Sista Sighting: Rihanna Shopping In Los Angeles

Pop diva Rihanna was spotted yesterday out shopping at the Grove with friends in Los Angeles. The singer is in town for the Grammys, which will air on Sunday night.

Rihanna is scheduled to perform and is up for 3 awards as well.


  1. Rihanna’s skin is SO BLEACHED! smh that’s a damn shame….she looks FAB tho!

  2. She said that she never bleached her skin and she only got lighter when she would travel and she was in super cold countries. That happens to me too, when its really cold me and my family’s skin lightens up

  3. @REAL TALK said . stop talking shit . are you the one who put on the bleaching cream? she coming from a tropical Island to a cold country,but I bet you don’t have a passport so you wouldn’t understand. also, her grand mother is white

  4. That girl is as fierce as they come. Those legs are dangerous and those shoes don’t make it no better. Work it gurl!

    And I am from Alabama and my mom skins does the same thing in the winter and when her and my father go skiing for the winter she comes back 2 shades lighter. I think Rihanna may be that way and she wear makeup also.

  5. The whole getup is so cute. She make anything look really good. That my girl go rhi-rhi

  6. RiRi looks good just chillin. I love that outfit… and those killer legs. My new years resolution just might start up again

    I never thought she ‘bleached’ her skin but u could tell her skin tone was changing by the different climates. I’m sure she noticed, she doesnt need other people tellin her. When I came back from visiting my fam in Ghana, my foundation was useless to me for a couple of months. The same when I was in Germany. Useless.

  7. Yes, that’s a bad girl right there. Can’t even hate or argue on that and I’m not even a stan. I like some of her music but her fashion game is so on point that’s all that can be said! And yes, her legs are def beautiful she could def be a high fashion model if she ever decided to give up music and she would probably work that runway!

    Go Ri

  8. I was wondering where Melissa has been! Haven’t seen pics of her in awhile. Ri looks cute as usual

  9. RiRi does look great all the time to me. I love that she is living her life and doing her thing. I hope she wins an award or more as well.

  10. @bronze beauty, she has been in the states for four years now, and did not start “lightening up” until she became the “GOOD GIRL GONE BAD”. I do believe this girl is bleaching because she is constantly getting lighter and lighter like ghost or something. it’s not cute

  11. Does anyone here know how common skin bleaching is? It is not impossible for this girl to lighten her skin with a product. My skin gets lighter in the winter as well, and tan in the summer. But here is the kicker, even this time of year when the sun has been long gone and i have lost my tan, I am not as light as my legs(which are sun-deprived and my original God given color). I never completely lose my tan, why did she? she was yellow as a child but now she is white?

  12. Also, why isnt her friend getting real light? any takers????

    ….on a lighter note (no pun intended) she looks super cute!

  13. she dsnt look light she looks pale,she might be anemic or doing a micheal jackson on herself,i am so lucky to be the only golden brown skin in my family coz they all go through the riri light skin moment in winter but riri is way too pale on this picture and on the rehab video and maroon 5 video,maybe its a marketing tool to attract and mantain the white fans,even maria carey bleached her own skin,her sister wrote an article about it,she always told people and friends that she was italian,

  14. Her stylist knows what she is doing, for if not riri would be looking like Melissa..

    If Melissa had on that same outfit it would be the same, but since riri has a name for cat gathering she stands out.

    I hope this girl dont have a break down when the media turns on her..

    Cause someone is going to ask that question that has been asked by many, why is this girl famous for singing?

  15. i had to look again, and she’s maybe a shade lighter than the white woman behind her.

    also so what if her grandma is white? barack obama’s MOTHER is white and he is darker than her!

  16. once you have a drop of black blood you dnt go casper the ghost like in winter,i like riri coz she looks like my lil sistah and she has the it factor but i have never seen hale berry looking pale in winter season,i hope she is not bleaching bcoz i will stop supporting her and she must be careful with her white fan base they can easily turn on her.

  17. I completely agree with the idea that its a marketing tool. But her skin is not naturally lightening up like that. it doesnt happen to that extreme. unless she has come down with vitiligo. Upper-middle class white people are #1 consumers of rap and artists like Rihanna. It has been said so many times before that white people can relate better to light skinned black people, maybe because they are less threatened? who knows? its all screwed up ideology but I believe that some people feed into it to the point of skin bleaching to sell a record.

