Rihanna Takes A Breather

Rihanna has had a pretty harrowing last few days. First the pop diva was temporarily hospitalized for a rib injury and only days later suffered a slight knee injury when she fell on stage while performing. The singer quickly recovered and continued on with her world tour- never missing a date. Clearly needing a break however, Rihanna was spotted outside a local Frankfurt, Germany night club celebrating the success of her first solo headlining venture. The singer has played over 10 shows, with each venue being a sellout. Better still; the reviews have been extremely positive, from both fans and critics.


  1. She has a sadness to her, even in the pics where she is smiling. It can sometimes be a strain to be followed and photographed all the time.

  2. That is awesome, glad to see her living her Rockstar life, although she looking like get that damn camera outta my face.

  3. P.S. I always thought she was a homo, so if she comes out anytime in the near future, I will not be surprised.

  4. I agree Dana; she is such a beautiful girl though. Love her outfit

  5. Glad she’s ok and also glad for her that her tour’s so far a sellout. And everyone falls on stage so nothing major as long as she gets back up.

  6. I thought her detractor said she wouldn’t Sell anything where is “Bored”?
    Taking a breather , Miss Fenty is not Chilling in clubs, You need a warm cup of something and plenty of rest so you can entertain your fans to the fullest 🙂

  7. @DANA I AGREE she does appear weary In her eyes to me but overall I hope she takes It easy!

  8. She looks weary because she just finished performing and its probably 2am in the morning.Congrats to her.I must admit I’ve become a fan since I wondered why she got constant hatred on the blogs yet manages to still keep going.I admire her resiliance. I also heard all her shows are sold out and MSG in 1 day which I was shocked to here.My girlfriend has slowly converted me, so bravo Rihanna.You have a new fan.

  9. Rihanna does not get hatred, she gets reality cause she is not good at what she does. We are in an era where the beat and lyrics of a song stand out more than the person singing. Add he or she has a sex appeal that has caught peoples eye added with some like what they wear and you have a star. If she was out there based soley on talent! she would not be out there and she knows it. Rihanna is terrible at what she does and her and the label know it, but if you are going to capitalize on it why change it. But best believe it will come to an end.

  10. @ Bored… you say it’s not hatred but i swear… i read a TON of hate in your statement…

  11. @ Bored, Man! Anyways, Robin stay a rockstar boo.Rude Boy is my jam. Rated R is my first Rihanna cd. I was mad impressed, not that I didn’t like her music before now.

  12. @noelle … i believe i read somewhere that the lady is her aunt, even if not the fingers arent interlocked

  13. @Bored…she is better than good! LMFAOOOOOOOOO that’s why she continues to break records and achieve milestone after milestone…NUMBERS DON’T LIE Rihanna has done it big for someone who’s only been in the game for 5 years. She’s major!!!!

    Rockstar…I thought she told-juh! LMFAOOO

  14. I’m happy for Rihanna and for those who said she couldn’t pull off a headline tour to see that this wasn’t true. “Rude Boy” did a lot for her because it got people who weren’t fans to possibly take another look, listen to Rated R beyond some of the not-so-good tracks like “Hard” and “Ova”…or the brooding yet very artistic “Roulette”…to see that Rated R is not just a well-produced album, but it has artistry and not just a singer singing over some celebrated producer’s tracks, but a woman, artist singing and telling stories with passion and conviction, something that a lot of music lack these days. I skip the songs until “Stupid in Love” and it’s a non-stop musical ride from that point on…her label could easily released three more songs and have hits, but they’re not the brightest people who get to decide what we listen to or who’s career they make or break by not knowing what fans like with the bottom line as their primary concern and why they continue to fail. Good for Rihanna to have a critically acclaimed album and a sell out headline tour with good reviews…what’s next?…maybe a great debut acting role, hope so…Go Rihanna!

  15. She needs a time out. It seems like she has been running for too long and needs to take time to breathe and catch her second wind.

  16. i have to agree with you dana…. there does seem to be a sadness to her…. i hope all is well and she is taking care of herself and not just physically. i have tickets to her show when she comes here to the states and i can’t wait….

    and those continuing to say she is untalented and all the other nonsense typed by bored…. it’s laughable at best…

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