Rihanna Shoots ‘Diamonds’ Video

Rihanna was spotted out in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon shooting the video for her new single ‘Diamonds.’

The 24-year old pop princess was photographed wearing an assortment of costumes while standing in front of a crashed car and flames.

No word on the video’s official concept, but I think its safe to say Rihanna may be playing some sort of sexy ethereal angel or something.


  1. ‘For Christ sakes…That hairstyle is like 3 yrs old tired riri… NEXT!! I like the song though…smhlol!!

  2. Love the song! But I want to see how this video will play out because a lot of times her videos are on point. But they did this fire scene with Eminem’s video already. So the story or plot for the video is good hopefully because the guy who is directing the video has directed some good ones for Rihanna.

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