  18. Real Talk is so color struck
    @ bored Rihanna and Ciara have the same stylist. Why don’t Ciara look that good?

  19. @ Bored….. do you go on every blog and post the same thing over and over…. I’ve read your very post on at least three different sites…. we get it…. you’re not fond of Rihanna but my goodness if that is so why waste your time in posts about her?

    Love my girl…. not too crazy about the skirt but she pulls it off effortlessly….. her legs look hella long… and LOVE the shoes…. I know come Grammys she will be shutting it down!!!!! So can’t wait for Sunday!!!

  20. @drmkpr

    yes she will shut it down and make everyone want to go home and stuff their ears to stop them from bleeding so much. lol

    stans come get me!! lol

  21. This bitch is bleeched up so bad. I dont give a damn what none of you Rih STANS say she has bleeched her skin she was NEVER that light. She looks cute but thats it! she still cant sing for sh!t and she looks like Prince/Micheal Jackon

  22. @mrsjones3

    I don’t expect everyone to like and fall down at her feet… you don’t care for her music that’s cool…. I don’t do long post trying to convince folks to change their opinion of her or about how she is the best in the world and blah blah blah…. There are so many different types and sounds of music out there I would hope you were open to different sounds and voices but if you’re not oh well…

    Now as far as her performance on the Grammys…. I know how the game is played… good or bad I am sure you and many others will be posted on the computer making snarky comments… but hey if that’s what you want to do do it and throw in some real zingers… but trust and believe she won’t be the worst person up there performing.

    But let me say this… I believe my above post was about how she is dressed… hell the whole thread is about her clothing choice while out shopping… hense me saying she pulled the look off flawlessly… which she will do on Sunday…. you may not like her singing voice and you don’t have to but stylewise come Sunday it’s ova…. can’t wait to see what she is wearing…..

    And quick note… though I comment on her alot I stans for no one but Maxwell…. now if you ever come across a thread about him on another board and a DrmKpr is going hard for him cussing folks out left and right who dare to say something bad about him that’s me… but staning for Rihanna… not really… I comment on Rihanna on most boards because folks have the claws out needlessly and somebody has to hush them up…. lol so carry on….

  23. i love her diverse style and her music fits the genre she is catering to well, but i have to agree that her skin is getting lighter thats for sure.

    the very fact that people are randomly commenting on it means its getting obvious. hell, this chic was light even during the summer.

    no, she doesn’t have that “i lost my tan” look, the colour is bordering on unnatural. her grandma may be white, but her dad is not this light in the sun, the picture above doesn’t even show that she garnered any dark hues from her darker mum.

    she is even lighter than other biracials such as alicia keys, zoe kravitz, evan ross, lauren london or halle berry (in winter).

    next time she would be lighter than mariah carey or dare i say it, michael jackson!

  24. I don’t think her skin is bleached, she is from the islands so her skin is normally kissed by the sun. I get light in the winter too!!

    Who cares she’s got killer legs

  25. Rih looks alot lighter then usual and she is very much starting to look like Prince….I WOULD DIE 4 YOU! LMFAO


    YOU A LIE! LLS TRYING TO DEFEND THAT UGLY BIRD HEAD AZZ GIRL! SHE IS SO UGLY TO ME SORRY. Nice legs hidious face. She looks like a goose!

  27. Why is her skintone such an issue? Yall are some insecure self-hating sons and daughters of sumthin sumthin.

    When you move from a warm climate to a colder climate your skintone will get lighter add in the fact that Rihanna spends a lot of time in Europe and the darker hair washes her out that explains why she is lighter than she was when she stepped off the plane from Barbados.

  28. @ Brownsuga Diva

    Thats not true. Im from Trinidad and Ive lived there for 17 years of my life. When I moved to the states my color has remained the same.We know lightened skin when we see it. Rihanna was a golden brown gal even after she moved from Barbados. Its just been over the past few months dat Rihanna has been looking a little brighter then usual. I can verify that she has been lightening her skin to fit in with the White society everyone in the west Indies has been saying that about her, she cold sold out is wat we call it. She was neva lighter then Beyonce now she’s lighter then Beyonce. Its a shame.

  29. I do not believe rihanna is bleaching, When i saw her in person i was shocked by how light she was,exactly the same as in the picture. I think its because of the season.

