Rihanna Rocks the Idol Stage

Rihanna has finally started promotion of California King Bed, the absolute best song off or her platinum selling “Loud” album. The 23 year Princess of Pop gave a stunning performance of the track on last night’s episode of American Idol, bringing the audience to their feet with one of her best performances ever.

I remember thinking when I first heard this song that it had the potential to become Rihanna’s biggest hit and I still believe that. The songs is over the top dramatic and reminds me of the kind of pop/rock songs that groups like Journey did back in the 80s.

Ordinarily I would say that with a great video CKB could be a huge hit, but I think the song stands on it. No video needed. I definitely see another #1 single in Rihanna’s near future.


  1. She did really good last night at the end of vocals got a little rough. Still needs to work on that breathing. But overally very good performance. Ans SISTA I somewhat agree with you I love CKB and think it will be a big hit for her, but not her biggest. I think Umbrella still holds that title.

  2. She did great and yep this song is amazing and totally new, sound wise for her.

  3. Her vocals were amazing! I think it was flawless and stunning. And I do like her hair like that too and I liked the dress. But She gave an amazing performance. One of her best, vocally.

  4. @John- are you a musician? I’m nosey! You always seems to have helpful constructive criticism.

    I loved this performance- this was actually my least fave song on Loud however seeing it performed changed my mind.

    What I think made this a good performance it the fact that Rihanna seems emotional and into the song.

    I liked the hair/dress combo- I think with her hair color that the pale lips/dress looked really classy.

  5. That was really good. Love the look and absolutely love the song! The hair is so so cute!

  6. When I saw this last night, I said to myself this is the BEST performance IMO of her career. And with this being my favorite song off the Loud album I was glad she showed up and DELIVERED. She made me proud. I was a bit nervous as this is a big song vocally but she sounded GREAT and didnt seem nervous and sung w/confidence. It took a LONG time for her to finally nail a song but better late than never. Good job……

  7. DANIELLE- I know a lil sum sum lol na but, I’m hoping to be a musician, I have been taking vocal lessons for years now and know the dos and dont’s of using your singing voice.

    SN- I bet the video will be beautiful

  8. What a shame. She was the worst singer on that stage (except JLo), yet none of those VERY talented kids won’t be as successful as her.

  9. Nice song…Umbrella by far is her best to date to me…. its still holding the title as the best! She did a good job! ITS about time she showed some real talent!

  10. The performance was good and she looked gorgeous as always.

  11. @Coco, girl you are in the minority. Save the hate for another date. LMFAOOOO

    Rihanna rocked!!!!

  12. She is defintaly taking singing lessong. I think that is really good for her. When she slows down and just sing she doesn’t sound bad.

  13. That was terrible! She was all over the board with no chords, tune,nothing. I know them judges were out there dying laughing inside knowing that the singers on stage have more of everything then she does and this trailer trash is a so called superstar. Y’all better stop excepting everything from her! Terrible, she does not take time out to learn how to work a stage or a song and them breath breaks she takes for a song that she sings for less than 2 minutes fully and with help is pityful and y’all said that was her best to date and this chick has been around this long and she is just at her best, dont that sound strange? for a superstar!!!!

  14. Rihanna was great!…her music is there (she makes really good songs) and her vocals are seriously improving…these artists have grueling schedules and most of it isn’t about singing, rehearsals and lessons as it should be, but “Promotion”…She and Keri are greatly expanding…vocally and growing their brands! The thing is both can really sing, but wasn’t living up to their vocal potential…but that’s all changing!

    Rihanna owned the stage and her performance!

  15. Rihanna was great! She owned the stage and her performance! This song is going to be a big hit for her!

  16. She looked absolutely beautiful, but most of all the PERFORMANCE itself was jaw-dropppingly GORGEOUS!!!@!! I mean, the dancers, the angelic quality of it all. I have to give Rihanna her props, her live performances are getting BEYOND better. Her voice is stronger, and most of all her stage presence is really improving greatly. I am not a fan, but as an artist, I respect her. I like to see growth in people in general, but especially in musicians and inspite of everything it really does look like she’s emerging into her own artist and I am glad she’s improving.

  17. Fanstastic! I’m not even a Rihanna fan, but hey…I gotta give her props! Her voice was absolutely great for her, and most of all the beauty of the performance was just mesmerizing. I love the simplicity and as a fellow artist, I respect her. I LOVE to see growth in people in general, and it really does appear as though Rihanna is truly growing into her own as an artist,and her stage presence is consistently growing. I won’t lie, she didn’t do this song well during the Country Music Awards ’cause Jennier Nettles outsung her and I think her mic was off or something, BUT she had a GREAT NBA all-star performance, along with this one, AND a VERY nice show down in Australia….if she could remain consistent with these good live performances, she might have a a really successful U.S. live tour on her hands in the future. But she has to be consistent in these GREAT shows. I like Rihanna ’cause she knows how to command a stage lately without a lot of extra ness. Honest, sometimes, simplicity, confidence, and a strong voice and visual go a LONG way….great job Rihanna.

  18. @ROCKON- So I think Rihanna can’t sing and you call me “hating”. Sure I’m a minority here on this particular post but I still have the right to my opinion. And I’ll say it even louder this time. SHE CAN’T SING. What u gonna do about it?

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