Rihanna Returns To Barbados

Rihanna Chris Brown is scheduled to officially be arraigned on Monday, April 6th, but neither he nor Rihanna are expected to actually appear in court. Brown waived that right last month and Rihanna, who has been jet setting the last few weeks, was spotted arriving in Barbados yesterday. Probably hoping to avoid the media frenzy that will surely ensue come Monday, the singer headed back to her native country where her father greeted her and quickly let the press know that she (Rihanna) was “doing well” and “back to her old self again”. There are also media reports that the singer is due to grace the cover of a major U.S magazine and give her first account of what happened between her and Chris.

Again, this isn’t set in stone and is just a rumor.


  1. Hey gorgeous,I am really starting to believe that rihanna is going to be okay ,Good for her to go back home, Relax for a minute and get it together

  2. I love her messed up hair do It’ s so just got out of bed yet I like it a lot :thumbsup:

  3. The police are not going to allow Rihanna to talk about the incident before it gets to court. Secondly, we won’t hear Rihanna’s side until she puts out her next album and her record label makes her play the victim to garner more record sales.

  4. I am over this untalented broad…tipping off the paps is not the best way to resolve your issues. Go sit yo ass somewhere and get yo shit together. You should start off with officially dumping Chris Brown and staying out of the limelight for a while.


    and why is she looking like Michael Jackson? *shakes head*

  5. Why are you cursing like a drunk sailor? If anyone needs to sit down and shut up it is you. :bag:

  6. Dana

    go pick a fight with someone else ok? SMH

  7. Rihanna is looking Good I love her blue bag,I don’ t care whether she talk about what happens or not Believe me i have enough business of my own,All i care about is if she is fine or not, and if she is going to break the cycle of fall into it ,Other than that good for her to go back home, I’ m grown but when something goes wrong My mother and father are the first I go to so :thumbsup: Hope she is okay πŸ™‚

  8. riri you are rockus girl….i love the hair,outfit and the way she walks….all those who are saying riri is playing victim,you are so wrong she is displaying strength and she was everywhere,now its time for her to relax….the only one who is playing victim is chris where is his side of the story,if he was a victim he cud have set the record straight a long time ago…..for now he is a recluse,ashamed and has a stigma attached to him.

  9. All this talk about rihanna only in America shesm home and no one wants a autograph and pass her llike a nobody.Rihanna is not a victim this shit will be over with tomorrow.

  10. Glad to see she has made her way finally made her way home. Hopefully, she will get the encouragement needed to go on and take a stand from her family! She looks good minus that jheri curl! It’s a hot mess!

  11. Melissa rihannas family doesn’t tell her what to do.In barbados at 16 u make up ur own mind.U legally to work for urself and do what ever u like.No one is giving her attention in Bim not after that scandal

  12. I love her hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rihanna is strong!

  13. Samia: You speaking for all bajans right now? so after the scandal all barbados hate rihanna?

  14. This magazine will sell like hotcakes.

    She looks very relaxed; love the outfit; wish I was in Barbados πŸ™

  15. Kanyade I know uh πŸ˜† I need a vacation too

    Bajan lass: So all of you Bajan hate rihanna now?

  16. I LOVE Rihanna but she looks A Hot Fucking Mess. I mean tore up from the floor up, just stank!!!!!!!!

    RiRi, baby you know that AINT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But stay positive and just dont come out the house looking like that anymore. Clicked on this page and SCREAMED when I saw that PIC, child that RED LIPSTICK and brown bag dress, thats a NO-NO!!!!!!!!!!

    Dont think im hating cause I LOVE Rihanna like a fat kid loves cake but she needs to know that wasnt right!!!!!!!!

    And to the people saying she looks good need to stop lying cause she needs to know the truth and get HELP cause she better never walk out the house like that again.

    Sorry for that rant but I had to get that off my chest! LOL!!!!!!!

    Everyone have a happy and blessed day

  17. Since all the bajans hate ri ri so much, she should rep Guyana then, and to hell with the bajans.

  18. Voice and Mari

    How stupid are you two? in fact, how old are you? one person on the internet posing to be from Bajan is hating on Rihanna and automatically you two conclude that all Bajans hate Rihanna?

    this is why I hate reading comments on the internet. Sheer ridiculous-ness.

