Rihanna: Sexuality

Rihanna hasn’t officially left yet, however that isn’t stopping the singer from already plotting her return to the top of the music charts. Rihanna stated some weeks ago that she was working on a new album to possibly to be released at the beginning of next year, which means a new single would most likely drop this year. Well one of those possible singles has already leaked to the net and it has her fans/stans quite excited. The new track, Sexuality, is very different from the music Rihanna has released in the past and in a funny twist of fate, sounds very much like a Prince single, whom Rihanna has reportedly been mistaken for in the past.

So what do you guys think? Do you like the single? Do you think it eerily sounds like Prince’s 1981 hit, Controversy?


  1. “Prince” is a pretty good route for Rihanna–it straddles the pop/rock market that leads to more $$$ and r&b market she has to keep happy because she’s black. 🙄 Plus, this song doesn’t require any major vocal acrobatics and will probably allow her to make a sexy music video to match the lyrical content.

  2. i cant wait 2 hear it but the ppl who mistake rihanna for prince must be deaf and blind.

  3. i hav heard it and i can hear dat prince 80s vibe in it but its ok nothin special. she has 2 come harder than that.

  4. I think its good that she’s trying to continue to be innovative….its a good look

  5. i dont like it….right now…but im sure after the video i will love it…just like disturbia and alot of her music i never really get it until the videos so we will see… still got ALOT of respect for rihanna for always thinking outside the box

  6. I can’t wait to hear it. I am a Prince fan, so if her sound is more like his I’ll be happy.

  7. I want Rihanna to pick her lane and improve her craft. that’s all…it’s mediocre at best and when she performs unless lipsung its lackluster. im looking forward to new things from her but BETTER things as well.

  8. rihanna is whack and so is that song. her voice is not fun to listen to. its sad that she jumps onto the prince sound bandwagon jus bc people were mistaken her for him. when we hav the voice of beyonce to listen to, we wonder y we ever could stand to listen to this…

  9. I wasn’t feeling this song the first time I heard it, and still am not. I own and love all four of her previous albums, but if this is an indication of what she’s bringing on the next, I will pass. :thumbsdown:

  10. I really don’t understand why anyone compares the two. There is absolutely no comparison. The only similarity is they are both successful black female singers. This is a Rihanna post, so let’s keep it about Rihanna, k?

  11. The link’s not working for me, but I really want to hear it. I’ve been looking forward to seeing what Rihanna will do for her next album. People call her talentless, say she can’t sing, she can’t dance. The woman is doing something right, though. She near dominates the charts with any single she puts out, her style is top-notch, and I for one love her music. She isn’t Whitney or Christina, but I don’t think she ought to be held to that “Jennifer Hudson” style standard that people like to hold black women to. And hey, people still sit back and call Jennifer a Screamer.

    Rihanna doesn’t mind branching out and being different, and it’s worked for her. I give her points for it.

  12. Little girl sex appeal don’t last, She doesn’t have that Janet Jackson sex appeal

  13. just to ask.. where does the word ‘stan’ come from. I’ve always wondered 😆 :loser:

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    The word “stan” came from Eminem when he wrote a song about it. It means when a person is obsessed with a celebrity.

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  17. Anyone else having trouble with zshare.net?? I’ve tried other links to the site and they aren’t available either….

    Very interested in hearing this Rihanna track.

  18. I like how she’s applauded here for sounding or sampling a Prince song. Some other artists sample songs, but they’re copycats LOL. There is nothing wrong with sampling songs you like and putting your own twist on it folks. I kind of like Sexuality. What can I say…I like the Prince sound.

  19. Sounds a lot like “Controversy” and I like it.
    It’s a good sound for Rih Rih…

  20. Umm I thinnk theres a differnce from being influenced and Imitating, this is the latter..if youre gonn DARE to do so bla :noway: tanly gonna attempt the Prince sound the least you could do is do it justice, this did not…someone should refer Rhianna to some Van Hunt albulm so she can learn the differnce, anyone can tell hes heavily influenced by Prince and Sly, but he brings depth and originality to it as well, this is just a cheap parody really lets call it what it is -Blasphemy!

  21. @ Majesa and Angela: I agree with you two. This is a good look and direction for Rihanna.

    Let’s not forget that she is a pop artist, so her music doesn’t have to be filled with a lot of depth. Pop music is for young people, the club, it is trendy, etc. So, I don’t think its fair to compare her with bonafide R&B singers since that’s not what she is about. I like the song, it goes with her image and she cannot go wrong sampling anything from Prince..he is a true legend.