  30. I heard she was doing a Destiny’s Child tribute at the Grammys.
    That’s just what I heard.

  31. @Shanice


  32. Are you guys for real? This is really a shame. Are you seriously saying she bleaches her skin? Is this the conversation we are all engaging in? Isn’t it bad enough we face predjuce in some ‘White America’? Now we’re turning on each other!? Yeesh…please allow me to put my two cents in.
    In the winter where I live I get very fair too. In fact, I have to change my make up tones, same in the summer when I get very tan. But what does that have to do with anything? Why is it that people always have to hate on someone that is beautiful, talented, successful, and seemingly, an all around nice person? Can’t we just be happy for a sista? Why would someone take time to blog such negativity? Are you that unhappy with yourself? Jealous? Let’s just tell the truth shall we…some people are more appealing to the eye than others’. That’s just life. This young lady just happens to be beautiful to my eye, and I ain’t mad wit’ her. Not crazy about her voice, but she’s made something out of her life, and her game is on point. I say GO GIRL!!!! I guess people just can’t believe that someone can be fine unless they ‘cheat’ with plastic surgery, weaves, bleaching, or whatever. Sucks for them I guess……She’s pretty, NATURALLY pretty. Get over it. I’m sure if you asked 10 guys on the street if they think she’s cute, 9 outta ten would probably agree. Hate is what’s ugly.

  33. @ladylee we are speculating and asking questions,i’m a mild rihana fan and my lil sista is a huge fan and a lot of people compare my lil sis to riri and she emulates rihana like crazy,i do too but not to the stan level just the hair and a bit of fashion,imagine if rihana bleaches herself a lot of light young girls will wanna go pale,which is wrong why do black people have to feel like their skin colour is a demon,in winter your skin becomes a lil pink and yellow not pale,have you seen her music videos lately she looks extremely pale and we wanna know if she is selling out ,i have a white grandma and a asian grandama and my family dsnt get pale in winter just lighter.

  34. Shaking my head at the skin bleaching. Why has this been brought up? And to spout conspiracy theory with it, too? Ever occur to those claiming it that maybe Rihanna is just a very light-skinned lady? I just don’t get it. Our sistas come in all different shades and not everyone’s skin reacts the same to the sun or lack of the sun. Open your minds, people. Is it really that important?

    @ lizz,

    I’d guess that in her music videos where she’s looking “extremely pale” as you say that maybe, just maybe it’s THE LIGHTING. Maybe it’s the lens and filter of the camera, shot with a tint of blue so that it casts a ghoulish pall over all. Heck, maybe she’s wearing body makeup to achieve a certain effect, like looking like a corpse (“Disturbia”) or something to that effect.

    Oh, by the way, her legs are SICK. Love her style game. :brownsista:

  35. For all that keep saying Rihanna is not bleaching her skin is in very much denial! You CANNOT sit here and tell me that this is the same Rihanna that came out with “Pon De Replay” Rihanna was a light brown tone even after she moved from Barbados. She has never been this light in her LIFE! Please stans do me a favor. Go to an old pick like when she came out with “A GIRL LIKE ME” which was months after she moved from Barbados and a NOW pic and tell me that girl hasnt bleached her skin. PULEASE

  36. ^^^Do you know for a fact that she has??? It’s rather pointless to speculate, as it could be a number of other things, too…that’s all I was saying. But whatever, I’ll leave you all to it… *exits*

  37. @kayade

    Either your dumb or blind. Robin Rihanna Fenty is bleeching her skin. she is way way too light! She was Halle Berry’s Complexion at first now she is Alicia Keys color?! Come on…

  38. Not that it is really big deal…but Im so glad someone else has said it, she is definately bleaching her skin….. she was never this light before..

  39. So what if she is bleaching her skin, all the people above who are stating she is bleaching seems to have some problems of their own that is making them so adamant that the girl is bleaching. You don’t know that for sure. People’s skin tend to go through different changes. And to the trinidadian woman above, you don’t speak for all west indians, when you call rihanna a sell out. speak for yourself, because i will always support rihanna repping the caribbean whether she bleaches or not. Not because someone is biracial means they should be automatically lighter than a full black person. Its called genes people and genes mix and produce different colorations. rihanna has european ancestry, so it is conceivable that she can be light, and not everyone in a same family will be the exact color. Leave the girl alone.

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