Rihanna Shoots Two New Videos

Rihanna recently wrapped up shooting on the video for her first single “Only Girl (In The World)” and earlier today was spotted shooting the video for her second single “What’s My Name.” In keeping with everything SRP Records has said about the direction of the singer’s new “Loud” album, both videos appear to be very colorful and upbeat- a noticeable difference from the dark and depressing videos that set off the “Rated R” era.

Click here to see a pic from the “Only Girl” shoot. No word yet when either video will be released.


  1. Seems like her friendship with Katy Perry is rubbing off on her which is fine because as BrownSista said some of Rated R was just depressing. I kinda like the song Only Girl, mainly because her vocals have improved, her voice sounds alot stronger and mature on that song especially on the chorus. Hopefully that carries over to the whole album and her live performances as well. Only Girl is on its way to #1 on the charts as well, which will put her either tied or above some main Divas for most #1’s. Kudos to Rhi!!

  2. Is she trying to fulfill her contract obligations and move on to another label cause this every six months with something is going to get tired especially when she continues on with this copying other artist looks and style.. That open mouth look is not right… This new sound she is coming up with will not be pretty live!

  3. The hair looks dry and crispy; I’d suggest Luster’s pink oil. But her outfit is cute and fun and those booties look like something I would’ve worn in the 6th grade (or something Molly Ringwald would’ve worn in ‘Pretty in Pink’). Good luck to her.

  4. bored: Rihanna will always shone thanks to you .

    My gurl looks Hawt , Go Rhi 🙂

  5. Okaaay am I the only one concerned by that hair?!
    I like the bold colors, reminds me she is an island girl.
    But again, that hair is terrible- it looks like her wig blew off, got run over, and they just plopped it back on the poor girls head!

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