Rihanna Puts in ‘Work’ at the 2016 Brit Awards


Rihanna Performs at the 2016 Brit Awards

Judging from her performance at this evening’s Brit Awards, I would say Rihanna is fully over that bout of bronchitis that caused her to cancel her Grammy performance last week. Just moments ago RiRi took to the stage and performed her single Consideration, which then smoothly transitioned into Work. Fans wondering whether the Bajan beauty had lost some of her luster in the last few weeks, appear to have nothing to worry about. The 28-year old pop diva gave a flawless performance with a lot of great choreography and light play.

You can check out the full video below, but you better make it quick, most performances are being yanked offline due to copyright claims.


  1. She makes cute videos but live- NO! She always come across not completely into it.

  2. Completely into it. Could be that she was concentrating on singing, provided she did sing live, I don’t know. Cool light effects, though.

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