Rihanna Steps Out In Style

Let the rumors begin. Late last night Rihanna was seen visiting a surgeon’s office in Long Island, NY. The singer was apparently mum on why she was there and when asked if she had any surgery, reportedly responded with only a laugh. We all know there are a million reasons why someone would visit a surgeon, but I suspect the media will quickly spin this into a tale of plastic surgery.
Rihanna Visits Surgeons Office (1)Rihanna Visits Surgeons Office (2)Rihanna Visits Surgeons Office
In other Rihanna news, the singer reportedly sent roses to country pop star Taylor Swift. Taylor played a sold out show last night at Madison Square Garden and afterwards tweeted about the surprise bouquet she found waiting in her dressing room.

“Rihanna sent me roses. How amazing is she?! Most. Amazing. Night. That’s what I’ll look back on when I’m old.”


  1. Rihanna always steps out in style She means what she says when she “RUNS THIS TOWN TONIGHT”

  2. I can’t lie her fashion game is crazy-okay maybe she has found her niche in this game-the fashion model that yodels

  3. “Rihanna steps out in style”

    Doesn’t she always. She always amazes me. That outfit is so simple and would be tacky as all hell on most people, but it looks so good on her. Work it Rih Rih.

    BTW Taylor Swift is wack. I just don’t get it, shes better than Hanna Montana, but she’s just no big deal.

  4. Rihanna had plastic surgery.

    I remember when I first saw the rumors, I had almost forgot what she looked like when she put out her first two albums. She hardly looks like the same person. If she had something did, she looks great and she doesn’t need to do it again.

  5. Rihanna had plastic surgery
    if she did than so did every chick on the scene out there right now

  6. she got the cash, she’s a free women AND her fashion style fit her

  7. Her style is always on point. No surprise there.

    Hmm… “a surgeon’s office” – doesn’t tell much.

    And sending flowers to Taylor is SO sweet!

  8. I dont like the outfit when is she going to go into the studio and make cat screeching music

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