  22. let’s break it down. I love them both but i will FINALLY squash this b vs rih thing, at least for now…. Sales figures from albums

    Dangerously in Love: 4.3 MILLION US, 6.26 MILLION WORLDWIDE
    B’day: 3.01 million US, 5.0 million worldwide

    Total. 7.41 us 11.26 world wide


    Music of the sun: .5 million us 1 million worlwide
    Girl like me: 1 million US, 2 million worldwide
    Good Girl Gone Bad: 1.89 million US, 6 million world wide

    Total: US 4.39, 9 worldwide

    So, for Now, B got her and let’s not forget that Rihanna has put out MORE albums and still less. However with Singles its a slightly different story

    Beyonce US #1’s Baby Boy, Crazy In Love, Irreplaceable, Check On It- Worldwide Crazy In Love, Irreplaceable

    Rihanna US #1’s SOS, Umbrella, Take A Bow, Disturbia, “Live Your Life” (Even though it is really TI Song)
    World Wide (SOS, Umbrella, Take A Bow, Disturbia)

    So Rihanna got her in the worldwide singles, and sorta in the us, but rihanna has put out 3 albums, and not counting DC beyonce only 3, for it to be fare we have to see how I Am…does and as it looks with If I Were A Boy and Single Ladies Killin it, rihanna better enjoy that small advantage in SINGLEs only while she got it…! I’m sorry i love her music but her voice is just technique wise weak. no range, weak clarity, uncontrolled vibrato, NO VOLUME, cracking, etc. and disturbia live without the vocoder is HORRIBLE.

  23. I think she could have sung the song! And could have waited and till next summer to make another cd!

  24. Rihanna is black, but she does not have to sing RnB and she doesn’t. RnB stations rarely play Rihanna. We actually didn’t get to know much about her until she started hanging around Chris Brown. I think her voice and her songs are perfect for singing pop music – she does it well – just not live. And it is the ‘exception’ not the norm for today’s singers to sound great live – very few do. And by the way, Jennifer Hudson does often ‘yell’. She needs vocal training badly. For such a powerful voice, she is often off key. As for Rihanna’s new song, if it is, the song sounds fine to me – but there’s just no need for the title..Just like it was not a need for I kissed a girl and all the other overtly sexual lyrics today. Sensuality is always better than sexuality in any art form.

  25. I don’t think that song is finished, but, it does put me in the mind of a Prince song. But for some reason Controversy is not coming to mind. As far as her singing there aren’t to manygreat singers out now. I don’t think it’s really about that anymore. I think it’s about image and she wins hands down in that catagory. I just don’t think you have to be a great singer anymore.

  26. You haters need to STOP ATTACKING people’s craft and talent and get a darn life of yall own! Black women are the most negative,jealous creatures on the planet.Guess it validates why the majority of you are SINGLE and not by choice. Do yall thing rhianna and bey!

  27. i like her style of singin its diff its not the same thats why i like diff singers never the same thing..as for the song it sound like an intro she sound good singin it i’m not feelin the song if thats what she gone to put out .as for her singin live if i was her thats what i would work on to better her self not that she sounds that bad live

  28. It’s OK. That’s about it. Leave Jennifer Hudson out of the post. That is a REAL singer. Hate all ya’ll want, she has a powerhouse voice. BTW her album is HOTTTT!!!! True talent indeed. Ready for B. now

  29. Sounds like “Controversy” and i’ m all for it, Just something off topic, it just leave me speechless when people Black people turn their back on artists because they don’ t sound “ghetto” disturbia is a great song and it topped all charts but ours, people left and right talking about “she doesn’ t make black music” , music of the sun was reggae influenced and an amazing album who bought it? And now people are calling her money hungry because she is trying to do her job by going “where the money” is at? WHO does music now a days because they really love and feel it as opossed to it being a job? That would be someone that is all about the music and no endorsements! Name one person…Please

    Whitey are going to rush and get her albums and Mtv found their black protege along with britney spears and you know who to blame for it

    Sorry for the off topicness

  30. Sensuality is always better than sexuality in any art form. :iagree: yet who is sensual now a day? Minus Alicia keys and mary J just to name the most popular?

  31. I actually kinda like it, isnt it strange how music is sounding 80’s like,.
    When I first heard Disturbia I was like what is this mess, but it grew on me.

    Rihanna is not an R/B singer. Think about SOS, Don’t Stop the Music, Shut up and Drive etc. I wish her well, she is the Queen of downloads, if not album sales. By the way I got her Reloaded Album, and I was surprised by how much ‘hits’ was on it. I actually preferrred the music that were not on the charts (Breaking dishes is my fave)

    Give the girl some space, there is enough room for all brown sistas to shine.

  32. One final thing, she’s also featured with TI’s latest that’s number 1 right now.
    I am very curious to see if her album sales fare any better with a new CD.

  33. I like it! If she has a hot video this song will do real Good!!! :bowdown: Now watch, next year every one is going to be trying to make their music sound like the 80s with all those 80s instruments! so predictable

  34. They are not comparing her to Prince. The music sounds like a Prince sample. I like Rihanna. So what she is not a singer and a dancer. She makes good music that the pop world and the dance clubs love. She is doing something right.

  35. I have listened to it and I like it….. I suppose its a bit like disturbia, your kinda not to sure at first but then it gets you…. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    I love this girl, she just does her thing and don’t do the norm of being your average R&B singer….

