Rihanna Scores Second Number One Album with ‘Anti’

RIHANNA SCORES HER SECOND NUMBER ONE ALBUM WITH ANTICongrats go out to Rihanna. The 27-year old pop diva has scored her second #1 album atop the Billboard 200. Despite being labeled a flop, Anti sold 170,000 copies during its first week of release, with 135,000 of those coming from pure album sales.

Rihanna has taken a lot of this this past week, thanks in part to the poor way in which Tidal handled the release of Anti. I also think it was a poor decision for the singer’s camp to assert Anti as something that would be groundbreaking. Over a year’s worth of hype led to unrealistic sales expectations that Rihanna just could not live up to.

However, history has shown us that Rihanna doesn’t need hype, a number one album, or huge opening week numbers in order to have a successful album or tour. Me thinks someone wanted to make Rihanna over in the image of Beyonce, something that was not needed. I also think Tidal was scared to release Anti while Adele’s 25 was still dominating the charts.

If Rihanna takes away anything from the fiasco of Anti’s launch, it should be that less is more. She’s a star and doesn’t have to compete. She needs only be herself. Hype and number albums don’t count, only #1 singles, which she has in her latest, Work.


  1. Rihanna and Beyoncé both need to be taken down a peg or two. Both are uppity and arrogant and full of themselves and need to be humbled like Gaga was. Rihanna is hella shady on Twitter and had a lot to say about Ciara a few years ago. Now she’s faced with a huge blow to her image and I can’t think of anyone more deserving. I used to support a lot of these chicks because they were sistas, but no more. Their egos have grown out of control. Same for Nicki Minaj. She’s by far the worst one. Her next album will be an even bigger flop than her last. She’s been knocking other females since she entered the game too. I have no more patience with these egomaniacs. Let them all eat a bit of humble pie for a while.

  2. This album should’ve been released when the BBHMM video came out. The world was blown away. Now she’s being overshadowed by Adele and now Beyonce. Rihanna needs to stop following Jay Z around. Tidal will be the death of a lot of artists. It won’t benefit anyone in the end except Jay and his wife.

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