Rihanna Takes Aim At Chris Again

Bits and pieces of Rihanna’s interview with “W” Magazine not posted on their official website have started to surface and once again the singer is taking aim at her ex Chris Brown. Below are just a few of the more interesting comments Rihanna made about what their relationship was really like.

Rihanna on Chris’ controlling behavior:
“There were control issues, insecurity,” she says in the February issue of W magazine. “When people are insecure, they become very controlling and they can get very aggressive and in turn abusive. It doesn’t have to be physical. Like, they would say bad stuff to you to make you feel lesser than them, just so they would have control in the relationship. It takes a big toll on your emotions and on your everyday life. It changes you.”

Rihanna on whether or not she is purposely trying to hurt Brown’s career:
“It’s not about Chris, about hurting him or sabotaging his career. I don’t care about that part of it.”

Rihanna on why continues to speak out:
“At first, I completely shut down. But now I feel like this happened to me so I could be a voice for young girls who are going through what I went through and don’t know how to talk about it.”

Rihanna on how recording her new album helped her heal:
“I started to go crazy after about a month in the house, so I went back to work, and the mic was my therapist,” she said. “With the mic, there were no negative comments, no negative energy.”


  1. UMMM

    Was’nt You The One Who was going thru his fone, How about u…Seems to me u where insecure about him texting chicks…U know what…U make it seem like u where wearing a Halo in a All White Gown, singing “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”…..

    ITS 2010, why are u talking about it, Ur Album is Out, Oh i forgot u have a remix album coming out..We all can Be Insecure and Controlling at a point..ITS CALLED BEING HUMAN…SMH



    I just wish she would shut up! SORRY, but she keeps yelling out she’s a voice for young girls but she ain’t saying much to “help.” If she’s not worried about Chris, then why is she still talking about him? Talking about emotions and things you go through is one thing. But she ain’t getting no where bringing up Chris. SMH. Being insecure is human!

  4. I don’t think she was being ”qoute on qoute” (voice for young girls) out there…At the time of her abuse If anything It was the young girls being a ”VOICE” to her as well as Oprah,Tyra banks and so may other celebs…to tell her to get out of the abusive relationship.



  6. @cinnamondarky

    Umm What Does her graduating High School have to do with it…Beyonce did not Graduate High School either…My mom did’nt(So i should think less of her)….They Made a Choice, Either Follow Ur Dream or Go to School…And Look @ them Now..SMH..They can always go back to school…

    And I To Agree, Chris did not say one bad thing about Rihanna, he made her look like a angel..Why is she doing this..TO DAMAGE HIS CAREER..Being Grimmy is not cure

  7. His career will be fine once he learns to control his hands. She got bashed in the face she gets to talk about it however long she wants to. If she was beating
    him he should have filed charges or not fled the scene. Magazines are going keep asking her and she should keep answering questions as long as she wants.

  8. Like I said before Women always crying victim from thier own poor choices. For example she states “There were control issues, insecurity,” she says in the February issue of W magazine. “When people are insecure, they become very controlling and they can get very aggressive and in turn abusive….right there that was her chance to run..flee end the relationship…SHE MADE A CHOICE TO STAY… WHEN YOU DECIDE TO STAY!!!! When you decide to stay with people then you are too blame for your own poor choices!! See I can respect people who look in the mirror at themselves before pointing blame at other for their own poor choices. I would rather hear you say that I had low self esteem and low confidence and that is why he was able to abuse me oppose to what he done or did to me. You want to help young girls you can help them by not only telling your story but tell them how your own self doubts got you into this situation. You say picking up a “MIC” was your therapist and then you are in pictures with a man fondling your ass… and you want to help young girls….God forgive you and forgive me. I suggest some serious christian counseling and once you done then go mentor to homeless teenage shelters.

  9. UMMM Please Stop!!! She is getting on my last nerve!! Everytime she’s in a magazine or opens her mouth she’s talking about Chris Brown abusing her. If it was that much abuse going on know one else noticed. She’s calling him insecure!!! She’s INSECURE!! That’s why she never has any clothes on!! She has very low self-esteem and it shows in her behavior. She’s trying very hard to sell her CD that’s why she continues to blast Chris Brown. She has nothing else to talk about.