  19. mari: Lool I am telling you :lol2:

    Hollywood bs: Again if you took a minute to read before jumping to conclusion you would know about something but of course not, your dumb self had to open your stinky mouth just for the hell of it! You hate reading comments on internet but you do don’ t you? so sh-t the f-ck up! anyone with half a brain can tell that i was asking a question the key clue was the “?” The girl that was “hating” on rihanna (and you said the word hatin i didn’t ) said: “No one is giving her attention in Bim not after that scandal” and i was asking her if she tought that she could speak for all bajan, But of course your half fried brain have to come on and open your trap just for the sake of it,you hate internet so much yet you’ re still here MORON

  20. Such a pretty girl, I love her style. I hope the verdict is fair and that she learned from this.

  21. Voice

    still sucking Mummy’s breasts I see. Grow up. :lol2:

  22. Hollywood BS, you shut your stink and dirty mouth, calling us stupid. So what, we have our opinions and we are entitled to it. I was just being sarcastic like some of the other posters who are claiming to be bajans, yet putting rihanna under the bus. If you all don’t want her, then she should represent her mothers place of birth, and leave the haters from her island of birth far behind. My age has nothing to do with it, and if you must know i am a grown woman, making grown observations. you all want to be dissing rihanna, but as soon as someone defends her, you are all up in arms. Please …

  23. mari: She is a loser always starting something then when she get put in her place she acts like the person she attacked is the immature Bully i.e What happened this morning with Dana she’ s an idiot don’ t pay her no mind

  24. Would be real nice if she stayed over there. :thumbsup:

  25. I hear you Voice, some people walk around daily with so much hate and they be directing it to the wrong people sometime.

  26. Internet trolls *cough* Mari *cough* Voice *cough* will never seize to amaze me. Cowards in real life who are able to garner courage on the web, thanks to the anonymous nature of the internet, and take it upon themselves to instigate heated arguments on blogs.

    Get off Mummy’s nipples and grow up. No wonder Brown sista doesn’t get enough web hits.

  27. No wonder Brown sista doesn’t get enough web hits.

    No this b-tch didn’ t I’ m going to let Stephanie Handle Your ass on that one

  28. @ hollywood, Your calling us internet trolls, when you are on here trolling basically everyday with your arsenine comments. Please, you started this shi** by calling people out who were just simply making a comment. so if you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen and quit starting stuff. You are doing the same thing as us, so I guess that makes you a coward in real life too huh?

  29. mari Yep her an some others a bunch of scary women, can make a smart comment but won’ t back it up their favorites arguments “I don’ t wanna e-fight” But when you don’ t want to e-fight don’ t insinuate anything just give your opinion and bounce but when you take it upon yourself to agree with someone will says something about me, Be ready to get it, I’ m sassy online i’ m sassy in real life everyone that knows me will tell you i don’ t start anything i can’ t finish and that’ s what hellywood is doing you wanna call us idiot but back out right after that ? and this b-tch talking about Brownsista ain’t getting no hit when it is getting hits by her and her multiple name using ass,Like i said ima ket Stephanie do her, But don’ t come at me funny cause ima give it to you straight up

  30. @voice, well said … I couldn’t have said it better.

  31. She looks cute…but is it me or is she starting to look MORE and MORE like Micheal Jackson?!? Im not tryna b funny, Im just saying….

  32. :stop: the TROLLS

    Ladies and gentlemen, please do not feed the desperate trolls; ignore them.

  33. HOLLYWOOD BS: Nah people are going to be ignoring your HATING STANNING ass pathetic b-tch

  34. “everyone that knows me will tell you i don’ t start anything i can’ t finish” No she doesn’t :lol2: Hey real talk, I agree with you , Bee and of course Shante :bowdown: You spoke the truth ,Something needs to be done,we need to talk about this

  35. I support rihanna all the way…welcome home my dear and thanks for putting barbados on the map…now every one knows we are not a district or some parish in jamaica!!!

  36. @Voice and Mari get her lol. Voice you is tooo funny. Ri-Ri looks really good. Love the whole look.

  37. Don’t like the look at all. She seems to be trying way too hard to appear stylish. Between the white shades (that I’m sure cost a fortune) that make her look like a bug, the electric blue bag and the Michael Jackson hair…it’s all just wrong. Sorry but I’m not impressed. :thumbsdown:

  38. Voice

    go wash your filthy mouth with soap; it stinks. SMH @ you sleeping by the computer and quickly responding to every single write-up posted on here, in true INTERNET TROLL fashion.

    :stop: the internet stroll. She is starving for attention!! :lol2:

  39. I will say that if Britney Spears can have a music career surely Rihanna can.

    Plus, many pop stars have been embroiled in worse controversies and still have careers. Let’s not jump on the media bandwagon to “bring her down”. I know I will not.

  40. she looks crazy with that hair style. reminds me of the eighties jeri curl mowhawk. not a good look.

  41. YOU KNOW IM BAD, IM BAD….YOU KNOW IT……. :lol2: How bout this one….ALL I GOTTA SAY IS THAT THEY DONT REALLY CARE ABOUT US! πŸ˜† Just kidding, she looks cute MINUS soul glow due! πŸ˜†

  42. lizz aka voice aka Mari aka irobot

    stop switching usernames my dear. Leave the computer, go outside and take a stroll. You are in dire need of help…and seeking for attention on blogs is not going to cut it. Poor thing! πŸ™

  43. @hollywood BS….. i think you are talking about yourself…..MTO needs you,we dnt need your energy here its to low…join the mass

  44. Rihanna is beautiful but I will need for her to rock a different hair style. Hopefully she will get some family time so her dad can stop talking to media.

