Rihanna Scores Her 9th #1 Single

In an attempt to boost sales and help push Rihanna’s “Only Girl In The World” single to #1, Def Jam Records offered the single at a discounted price of only 99 cents and by gosh it worked. According to Billboard Magazine, sales of the single skyrocketed, pushing it back up the charts and into pole position. Billboard also notes that Rihanna has made history several times over with this new fete- as it is the first time in history that an album’s second single has gone to #1 before its first single. “Only Girl” also becomes Rihanna’s fourth single to ascend to #1 in 2010, making her the first artist since Usher in 2004, to hit the top of the charts that many times in one calendar year. Rihanna also tops the list of artists to have the most #1 singles this millennium (since 2000). She had previously been tied with Usher for the past 2 weeks, with eight chart-toppers since 2000.

Late last night via Twitter Rihanna tweeted the good news to her “Rihanna Navy,” saying she had the century on lock and thanked them for their support.


  1. With all the single success you would think it would translate into album sales. She came in at #3, Susan Boyle and some other girls holiday album beat her out. Oh well congrats…..

  2. Ok, so this single went to #2 last week because airplay has increased to #2 on the airplay charts. Its sales have been been steady in the top ten since the single debuted at #1 on the digital sales chart. Its a combo of airplay increase and sales not only sales that got this to #1 on the hot 100. Offering the lead single for a reduced price will prob be a new promo thing the lables will do now as a result of this. I just don’t want people to think the song topped the digital chart and as a result it sent the song to No.1..it was already number two last week based on rising to #2 on the airplay chart.

  3. Haters to the left
    That Rihanna Reign just won’t end
    9 Number 1s in 5 years!
    Haters stay pressed

  4. Oh get off the album sales kick.

    You haters go from site to site crying about her album sales.

    Isn’t she that much more successful considering she hasn’t had an #1 Album in America,

    She can’t sing????

    This girl is blazing hot as$ fire and hasn’t been stopped.

    Only the haters keep crying album sales when if you consider all the artists with #1 albums can’t get but one #1 single out of it and never go Diamond in sales, yet Rihanna can sell nearly 9 million of just one album. GGGB!!!!

    So again, shut up and let the girl enjoy her success!

  5. ^^^^Hypocrite, when you constantly throw shade at that other popular singer. Heck you just did it in your post. Album sales do matter when you get as much hype as Rihanna. Congrats to Rihanna on her #1s but don’t act like album sales suddenly don’t matter now when you have lesser known artists who don’t get nearly as much hype/promotion as she does outselling her. GGGB sold 9 million, but she’s had an album since then, which only sold 3 million. Huge difference. And I’m def. not a hater. I have all of her albums FYI.

  6. Rhianna had done it again she told them haters that Rhianna rain just won’t let up!!!!! she is killing the game haters get lost go away for ever this is the BADDEST CHICK N THE GAME!!!! DEUCES

  7. imho i think only girl is her best son. i dont have any albums, so i cant say “completely” but as far as single go. this song is currently my jam!!!



  9. She will definently pass Whitney in #1’s and most likely Janet to, but their album sales are way upon hers, but congrats.

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