Rihanna Shoots In Germany

Def Jam has officially announced on their website that the wait for new Rihanna material is almost over. And though they gave no details- rumors have been circulating all week that her new single would drop on Monday, October 12th. Adding to the rumor are images of the singer shooting what is said to be artwork for her new album over in Germany with photographer Ellen von Unwerth. There are also rumors that the singer shot her new video last week as well- though we cannot confirm that.

Photos and video of the shoot can be seen below.


  1. fab fur, but the hair is oogly. The outfit alltogether looks like some 70’s hooker get up.

  2. @ Signature Barbie

    I agree, she had us waiting too long. I know this will be good.

  3. Can’t wait to see what the finished photos will look like. The hair is different but I am sure when the pics are finished and polished she will look like straight fire! Can’t wait until a single drops as well…. been hearing rumblings that it might be sometime this coming week…. truly hope so! Werk Ms Fenty Werk!!!!!

  4. i enjoy her style of clothes, but i’ll never buy her album. she should bring out a clothing line.

  5. yes the hair is definitely a hot nesty looking mess…yes I said nesty…as in birds nest…..

  6. the look is different but im sure when the actual album cover photo is released we will all be wowed by how she looks!

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