  10. WoW @ MYSHEL…are you for real? Have you ever been in an abusive relationship? have you ever volunteered at a battered women’s shelter??? do you honestly believe that it’s that easy to walk away from an abusive relationship? would you go into a shelter and tell all those women that they’re to blame for what happened to them? that it’s their fault they were abused??

    “When you decide to stay with people then you are to blame for your own poor choices!!” i’m honestly gonna pray for you…smdh

    and the girl is like 21 or something…so if she wants to get frisky with a man she’s dating then WHO CARES?? what were YOU doing in your early twenties??? if you had cameras watching you 24/7 i’m SURE they’d capture some things that the public doesn’t want or need to see.

    i feel like if i was beat by my ex…i would BLAST them as much as i darn well pleased…so let her say whatever the hell she wants to…

  11. She needs to just shut up, because she know shes just as guilty as Chris when it comes to not being able to keep their hands off of each other, and if the public didn’t know about the beating, she would still be with Chris. If she knew she wasn’t going to lose all of her endorsements, she would still be with Chris. Rihanna still wants to be with Chris, but she just need to move on a stop talking about it, and let him go on with his life and she needs to go on with hers.

  12. My ex husband was a sunday school teacher and carried the bible everywhere he went but would come home and beat me for no reason at all. Which is why we’re divorced. You have to forgive in order to truly move on with your life. I like chris brown and feel he is truly sorry for his actions. Rihanna still probably loves him and probably is insecure. I see her on stage grabbing her crouch like a man- whats that about? She still talks about him because she knows she is just as guilty as he is and is not over him yet. They both are victims.

  13. Dr.Fabulous … I am a Court Appointed Advocate for Abuse and Battered kids; I am an Intake Coordinator at a Battered Women Shelter, I help teenage ex-offender male youths who are homeless. My volunteer record is extensive. I hold several college degrees and have been on my own since I was fourteen years old. I will not go into details about my personal life. I’ve had my share of bad relationships I am not obsolete! However she is no role models for young girls flashing nudity every chance she gets!! The camera comes with the choice she made to be in the spotlight…once again we are back on choices….do you see Letoya Luckett, Beyonce,Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Keyshia Cole, Monica getting there ass grope in public? NO!!! We live in a world of free speech. When she stated she wanted to be a voice for young girls…that was a joke!!! Thank you for wanting to to pray for me I need prayer..reading your notes you are in vast need of prayer yourself. I come in love and leave in peace.

  14. She is putting out a remix of a cd that no one bought when it was 99 cents? LMBO! She is neck deep in her own ish! SMDH!

  15. maybe her time would be better spent sponsoring or campaigning for domestic violence support groups instead of constantly recycling the incident.

  16. Yes she is only 21 (we gotta remember that) and although that is not an excuse for her reaction to this situation, it does show us the difference between a young woman who is growing into her own and a girl who doesn’t know how to deal with her past. And although, both have come back into the public eye, I believe that Chris at least made an effort to get help! She on the other hand, seems to think that simply being a “victim” with programmed responses makes her an “example”. A story is just a story if no lesson is learned from it (more about yourself then the other person)…

  17. This is not reaching young girls. If she really wanted to reach women of domestic violence she would be more “hands on”. I think Rihanna still has a lot of growing up to do. I hope she has good people around her.

  18. She is very young.

    I’ve said this before. She still has lots of ‘maturing’ to do.

  19. Have u heard of keeping some things to yourself…whis would be one of those situations u search u find if you need to search then he is not the one u should be with…searching leads to more hurt and she couldn’t take the fact she has money fame and still her man cannot be faithfull…I learned a long time ago never search or go through your partner things its a violation and its wrong if he giving you the signs he cheating break it off they were young and were not ready for what “they thought” they were ready for…He is wrong for fighting her but he is a grown man for not “Blasting” her…It’s so funny now she is a advocate for young girls she will not be a role model to any of the young women n my household stating for Christmas she want a good meal from mom and great sex…little girl please…enough was said when you lied and said you didn’t hear a song but you were sneaking to Diddy’s crib to be with him..without your bashing interviews you would not sell your .99 album

  20. @ Myshel… Love how you checked Dr.Fabulos. Loved it honey!!!

    Okay, I do believe we all have choices. While it may very well be hard to leave an abusive relationship you have a choice on rather to leave or not. If it’s that bad get a restraining order, get the law envolved. Change your phone numbers, stop associating yourself with mutual friends. If you can move in with someone who cares about you so you feel more safe. She had a choice. I think the way she is going about it now is stupid. She would have been better off not speaking about it at all.

