Rihanna Reps Chanel In Paris

Rihanna continues her total media domination of Paris’ Fashion Week. The singer has kept tongues wagging all week as she has repeatedly been seen wearing one outrageous outfit after another. The fashion diva kept the trend going at yesterday’s Chanel showing, arriving with Karl Largerfeld in a short mini and dripping in pendants.


  1. Well… I guess it’s a better outfit than the black dress she was wearing the other day.

  2. At least she aint flashing nobody, i got sick of her periced Nipples and he Thunder Thighs, but she looks cute

  3. Rihanna has the perfect figure. Her body is tiiiight!!! I’m so jealous

  4. Does she even make music anymore? Or just walk around in pretty clothes. I’m getting to the point where I can’t stand her …

  5. Why can’t you stand her @ ME?

    Janet’s also attending fashion shows in Paris, Milan, etc. She’s also working on new music, but obviously taking a break to check out the runways.

    I think Rihanna’s also working on a new record too…

    I love the outfit but feel like a jacket is missing. Even the gaudy jewelry works with the tweed but she should be wearing a jacket! LOL

  6. @ME.

    LOL you can’t stand the sight of a chick who’s got it going on!!!!!!!!!!

    She was invited to the shows, had standing invitations and is working all corners of the world.

    She’s not a one-dimensional celebrity. She has more than music going on and as a

    fashion ICON doesn’t it make sense she attends these relevant events?????


    P.S. YOu broads are shallow. When she drops her album, you will say she should stick with fashion. LMFAOOOO

    Keep them mad Rihanna!!!!

  7. she’s looks cute, that’s how she have to keep it. classy and nice!!!

  8. Whatever … she was doing this LOOOONG before fashion week. She knows how to wear clothes … big deal. Kudos to her stylist. Put out an album and stop prancing around like a Barbie doll. And this has nothing to do with Janet, who has never done what Rihanna is doing. Please never compare this pop tart to the Icon.

  9. @ME

    Why don’t you put out an album!!!! LMFAOOOO

    Of course she was doing it long before fashion week

    BUT again common sense. She was invited, she has made her mark in the fashion world and common sense should telll you that she would patronize the designers and not shun them.

    It all makes sense!!!

    YOu are shallow. You don’t even like Rihanna. you just want to criticize her, stop fronting like you’re waiting for new music which is in the works.

    Again, she’s not one-dimensional, she’s going for her money where she can make it and naturually she is gainin fans. DUH!!!!!!!!

    Stop worrying about what she’s been doing and

    do something to make an impact in your own life!


  10. She still looks like Johnny Bravo in drag!!!

    She looks more presentable in this get up here them other ones had her on every corner in Paris.. And you know that kind of stuff (whoring) is legal there?

  11. Cute. No one does it like Rihanna, many try and fail miserably.

  12. Rockon … Trick sit down somewhere. This is a blog comment board. You are the one getting all worked up about somebody you don’t even know and who does not give a damn about you, not me. If I need a life, so do you. I’m just voicing my opinion. Deal with it. Tackhead scallawag …

  13. I love Rihanna, she doesn’t have great vocals, but her style is worth the prime time coverage she receives. If the Kardashians can be relevant, co-host the view, guest on leading talk shows, grace magazine covers, for what…because kim had porn sex on video with a black man, then Rihanna can continue to be in the spotlight.

    For her to arrive with Karl Lagerfeld is simply awesome!!!…he’s very picky…not to mention legendary…

    It’s just her time, none of what celebrities get is just from hard work and talent, but timing, luck, destiny, connections and others private agendas!

    Oprah is great, but there were eons of journalists that could have taken that spot, but it was just her time, her lot and life assignment and we love her for it, flaws and all!

    Go Rihanna, enjoy it while it lasts!

  14. Rihanna is a TRENDSETTER! I love to see her and Cassie working the hottest outfits, shoes and purse.

  15. Why is she not in the fashion business?? put the mic down. im tellin u if she spent this much time on her vocal abilities she would sound like a real singer. B4 u burn me at the steak, i aint saying she can’t sing, she just don’t sing GREAT= she neva lets looks on the mike, its like she’s holding back. she is missing…soul. but at least in this pic she’s covered, therefore this is much more attractive than those “Please look at me, im desperate to feel relevant” outfits.

  16. @me- i feel ya. i mean i aint mad but im still mad at that Jay concert- Master your craft-her stage game is appalling. im talking bout threatening 2 beat sum1 down if you don’t give me my refund type of bad. She needs a stage coach bad, but she figure hey, im still pullin numbers why should i improve. Too bad im one of those people who like 2 get my money’s worth.

  17. @lmao-thunder thighs?? wow no, she has just the right amount of meat-her legs are thick compared 2 the rest of her body but thunder thighs/? Relax.

  18. Rihanna should def go for modeling Instead of music…

  19. She looks good- I wonder if she is going to regret all those tats when she gets older.

  20. She doesn’t even dress her age anymore. She’s always done up like she’s about to walk a runway. Even when she’s not attending fashion shows.

  21. rhirhi looks fab as usual,she is my girl,i like her bubble gum music but it think she needs take a short break somewhere in a cave….ego is now written all over her body.

  22. sorry but where is the picture of her and karl ariving together??? why do blogs like to pump someone up with lies..i cant stand this..the chanel show was done by karl and he was most probably busy at the back trying to get this show going..y’all need to stop with this madness..she did sit front row but prince was there and stole the spotlight..lily allen even performed who is a personal fav of karl..y’all need to stop..there was only one pic of riri and karl and he seemed like he was rushing and walking past so dnt lie and say they arrived to together..

    and i agree, i was over this chick ages ago..she needs to invest in her music career otherwise she will have crickets at her show..here she looks better but that chanel muff and the loads of jewellery is just off..i wont even go into those lips..

  23. I love Rihanna I do…but this just prove she should just model…she can make millions doing it. It’s like she has no interest in her music career everyone writes and produces and does everything for her and she just sings it then leaves the studio to roam the street taking pictures! I feel like she isn’t a true artist or singer I’m constantly losing respect for her as one but I do think she would make a great model maybe even actress one day!

    Her actual stage presence is bad, GGGB tour she didn’t know how to work the stage or crowd at all, the crowd basically got hyped off of singing the songs and just being around other people that knew the songs. I feel like I could never be like WOW that was the best concert like I would after going to see Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Ciara, Janet Jackson, Madonna, or Pink. I love seeing her on Magazines wearing the next hot thing but seeing her live is just like whatever

  24. this is ok, nothing the norm wouldnt wear, she need to make her mind up, every sense chris hit her she seem like she is more into fashion walking then her music. girl get it together, did he smack you in a new direction?

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