Rihanna Takes Aim At Her Critics

Rihanna has reportedly been reading what the naysayers have to say about her online and will reportedly use her “S&M” video to respond. From her over the top sexy image to rumors of her being a devil worshipping member of the Illuminati, Ri Ri reportedly holds nothings back. And like actress Gabrielle Union, she even takes aim at a particular blog that has been notoriously nasty to her over the years.

Sporting bunny ears and an assortment of other colorful costumes, Rihanna finally stands up for herself. Check the most recent images from the video shoot below.


  1. The last time I was here at this site, a big debate was going on as to who was a better entertainer, Rihanna or Beyonce. Point # 1) From the above pics, I notice that Rih is show off a little more of her legs. Please don’t get me wrong… she has pretty, sexy legs. But Beyonce was into that a while back even before Rih was. Point # 2) Beyonce has a movie now in the planning stages which is to be directed by Clint Eastwood. In other words, Beyonce has shown, once again, that she is far, far ahead of Rih and all the others such as Hilson, Kelis, Ciara, etc.

  2. Uhhh @Cool Thug,

    I LOVE me some Beyonce, but how random is your post? It has nothing to do with Rihanna’s S&M video…

    In other news, I’m verryyy intrigued. Can’t wait to see this

  3. wtf! so if beyonce shows her legs first every other women who does it after would be considered a copy cat????? WTF???? shut up! that is so damn dumb…some of the people on here say silly @$$ things i swear. so if beyonce has blonde hair keri hilson cant because beyonce had it first??????? HUM NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHUT UP COOL THUG. Keri beyonce and rihanna are all beautiful women in the own right…..

    NEXT TIME STICK TO THE TOPIC AT HAND. this rihanna post had not a damn thing to do with beyonce so please.

  4. I will not get sucked in a silly debate by some delusional fans whose life Begins and end with a celebrity, My advice: See someone about that.

    I don’t think Robyn should even respond to these people, Healthy criticism is welcome, but when people are purposefully being mean and hateful, It’s not you riri, It’s them.
    As you can see some people will never forgive you for giving their idol a run for their Money, Be happy with yourself.

    Oh and i love s&m As ashamed as i am to admit it lol.

  5. I love the dark hair ! Can’t wait for a video though I wish they had released ‘Raining Men’ or ‘Man Down’ first. I’m interested in the finished product because ‘S/M’ is like *really* out there with being sexy lol.

  6. All these dumb celebs do is help out these hate blogs by giving them press. Why don’t they shout out sites that tend to report the news rather than make it up.

    I hear the blog was the one that rhymes with gossip and starts with a B.

  7. @ Danielle the blogs that I keep hearing about are Bossip and ThatGrapeJuice. What’s funny about that though TGJ gets most of their hits and comments from a Rihanna post lol. I think they’re closet fans. Rihanna looks hot as usual. I would pay money to see this chick live now lol.

  8. She looks Great


    you would pay cash to see this heffa walk from left to right grabbing her crotch..Oh my word..Well thats you..

  9. “you would pay cash to see this heffa walk from left to right grabbing her crotch..Oh my word..Well thats you..”

    You mean Like your idol?

  10. Lookin forward to the video, and she’s makin millions while they’re sitting behind a computer screen hating, but she’s STILL gonna give them the time of day???

  11. @LMAO having paid my money i can honestly say she gives a damn good show and it’s more than her just strutting across the stage…… when her loud tour comes round my way i most def will be getting another ticket…..

    and while i don’t necessarily like the song so look forward to the video and visuals it will bring….

  12. With regard to the point about Clint Eastwood directing Beyonce, am really disappointed in Clint. He usually works with people that can act and display emotion to tell stories that move you. I’m sorry but Beyonce CANNOT act. Clint doesn’t even need the money, so am really surprised at this.

    With regard to Rihanna, she is an absolutely beautiful woman who has had a great team behind her putting together a fantastic product that sells with great pop songs. I don’t think she sings particularly well and her dancing is wooden, but I think anyone given the opportunities she has would take them so you can’t blame her for that.

    The one thing I do respect about her though is the fact that she admits she doesn’t write the songs and doesn’t ever claim to be a musical genius or songwriter unlike some.

  13. It still has not been confirmed yet if she is starring in A star is Born,
    @Cool Thug GTFOH, thats why I can’t stand Bey Stans, you act like she invented oxygen, So Rhi can’t show legs now, GTFOH

    Don’t let me write up a disertation on all the artists Beyonce has copied,

    Like usual Rhi looking good, cant wait to see her new , film

  14. @CoolThug, BeYAWNsay can have a movie produced by “Oscar the Statue” himself and it still doesn’t mean she can act. It still doesn’t mean she’s better than anyone else. The movie she’s executive producing and casted herself in is laughable. She isn’t a comoodity in the field she went out looking for the director that could give her some credibility. Jennifer Hudson didn’t have to do that, she showed up and played the heck out of her roles. BeYAWNsay just wants fame. That’s all. She doesn’t have a real love for the arts. Her ego is bruised.

    Come on son, Rihanna’s got 9 #1s count them!!!!

    BeYAWNsay wants that. Jennifer Hudson got the Oscar, BeYAWNsay wants that.

    So no matter how much you delusional stans want to keep her perched on her faltering BORING pedestal she will never be interesting and intriguing and daring like RIHANNA!!!

