Rihanna Scores Another #1

The battle for the #1 spot on this week’s Billboard Hot 100 chart officially belongs to Rihanna. The 23 year old pop diva held off both good friend Katy Perry and hot white blonde girl of the moment Lady Gaga, in order to secure her 10th #1 single (S & M Remix featuring Britney Spears).

Rihanna has now entered into a very exclusive club. Just five years into her career, the singer now ties Janet Jackson for the most #1 single by a solo female artist (10) and will surely topple Whitney Houston (11) and Madonna’s (12) record as well.

The big question is, will Rihanna one day reach Mariah Carey’s plateau (18) or possibly even that of The Beatles (20)? Should the singer have a 10 or even 20+ year career, I think it is safe to say she stands a good chance of setting a record that may never be touched.

Congrats to Rihanna. Regardless of what you may think of her, she has earned her place in the spotlight. She is as deserving as of her success as Britney and Gaga.


  1. Rihanna is pop at it’s best: sexy, sparkling, edgy and fun. She def. deserves this.

  2. If she keeps going at this pace while she’s young yes, I think she will stand a chance with Mariah and The Beetles. Congrats!

  3. Mariah Carey was shut down the minute she started coming close to that Beatles record. The same will happen to Rihanna. Whites will never allow any artist, much less one of color, to break their precious Beatles record. That is why they hated Michael so much. He was a one man Elvis and Beatles rolled into one.

  4. Good for her, She makes very good music, i was listening to man down this morning wondering how she can be so versatile, Loud is a very good album, Congratulations to her.

  5. Man Down is my joint! I’m glad for her – everyone was convinced lady gaga’s judas would be #1

  6. Congrats to Rihanna she WILL surely top Janet and Whitney, though those women are legends!

  7. LOL gaga…’hot blonde girl’ yeah right!

    anyway, i LUUUUV RIHANNA! she deserves it

  8. Yahooooooooo for Rihanna and Brit!!!. Her catalogue is mature and she continues to evolve with every release. Yahoooooooooooo

  9. I’m happy for her…she’s delivered some good music over the last year…it’s been upbeat…just what we need in this economy and with so many people truly suffering…having good music really does something for the soul…these brown sistas on this site alone are flooding us!

  10. I LIKE IT, LIKE IT, COME ON, COME ON. Congrats RIHANNA!!! Go head girl!!!

  11. Congrats to her. California King Bed has been on heavy rotation. And “Cheers” in my weekend song.

  12. @KSH- I play Cheers every time its the last day before my days off. Now if I hear it, I get the happy ‘im off tomorrow!’ feel lol

  13. Stop being fake people! The other lip sync chick did this and y’all know it, Rihanna is placed and nothing more, she is nothing but a kept whore who’s pimps are happy. The ones who deserve the monies they are getting is that marketing team that is behind her. No talent on No talent equals no talent! Which is Rihanna and Britney.

  14. Do your thang RIRI!!!! And the thing is they always underestimate you!!!!

  15. YESSSSSSSSS thats my girl!! She has a great chance to reach the great Mariah and the legendary Beatles.Her music is fun, edgy and mature.Look for CKB and Cheers to be her 11th and 12th number 1s this year. Her fans love her and are growing everyday,because she is REAL. She lets you know who she is and makes you a part of her success; we love her for that.

  16. If Def Jam keep buying her downloads and payola the record label, she might get to those 20 #1s. Yall didn’t know that was going on at Def Jam, Jive and Interscope. Seriously, why the S&M remix only do good for one week in order to get a #1. Now, it dropped down ITunes real quick after it did it’s job. I mean if Rihanna music is so good why she only sell 200,000 copies and only at 1 million in the US. You would think somebody with such good songs could sell more albums. Her tours always flop.

  17. Yes, the bitch don’t want to see Ciara on a stage or off one.

  18. the record label that rhianna works for is the ones who promote and make the album what it is, they also do a good by promoting rhianna and keeping her name and lighness out there, as for the songs, they not that good because they dont stay on the charts too long. The record label gets millions of dollars to do promotions for their stars.

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