Rihanna Recording New Album?

Is Rihanna already working on her seventh studio album?

After being spotted at several different recording studios over the last few weeks, rumors are swirling that the 23-year old hitmaker is already working on the follow-up to her platinum selling “Talk that Talk” album.

Released just eleven weeks ago, ‘TTT’ has so far sold over three million copies worldwide and spawned Rihanna’s biggest hit to date, “We Found Love.”

The album is presently sitting at #10 in the Billboard Hot 200 and continues to sell well over 20,000 copies a week.

So why would Rihanna decide to go back into the studio so early to work on new music? Well, according to water cooler gossip, the singer will launching her biggest tour ever this year and unlike with her “Loud” tour, won’t have time to work on new music while on the road.


  1. I doubt she’s working on a new album so soon, but if she is – TAKE. A. BREAK. You need it, we need it, and your songwriters probably need it too.

  2. I heard she was working on a new album too and it is probably true. Remember Rihanna has released an album a year since she came out. I doubt she is going to break that pattern. When you’re hot you’re hot. Def Jam is gonna keep Rihanna cranking out hits until she drops from exhaustion like Mariah Carey did.

  3. Unfortunately, I believe that Jenna is right.

    She looks nice and toned in this pic, seems like she has been working out.

  4. Rihanna looks rough lately. I see exhaustion written all over her. She doesn’t appear to take any time off to truly enjoy her life. These labels will work you like a mule if you don’t put your foot down. No way I believe Rihanna has really wanted to put out an album every year for the past six years.

  5. I hope she’s just finishing the song Birthday Cake. Because recording another album so soon is crazy, but i’m pretty sure she could do it.

  6. She’s not going to take time off because she’s afraid of becoming irrelevant. Rihanna doesn’t have that much talent to begin with, so keeping new music out will her from fading into the background.

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