her own hands.

I can’t say whether Rihanna popped the fan or not, but when asked about it via Twitter, the singer’s response was “That bitch won’t let me go.”


  1. LOL hey its one thing to high five and just want to say you touched your idol… but it looked like this person put a grab hol don her and after having stalkers break into her home…

    yea ima pop you when I feel the slightest of a grip on my person.

    her security team failed.

    I respect this reaction over another singers recent issue with a grabby fan.

    get checked real quick and let people know where u stand.

    go RHI

  2. I can’t co-sign what that video shows. Rihanna isn’t even aware of who is holding her. She just turns around and swings. No telling who she it, how many people she hit or if that person was possibly injured.

    Fans can get very excited. There was a better way to handle that. Honestly, if they were Navy, I feel especially bad for them because they worship her. Its gotta be a b!!tch to be popped by your idol.

    I want Rihanna’s arm grabber and Beyonce’s butt slapper to both come forward. I wanna hear what they have to say.

  3. its a sad sad sad day….I’m sorry, I agree with Rihanna. I don’t ever hear about Adele, Lady Gaga or Madonna being grabbed and totally DISRESPECTED. I would had grabbed their arm and reach all the way up to the shoulds and stick my nails in their arm and dragged it down the arm until there blood and their hand falls off…..

  4. ha ha. thats right. thats an island gyal for ya. keep em in line ri.

  5. Just because your a fan doesn’t give you the right to grab and hold your idol. It looks like she tried to snatch away from the fan so if she hit to get the fan off of her I don’t see the issue. None of us would like it if a man said hi.we walked away and he grabbed US..what would we do?…If you don’t know me don’t snatch me up.

  6. I love it. That fan is probably so damn happy they got popped by Rihanna. I promise you. LOL! LOL!

  7. Has she done this in the states she would have already been sued.

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