Rihanna Shoots New Video

Rihanna traveled all the way to Belfast, Ireland over the weekend to shoot the video for ‘We Found Love,’ the lead-off single from her upcoming sixth solo album.

The video will be directed by Melina, the same visionary who helmed previous videos for the singer, including ‘Rockstar 101,’ ‘S & M,’ and ‘Hard.’

Photos from the set showcase Rihanna frolicking around a prairie, sporting a variety out outfits, including a red, white and blue bikini top, jeans and most surprisingly, a see-thru knit top that left little to the imagination.

Look for the video to be released in Mid October, via VEVO.

Wondering how ‘We Found Love’ is doing on the charts so far? Well over the weekend it hit #1 on iTunes, a sure sign it will debut inside the top 10 on this week’s Billboard Hot 100.


  1. not a fan of the smoking, or her tits out like that- there’s a fine like between edgy and trashy…interested to see what the finished video looks like.

    When I saw the field , first thing I thought about was ‘Only Girl’.

    @moonya- I think they recorded a lot of songs from Loud, so I don’t know if they are pulling a few from Loud plus a few new ones.

  2. @ Danielle, that makes sense, but why not do a deluxe album? I mean loud was amazing but can she top that with left over songs from it?

  3. @Moonya- girl I have no idea why they’re rushing with the new album…I can totally understand that with the Euro leg of her tour, they wanted a song to link with Calvin Harris (since he is her tour opener I think)

    But she will be touring nonstop for Loud from Sept right till the end of the year- I don’t understand why the new album is coming out in November.

    But thinking about Good Girl Gone Bad -Reloaded (Which was when I FINALLY decided to get the album), the deluxe version had lots of hits, so maybe they’re thinking instead of re-releasing the 10 Loud songs plus 4 or 5 new ones, just do 10 or 11 new ones.

    Which comes back to my question, why so soon? I understand they’re trying to get the holiday crowd, but if they rush it and not do it right, it will do more harm than good.

    I guess we have to wait and see. I’m actually paying attention to this release!! With Loud, it was like ‘oh Rihanna’s back’, this one I am going to follow it.

  4. just saw that GGGB-Reloaded only had 3 new songs (2 became #1s though, Disturbia and Take a Bow)so that takes away my reasoning that they were gonna put 4 or 5 new ones on a deluxe album. So never mind, I have no clue why they’re rushing.

  5. i tried to tell you boo that radio will eat this song up. Dumb downed music is all the craze these days.

  6. Pop music has always been just that – popular. The song will do well and will add to her collection of hits.

    Regarding her wardrobe – meh. She has been known to take risks for quite some time now, and let’s be honest – we’ve already seen her naked, so it’s not like her showing some skin is anything new. She is a beautiful girl with a body that is pleasing to the eye, so she may as well enjoy it while she’s got it.

  7. rihanna want to finish his contract with Def jam. this is her last album for def jam. she may be going to Roc nation

  8. i also think, she is trying to end her contract, if she is smart she will get the hell away from jay-z and his … ways, that man just does not sit well with my spirit. She should become her own boss, start young so that by the time you’re 30, you can take care of yourself.

  9. She is young and I’m sure she is taking advantage of the fact that Katy Perry is still touring,Adele is still touring,Beyonce is pregnant and she is YOUNG. Hell yeah her lable is putting another record out. She is young give the girl some slack.

  10. @Nijal – I have been saying the same thing! It is time for her… or it has BEEN time for her to be her OWN boss. She has the success, but at the same time she doesn’t come across as being business savvy… *SHRUGS*

    @Coco – We can’t keep using the excuse that she’s young to make up for the fact that what she wears is tolerable. I am sure she is taking advantage as well, as she should be. She has a beautiful shape but dang, can’t she leave some for the imagination sometimes? No?

  11. i think Rihanna don’t need to do all that to get anyone attention….

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