Rihanna Smokes a Blunt and a Fan

What do you do when you’re in the privacy of your hotel room, only to turn around and discover you’re being filmed by nosy paparazzi? Well, if you’re Rihanna, you get dressed and light up a doobie.

While vacationing in Barbados recently, Rihanna was spotted in her private villa changing into a bikini. At some point RiRi peeped the paparazzi peeping her and proceeded to give them a show they probably won’t soon forget.

When asked about the pics recently while leaving a Lakers game, Rihanna’s response was “I don’t see the big deal.” However, when confronted by a fan on Twitter for her drug use, RiRi had a bit more to say.

Comparing the ‘Diamonds’ singer to the late Whitney Houston, a user by the name of @grecyaa said: “And she is going to end up like Whitney if she keep doing drugs like she doing right now.” Now y’all know the Navy reported her (LOL), causing Rihanna to respond as only she could: “Yeah cuz Whitney overdosed on a joint!! F— outta here you weak b—-!!”

Poor @grecyaa was then inundated with death threats from the Navy, leading the teen to actually thank God the hate was aimed at her and not someone who was possibly susceptible to suicide in the face of such a massive attack.


  1. Rihanna’s time is limited. She is no star. A celebrity, yes. A star? Hell no. She lacks the grace to be anything but a second rate Beyonce.

  2. i dont smoke… but with that being said, the MAJORITY of this country does, and the majority of this country is NOT found dead in a hotel room.

    it was a dumb statement to make, as of yet there is no proof she has done anything more than smoke weed.

    is it a gateway drug? i know people “weed heads” who have smoked nothing but weed their entire lives and nothing else.

    Rasta’s (sp) believes in the all natural and dont move into anything chemical.

    its not that deep

  3. When Rhianna tatted THUG LIFE, i thought that was strange, because she hasn’t done anything Thug Life, at all. And Tupac definitely wouldn’t have gone back to a dude that beat him up. Thug life would have been in jail for assault.Rhianna no matter how hard she tries, just a litle girl, doing pubesant things and saying things, someone needs to school these kids on the difference between sexy and just doing too much.

  4. Ew. She is so wide and flat. Shaped like a teenage boy. Like where is her waist and hips?

    And there is no doubt that she knew those cameras where there, Rihanna is so attention starved, its really pathetic and sad.

  5. We have seen pictures of her in this villa every day for days: she knew the paparazzis were there and made sure they got very good shots of her naked.

    She is desperate for publicity, any kind of publicity.

    I am not a fan but I like that she is a free spirited girl, however I am losing respect for her everyday I see or hear about her.
    She doesn’t have much class…

  6. She’s just showing us how “bad” she has turned. Beautiful girl, but when she pulls stunts like these it just takes away from it. She might as well have done Playboy and got a couple mill’ for it…and people actually defend this ungraceful behavior, but are quicker than the speed of light to call other celebs trashy, classless etc.
    Beats me….

  7. “Self-promotion!”

    I thought the same thing, why not do “Playboy”…but, she can get away with it and is following in the footsteps of her idol, “Madonna”…who was flashing boob this year with a ridiculous grossing tour (700+ mil)…I think it’s all promotion, negative as it may appear to some people…she’s young and the top charting female artist over the last 20 yrs according to Billboard, so numbers and money talk! She lost the Nivea contract, but I’m sure a valuable lesson! “Diamonds” is still selling and charting well, she just gave a mil and some to a hospital in Barbados…she’s not a loner and have girlfriends, so hopefully, they will tell her the truth and she won’t go too overboard with smoking or with the love of her life, equally as potent!

    People really don’t care about these celebrities as mass media would like us to believe. People are into their own instragrams and Facebook content…of course, there are celebrity devotees, but since we don’t manufacture very much any more…celebrities are a real commodity (to sell to us)…look at how much the film studios make overseas or what Kim K. and others can yield overseas and here too…so celebrities are a true economic engine!

    Rihanna doesn’t have to do so much, but she does and she’s not going for any titles: role model, DV Poster Girl, Queen Of Pop, the most of anything…she’s just trying to have fun, shock, stack dollars and make hit music! “Winning!”

  8. Rihanna reminds me of a modern-day, female version of Bob Marley! LOL

  9. Bob Marley would be offended. No offense but please research his life and beliefs.

  10. Uh yeah, she’s nothing like Bob. So, nope, let’s not even go there.

  11. @Bohwe and @Kanyade – I said Rihanna reminds ME…ME…ME…of Bob Marley in some ways. You don’t have to agree. I didn’t ask either of you for your affirmation. So, let’s not go there!! And Bohwe, I don’t need to do any research on Bob Marley, I know enough about him to say what I said…no offense.

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