Rihanna Sidelined with the Flu

According to Billboard, Rihanna has been hospitalized in Sweden with flu-like symptoms.

The 23-year old pop singer canceled her Monday night show in Malmo, Sweden via Twitter, where she also apologized to fans and posted an image of her arm hooked up to an IV drip.

Rihanna and Live Nation later released a more official statement that read: “I am sorry to everyone who was coming out to my show in Malmo [Sweden]. I was so excited to perform for you all. It would have been a great time… so much better than being sick with the flu, ugh! I’m really disappointed I couldn’t be there.”

According to the singer’s website, Live Nation is hoping to reschedule the performance with details to follow in the next few days.


  1. Awww sorry boo, i hope u feel better pop is nothing without you hun.

  2. Yikes! Hopes she feels better. I think that the rate that she’s going and pushing herself, she may suffer from burnout.

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