  45. @ hollywood dn’t u have sum tings 2 do RiRi luks no matta wat she wears *TRENDSETTA*
    @VOICE cuss out d bitch yes if ur a (female) don’t care πŸ˜†

    @bimshireboy tanks 2 her barbados can get rcognize yes but JAMAICA 2 d flippin wurl :hifive: dat mi seh!!


  47. Beyonce and Rihanna fans(or at least the ones who start this mess), stop it. Why do both fan bases have to war like this all the time. This goes for both sides: If you don’t like either them, stop going to the threads that they are featured. I rarely go to Rihanna threads. Why? I am not that big a fan of her music. But…I hope that she is doing okay and that continues succeed and grow in her craft.

    I mean, this is a site that is a celebrations of beautiful black women doing the darn thang. Why every blog site, especially black blog site has to turn into the pixel equivalent of Armegeddon?

  48. Am I the only one getting a thriller-Michael-Jackson-esque vibe from Riri? LMAO! indeed. This chick is trying everything…from stealing fefe dobson’s swagger to hiring the guy who did Michael Jackson’s hair in the thriller days. To top it off, she can’t even sing. :thumbsdown:

  49. chucci : This bufu bufu manpi gals bobo me like buguyaga stay in your place, She jealous , Hates everybody and put them down to lift beyonce, She is a mess Let that cheap thing run out the mouth at the end of the day we all know who is the best selling african american entertainer of this decade and it sure as hell ain’ t hellywood bs or her girl More time Gal :hifive:

    lizz : Ain’ t this thing psycho? lets just ignore her from now one she needs atention lets not give it to her


    Dont tell me you agree with me when I saw you kicking dirt in my eyeeees…. But, if your thinkin about my baby…It dont matter if youre BLACK OR WHITE!!!! πŸ˜†

  51. :lol2: @ VIRGO AND HOLLYWOOD BS!!!!! I almost spit out my hot chocolate when I came up on your comment “YOU KNOW I’M BAD…I’M BAD” :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  52. Here in Los Angeles yesterday, Chris Brown pleaded not guilty to all charges against him. He was then ordered to appear in court again on the 29th to see if he will be ordered to stand trial.
    1) In the video that was shown of him arriving to court, you could hear all of his dorky stans talkin’ about ” We love you, Chris”.
    2) He brought his mother to court with him. That’s just for the sake of making a good impression on the judge. All nice guys love their mother, you know. Yeah, right! So all because a guy loves his mother that makes him nice? That’s as dumb as telling me this:
    All fish live in the ocean.
    A Hump Back whale lives in the ocean.
    Therefore, a Hump Back whale is a fish too. NOOOOTTT!!!
    A Hump Back whale, like other whales, is a Mammal! It is not a fish; never has been, and never will be!
    And I don’t wanna read where some ignoramus is trying to telling me that a person is innocent until proven guilty. THAT PRINCIPLE APPLIES ONLY IN A COURT OF LAW! IT DOES NOT APPLY OUT IN PUBLIC! LORD, HAVE MERCY.

  53. :lol2: BILLIE JEAN IS NOT MY LOVER, SHE’S JUST A GIRL THAT SAYS THAT I AM THE ONEEEE….BUT THE KID IS NOT MY SOOON!! HE HE …SHE SAID I AM THE ONNNE …BUT THE KID IIIS NOT MY SOON!!! πŸ˜† I just cant get over how she looks SOOO much like MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol2:

  54. Virgo,

    :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

    Billy Jean? LMAO

    more like thriller…the face, the hair and the outfit is a disaster.

  55. MJ sold out in Europe and he is the hottest thing right now….riri rock it girl,you are young and have every right to do freaky hairstlyes and you from outside the U.S where freedom of hair for women still exist…..everyone looks like a punk rock,afro punk or keri hilson ……go ahead and express yourself its called freedom….you dnt need a long tired blonde weave…you are young black and fabulous.

  56. lizz
    You forgot to add that all of this si her real hair :hifive:

  57. LOL: That is not all her real hair. Did it grow overnight? :lol2:

  58. I am glad she went home to see her family but..I cannot stand her hair like this. It is a horrible mess :bag:

  59. okay some of it is fake…i do use fake hair sometimes when i need to braid my hair….the girl is young and experimenting and i used to do crazy hairstyle too and i felt so cool and uristricted….i’m 26 now and i have grown and cnt do what she does but i like it….i like monica’s hair she looks so clean,grown and classy….when i reach then i will rock my natural dreadlocks

  60. lizz: I think it’ s hers, before she cut it short short remember how rih had decent long hair?

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