Rihanna Shoots Sexy New S&M Video

Rihanna has finally finished shooting the video for her next single “S & M.” Directed by Melina Matsoukas, whose previous Rihanna clips include “Rockstar101,” “Hard” and “Rude Boy,” the shoot took approximately three days and according to Rihanna, will be her “best/favorite” video ever.

The singer gifted her fans with the first image from the set and promised to post daily behind the scenes exclusives until the video premieres.

Click the above image to get a better/larger view.


  1. Reminds me of Kelis Kalediscope era, still Rihanna, is looking good, good to see Brown Sistas doing well!

  2. @ THE TRUTH:
    If Rihsus goes to McDonalds, somebody gonna say Kelis did if first. B plz! lol jk …but frealz I super psyked for this! ^_^

  3. actually with the orange tint to the shot, I can see what you mean Truth. There is another pic on the internet with the superhuge red hair though that looks really different that this.

    I am interested to see the video! I remember when I saw shots for ‘Whats my name’ I was horrified but I like that video.

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