    But I’m tired of reading these posts and having to read about the comparisons with her and Beyonce. I know it makes the posts abit more interesting and gets us going, voiceing our opinions and whats nots… . but does it have to be on every Rihanna post I read….. 🙄


  36. I like the very nice Prince’esque feel to it. Good song good lane for her. I ain’t made at her.

  37. It sounds just like “Controversy”, I really don’t see Rhianna as a sexpot singing about sex/sexuality. I see her singing pop songs. Hope she does a really good video for this.

  38. I loved controversy so of course i love sexuality i’ m just not sure it fits the rihanna i know

  39. She’s not the best singer but she does put out good music…and has beauty to match. I love how she likes to take a risk & continues to change up her style (music as well as fashion). Go Rhi Rhi!

  40. no on: Great nick name because NO ONE can understand what you’ re saying :loser:
    I loved controversy that was my jam , I don’ t know about sexuality 🙂

  41. I like Rihanna personally, but muscially…NO! Her singing on this song sounds Horrible.
    I cannot believe yall comparing her to a legend like Prince???
    Yalll most be young because PRINCE was beyond talented he was and still is a musical GENIUS..RIHANNA HAS NO COMARISION BUT THAT HAIRCUT AND SKINTONE..NOTHING ESLE..Her singing period to me is not on track. Yall say its no real singers..PUH-LEEZE. Its whats getting marketed and promoted that aint real singing…and nowadays its not about who can sing good but who looks good and can bring in dollar signs just by being able to sell SEX alone which is why they are pushing Rihanna down the route of selling sex because they know the child lacks TRUE talent when it comes to singing.

    I can name a few sisters out right now that can SING AND HARDLY GETS NO LOVE DUE TO THE FACT THEY SELL TALENT INSTEAD OF SEX.

    AND THATS JUST A FEW…..The Media righ now is truly lowering music standards by just labeling and accepting anybody as a musician and abusin its art form.

    Please theres plenty of real singers our here there just gettin no recognition because we live in a backwards as society where the truth and real gets no play or love. But real music fans like me will always support the truth and the real.

    heres some real male singers to listen to:
    Eric Roberson
    Jon B(new cd)
    Paul Hill
    Anthony Hamilton(new cd drops with Ms. B aka Beyonce)

    PPL if you love real music nowawdays you have to keep your ears wide open for it and dont look to the radio to hear real music anymore.

  42. Rihanna isnt doing nothing new but selling sex and doin different things to stay in the limelight and be talked about…whats shes doing is not called being innovative but working hard to stay noticed so her fame want ceased. U know music has gone down hill when some of the worst singers are called singers.
    That girl is young and shes already selling sex and talkin & representing being a “Good Girl Gone Bad.” Whats innocative about that? Its called marketing she went from dark island chick to this light so called punk rock bad girl. We continue to try and show our young sisters how to be postive but when they flick on the tv and see these chicks being praised over there sexuality and being so called “A Bad Girl” what do you do next? Or when they turn on the radio mostly 75% of the music is talkin or regarding sex…Or these videos promoting sex like its going out of style. Everything nowadays is about sex this sex that…and sex is one the most leading causes to death and viruses due to irresponsible immature ppl and youngsters gettin horny by any means and thinkin sex is something cool to be about and do. which is truly sad because nobody even cares anymore… 🙁

  43. There will never be another Prince…..she is only a plastic imitator just like all the other musicians who have tried to emulate him.
    Prince was so far ahead of the game 20 years ago with his unique style….it has only been until recent years that other musicians have tried to use his style as if they had thought it up themselves…it’s pretty funny actually.
    Keep in mind that the Jackson’s didn’t even get Janet to where she is at….Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis made her….and of course the 2 of them would be no where if it wasn’t for Prince as well….talk about influence! :bowdown:

  44. It’s a good thing that Rihanna is cute, because she cant sing a note! Her voice is absolutely HORRIBLE!! Just another very cheap performer who is sort of easy on the eyes and totally brutal on the ears!! It would be an insult for her to even be in the same room with people like Jill Scott, Angie Stone or even Chrissette Michele!!

  45. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. :bowdown: The level imitation = the level of flattery. If Rihanna is imitating Prince she did not flatter him with Sexuality. However, if she’s just doing her thing then I say “Do It”, “Do It All Night”, “Do It”, “Do it to em Right”…..oooooo….. that’s right Prince already said dat on the 1980 Dirty Mind Album…[Do It All Night – Track 3 of 8]

    Neva mind, my bad :lol2:

  46. Like Sassy said, black women are some of the most negative,jealous creatures on the planet. I hate when people feel that they have to tear down 1 person to give props to another. DAMN!!! And like it was previously stated, Rihanna is a freakin’ POP singer, POP singer, POP singer. U really dont need to have much vocal ability to be able to pull that genre of music off. Anyway, do your thang Ri and everybody else in the biz, I aint a hater, Just call me the Mass Congratulator. :thumbsup:

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