RiRi Takes Her Toe Shopping

Rihanna Broken Toe Shop Fest Proving that not even an injured foot can stop a woman from doing what she was born to do, Rihanna was spotted shopping while hobbling around on crutches. No one knows exactly how the singer was injured, but word has it a disgruntled fan attacked her with one of her signature $50.00 umbrellas. Undaunted, Rihanna took her injured toe on a shopping spree on Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills. Rihanna first hit up Madison but had her chauffeur take her across the street to Diavolina, when her toe complained of the prices.

Fans need not worry about Rihanna or her injured toe however, as her rep says the singer and her foot will back to performing within the next week or two.


  1. Im loving her hair that my girl. It seems like everyone is getting hurt these days.

  2. Damn, last thing I want is for her to go back to performing lol…not that I wish anything bad on her of course :noway:

  3. gotta admit was alot better before she “changed”

  4. [quote comment=”11301″]now her foot matches her voice. Broke as hell.[/quote]
    I take it you not a Rihanna fan :lol2:

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