    LOL, Rihanna is getting press all the time and at a time when BeYAWNsay’s affiliation with Clint Eastwood should keep her on the front pages. WHERE SHE AT?!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAOOOOOOOOO


    RIHANNA SHOWED ON THE AMAs what she’s all about. BOOM!!!!! That bish is still in demand! BeYAWNsay is still trying to prove she can act. LMFAOOO Lights out!

  15. She looks pretty as usual! LOL @rockon you CANT be serious. LMAO ~

  16. Looking forward to the video…being a fan…Rihanna has a right to speak up…blogs aren’t going away anytime soon…I believe they are overall quite beneficial and there are very good ones and some NOT. Celebrities read them and most relate to blogs in some form…it’s media, perception and publicity.

    As for the random Beyonce post…if you haven’t notice…that period is over…one artist dominating…now everybody is doing the same thing…putting out multiple videos, high visibility, doing plenty of editorial (including blogs), taking no breaks, no prisoners, coming back with new product…they’re commodities…building brands…just like a fashion designer who shows for spring, summer and winter, fall…even J-lo is re-emerging with American Idol and many had written her off…she and Steven Tyler (the sexy duo) are smiling all the way to the bank! The L’oreal commercials with Beyonce, Gwen Stephani, J-lo are top brands/artists. So what we saw a few years ago was for that time and space…it’s the technology and our access to media and music…branding/personalities, then it’s about the music! Look at the changes on this site…this is where we are…what we are capable of doing…love the new features!

    There’s room enough for everybody…if we can have Whitney, Janet, Sade, Anita Baker, Patti LaBelle, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige and others making music…several queens at the same time…then why not now?

  17. WTF isnt the article about Rih? I am don’t comment on these debates between Beyonce and whatever flavor of the day anymore. She has won and aint going no where so STFU. People act like Bey is the only chic with pipes a cooch and a set of leggs!

  18. Alrighty…

    I’m just wondering about the lady behind Rihanna in the second pic. Is Rihanna that slim or is the person that big?

  19. mamma always told me to meditate while they criticize it and burn sage for the liars who print it. She should not waste her time responding to her critics because if they are that passionate about hating you every second of the day then you must be doing something right.

  20. @ “LOL” and “PrincessDev” , AKA Yogie Bear and Boo-Boo…
    Perhaps I did misunderstand the thread, but for sure you both misunderstood my post. Let me simplify it for you: Princess Dev, no, that’s not what I’m saying at all. What I AM saying is every one else who wants to show their legs won’t do it in a manner that is more creative as Beyonce does. Keri Hilson can do her hair orange for all I care. But I’ll bet that Beyonce can do her hair even more orange than Keri Hilson can. In all, that is my point… Beyonce has left her competition far, far behind. I don’t know about you, and really couldn’t care less, but I have not noticed Rih or Keri Hilson trying to do a movie!
    Generally speaking, you and “LOL” put me in mind of an incident that happened between Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston. You see, Zora Neale Hurston’s writing featured a very, very heavy use of ebonics. As an example of what I mean, here is a line from a short story of her’s called “Sweat”. Here, Joe Clarke, the owner of the town’s store, talks about how Sykes treats his wife, Delia; Joe Clarke says, “There’s plenty men dat takes a wif lak dey do a joint uh sugarcane. Den dey hates huh fuh bein’ a cane-chew an’ in de way.” Langston Hughes did not approve the use of such language. Well, one day he was talking up the sidewalk while Zora Neale Hurston was coming Down the same sidewalk. Langston Hughes decided to confront her about using ebonics in her stories. After listening to what Langston Hughes had to say, Zora Neale Hurston looked him right in the face and sternly said, “If you don’t like my writing, don’t read it!Zora Neale Hurston then walked around Langston Hughes and kept on going to go take care of her business. Get my drift!?!

  21. @Coolthug …Rihanna IS staring in a movie…and i bet she will do a better job than Beyawnce.
    She can sing we get it , she is a great entertainer we get that too but she is NOT RELATABLE AS A PERSON…PEOPLE CANT RELATE TO HER!!! And just because you are a fan of hers doesn’t mean that you have to jump and mention her on an article that doesn’t even relate! It make you look pathetic!
    This is a Rihanna post..please treat it accordingly. maybe your name should be added to the panel of haters in her video…ugh >:(

  22. @CARIBBEANCRIOLA – Who are to say people cant relate to beyonce. Speak for yourself or better yet STFU!

  23. @ The thug
    Your Point on doing this is what ? How unappealing for a man to be on a woman’s gossip or a gossip blog period, there is something very non masculine about that. I love your comparison (Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston), I would suggest you take your own advice,If you don’t like rihanna and You feel she is so far beyond who you like, don’t look at her,don’t listen to her,don’t pay attention to anything she does; But you feel threatened don’t you ? You have to put her down to praise someone else , You must feel like you accomplished some type of fan duty towards beyonce..

    Goddamn it It pisses me off so much that these are the kind of SILLY issues our people concern themselves with, This is what you use the internet for? SHAME.

  24. @Rita I’m sure you can relate to a frigid looking female who needs an alter ego as an excuse to show her crotch to the world

  25. @ CARIBBEANCRIOLA – She shows her crotch to the world, but rihanna rubs hers with her hand, mic,etc. I’m sure you can relate to that, or the fact that you like big D***ks on one night stands. Pick one. Hypocrite!

  26. @Rita LFMAO Ur a mess!!!
    Whats the difference from showing your crotch and rubbing it?
    And yes i can relate and yeah i do like big D***ks, who doesnt?
    Girl please…you have issues.

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