    I think she is totally playing the victim. Which I don’t believe she is. For her to say that that was not the first time he hit her and she went back, even after that fight she admitted that she went back. I think if the police would have never been called and those pics never released that child would still be with him. Her career was on the line she aint fooling nobody. He was wrong he has taken his punishment and he will deal with that for the rest of his life. She needs to “Let go and let god!” Period.

  21. Myshel, I swear you are one of the most intelligent people on this post. I still believe that she is very insecure, hence the elaborate description of what an insecure person is. That little piece we read just gave her the chance to contradict herself. I for one also believe that staying in an abusive relationship, is a choice. Which ever way you want to look at it (I’ve seen/had first had experience of what it is like). Chris B. actions are not acceptable in anyway, but i do believe that there was some sort of provocation involved on her part, otherwise she would not have spoken about it at all.

    She is so misguided its very sad. The mic. should not have been therapy for this, if she is gonna come out singing about “im so hard, RR” she needs God, her family, especially her mother. it is obvious she is being trained and surrounded by people who don’t love her too much…. i just hope nothing happens to her in the near future, because right now i don’t see her being around for a long time… IMO she should have gone away for a long time before returning to the spotlight. She thinks(or ppl are telling her she is alright) but she is far from that.

  22. i know people are gonna get mad when i say this but im so sick of this story rihianna girl move on with your life it seems like she is trying to keep her self relevant by bringing this up in every one of her interviews when the interviewer ask her about this situation she should say that she has adressed this many times and she has nothing else to prove she has said her peace she dont have to keep bringing this up another thing shes trying to say she wanna be an example to young girls it takes more than just not bieng in an abusive relationship im not trying to get on her case cause everybody makes mistakes but that statement doesnt make sense if she wanted to be a good role model she wouldnt be exploiting herself like shes doing these photoshoots have been completely out of line some might even say that they look satanic and shes not the most talented person so i think she should count her blessings and try to be happy its alot of people that want to be where she is and it seems as if shes taking it for granted that new CD is a creation of a MESS its horrible does she want to end her own career?? i think she needs to take some time off re evaluate and find herself cause right now her career is on a down hill slope and its really sad to see her going through this she needs to wake up and re establish her idenity in the music industry because if she doesnt shes always gonna be known as the girl that chris beat up i know its people out there that are praying for this girls downfall and thats really sad i dont hate her but i call it like i see it this girl needs to make some major changes first i would suggest that she gets on one accord with jesus christ!!!!!!!!!! as black women we should be trying to build her up instead of tearing her down i did state some of my opinions but i wasnt doing it to be mean god bless you all

  23. @Myshel, I am late, but yes; Beyonce HAS been photo’d at the 2006 (I think) BET awards with Jay-Z grabbing her ass. And let us not forget DC’s infamous lapdancing of married men. Beyonce also has been on numerous stages during her I Am…tour grabbing her crotch when she sings ‘If I Were A Boy’.

    If you are as big an advocate as you claim, I pity those who you serve. As another highly educated woman with an extensive background in advocacy and volunteerism with and for domestic violence survivors, I want to say this:

    1. Rihanna’s behavior is completely indicative of someone who is suffering from PTSD. Thus, you probably won’t see/hear of CB bashing her anytime soon. HE WAS NOT PHYSICALLY ABUSED only to have the pics sprayed across the net.

    2. Rihanna is crying for help! She needs DV counseling, and personal therapy, IMO. I would also venture to say that she is timid about getting it, because she hasn’t reached that point yet.

    3. As a DV survivor, I commend her for speaking out. I know the social, emotional, spiritual, and even physical ramifications and turmoil that come with breaking your silence. It it utterly terrifying.

    4. Those who are survivors are often VERY self-confident and accomplished individuals. DV has NOTHING to do with confidence, and EVERYTHING to do with CONTROL.

    PLEASE read a book and undergo some legitimate training before you get on the Internet spewing hatred toward survivors.

    Now, having said that, I will say I WHOLLY concur that she is NOT a role model for young girls or women in general! However, I couldn’t name you very many celebs who are. All of the women you mentioned have had their share of emotionnal drama and turmoil amidst poor decision making.

    The REAL question is, what makes you; your spirit of survival and will to succeed, or your choices?

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