Rihanna Poses for Glamour Magazine

Rihanna’s new short curly do will reportedly have an official unveiling on an upcoming cover of Glamour magazine. The images below were posted via Instagram and show the singer accompanied by longtime collaborator Mel Ottenberg. Mel has been the central creative force behind many of RiRi’s most controversial looks, including her most recent “Pussy” campaign.

Rihanna is often criticized for her music, her image… and especially her morals. But one thing about the pop diva that is never up for debate… is that she can take a picture. Leave it to RiRi to take that grandma hairdo we saw a few days ago and turn it into something fabulous.

Love her or hate her, she is a fabulous chick.

I look forward to this photo shoot.


  1. She kind of looks like Halle Berry in these photo’s. She is a fashion icon. She is one of those people that can pretty much pull everything off.

  2. Not the long red hair. That was the one thing that she could not hold down.

  3. she looks so mature in the black and white pic then I saw the bottle chugging pic…lol…she’s hit or miss with me…I don’t see icon or doing no wrong…sometimes she’s on point and sometimes she’s blah

  4. Rihanna has a face and head shape that looks good no matter what you do to it. Long hair, short hair, she can carry it all. My daughter is the same way. But Rihanna, like Halle Berry and Toni Braxton, really comes alive with short hair. I think she is gorgeous here. Reminds me a bit of Lola Falana. http://brownsista.com/?attachment_id=72499

  5. WOW!!!

    I didn’t get the new do, until now, she looks amazing and the outfit is just beyond words! It will sell it out! She’s so good at reinventing herself, I know she has a glam squad, but she has an amazing eye and ear as to what to say yes to, even the gray hair worked.

    Agreed, this is a fabulous chick!

  6. I loved her long bob, this hair reminds me of ATLLHiphop Joseline! I’m not feeling it!

  7. Rhi pulls off a variety of hair styles & colors effortlessly. Not many folks can do that.

    I gotta admit…with this look I did think Jossalyn for HipHop Atlanta BEFORE I though Halle Berry

    Either way she looks fab!

  8. She always looked just like Joseline to me no matter the hair.

  9. I agree with some of you that she looks dead on Joseline from Love & Hip Hop. Always has.

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