Rihanna Sells Magazines… A lot of Them

Rihanna Magazine Sales

If you’re a print magazine whose sales have been suffering, and let’s face it, that’s pretty much everyone, there is an answer to all your woes: put Rihanna on your cover.

According to cold hard facts, Rihanna sales magazines… a lot of them. The 27-year old pop beauty has reportedly graced the cover of magazines nineteen times within the last year, with each of those magazines showing significant gains in digital and print sales.

With Rihanna on its covers, magazines like Vogue, Ebony, Cosmopolitan and Elle have seen anywhere from an 0.8% jump in sales, to as high as a 7% jump in sales. And while that may not seem all that impressive, for an industry that has been plagued by declining sales for almost a decade, it is an absolute boom.

So what is it about Rihanna in particular that helps magazines sell more copies with her face on their covers? Well, according to industry insiders, Rihanna is not just a pretty face, she is an interesting character.

“The public continues to be fascinated by her,” according to magazine analyst Eric Cass. “She’s [Rihanna] bold, she’s authentic, she’s controversial. She’s everything people want in their celebrities. She is truly an icon.”

Expect more Rihanna covers in the coming months as the singer prepares to release her eighth studio album, tentatively titled R8. The singer was spotted on a cover shoot just a few weeks ago and is already rumored to releasing her new project around September, just in time for Vogue’s most prestigious cover of the year.


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