Rihanna Talks Way Too Much

Rihanna’s never ending quest to prove how much of a bad girl she is continues with her interview in the recent issue of Rolling Stone magazine. The 23 year old pop diva held nothing back- telling her interviewer every intricate detail about her sex life, including the fact that she likes to be dominated, spanked and sexually humiliated.

No doubt this bit of news will cause controversy, mostly because of her “mishap” with Chris Brown. An abuse victim telling the word she likes to be man handled whether in or out of bed is just bad. Rihanna should have shut her mouth and kept this to herself. The public doesn’t need to know and it won’t help her sell anymore records to the S&M crowd than she already does right now.

And before anyone comes to her defense by saying her desire to be spanked and tied in bed has nothing to do with being attacked outside of the bedroom- let me say that I agree. Sex play and a beat down are obviously two different things. This however does not take away from the fact that Rihanna should not have disclosed these hidden desires to mix sex and violence- not even mild forms of violence.

In my opinion, despite all of Rihanna’s fame, beauty and success, it just still isn’t enough for her. Somewhere deep down she feels the need to continuously use shock value to get the public’s attention. She’s also clearly still willing to use Chris Brown’s name… when it suits her agenda.

Interview excerpts below…

Rihanna On Her Sexual Fantasies:

“Being submissive in the bedroom is really fun. You get to be a little lady, to have somebody be macho and in charge of your shit. That’s fun to me…I like to be spanked. Being tied up is fun. I like to keep it spontaneous. Sometimes whips and chains can be overly planned – you gotta stop, get the whip from the drawer downstairs. I’d rather have him use his hands.

Rihanna On Wanting A Man to Take Charge:

“I think I’m a bit masochistic. [The condition in which sexual gratification depends on suffering, physical pain, and humiliation]. I love feeling like I’m somebody’s girl. I think that is common in people who witnessed abuse in their childhood.”

Rihanna On Easing Up On the Restraining Order Against Chris Brown:

That’s my decision. It doesn’t mean we’re gonna make up, or even talk again. It just means I didn’t want to object to the judge.”

Rihanna On Her current Relationship With Chris:

“We don’t have to talk ever again in my life. I just didn’t want to make it more difficult for him professionally. What he did was a personal thing – it had nothing to do with his career. Saying he has to be a hundred feet away from me, he can’t perform at awards shows – that definitely made it difficult for him.


  1. Domestic violence groups have already come out against her and her statements but also anyone who equates her statements by using them to justify Chris’ treatment of her. I knew people would do that and because of that Rihanna should have kept her comments to herself.

  2. The more she talks the more she makes people believe she deserved the ass whoopin Chris put on her.

  3. Why do females artists always fall for this trick? Why must they always go the extra mile to play up sex rather than their talents. Chris ain’t talking about his bedroom antics.

    Take it down a thousand Rihanna. These crazy antics will only hurt you in the long run.

  4. Am I the only one who’s starting to think she has some unsorted childhood issues? Wasn’t her dad a cokehead who beat her mom when she was little? I also remember her saying she used to get into to literal physical fights with her little brothers when she was younger. Hmmmmm….

  5. Rihanna is only twenty three years old and her body seemed to have gone through more wear and tear than a seasoned porn star. She needs to shut her mouth and close her legs because she may lose her chances at getting a respectable man to love her and care for her when she is done efficing all the men in the world and wants to settle down with the right person. Right now she is a pretty ho, the total opposite of a pretty lady. Right now she is on the path of becoming the next Anna Nicole Smith.

  6. Well I guess I will be the 1st to go against hte grain. Yes she talked too much but many celebes say too much @ some point in time. Several times have thought to myself while reading a article on a certain people & say why did they say that & why don’t they shut up. Just add her to the long list of the “you got a big mouth” club.
    Why must she have some sort of issues to enjoy s&m style sex? There are many people who society would deem to be sane individuals who like the weirdest things in the bedroom. Heck, many of them are your coworkers, & kid’s teachers. Everyone had their vices, this just happens to be Rhianna’s. Why does a dv group of any kind give a rat’s bottom about someone’s sexual preference? I understand the point about the incident w/ Chris, but who’s to say that she didn’t enjoy these pleasures long before she & Chris headed into the danger zone( which she prolly did). No group of any kind has the right to come out & tell someone or boycott someone about what they do in their OWN bedroom. If that’s what she enjoys, then that’s what she enjoys.

    On her using Chris’s name, that is something that she needs to get a handle on, but in that same right Chris needs to learn better ways of dealing when Rhianna’s name is brought up. So there, they BOTH have to work on that. However, if people want this to be a wash reporters & interviwers need to stop asking BOTH them questions about the other. But as long as it benefits someone I doubt that will happen. I do agree that no matter what she has aquired that she seems to want more, but in that the case for most celebrites? Isn’t that the reason that we get bombarded( back to back albums, commercials, & etc) from many of them b/c they ALL want more, more, more, more, & more? Sure they may do it differently, but it all equates to the same. I chalk it up to pure greed & that constant need to feel revelant.

  7. SMH Rihanna say and do anything for attention. She has no class at all.
    She just playing to the media as bad girl who doesnt care. Remember what madonna use to say and do and Gaga does? Rihanna want to be that type so let her keep acting. It all for attention and to create a certain persona. I dont buy it.

  8. @Rita, I agree. This ‘sex sells’ image is overrated and she’s beating it to death. She wants to portray that I don’t give a pluck image. She’s mad at her dad so I think this is kinda motivating her to say and do things. I’m still looking at the fact that she’s still young and naive. I think later on in life she’ll regret it though. Does her mother have anything to say about her image?



  10. Artists need to learn how to leave some things to the imagination. I think it was a trashy move on her part, she already did the S&M video, did she really have to say this. Quit exposing yourself like this to gain more fame. No she is not the first artist to dress trashy and no I don’t care about that but she has enough fans around the world without going for shock value with these kind of statements

  11. Last time i checked 18 is the “adult” age in this country right? So what is it? Let her say what she wants who cares, you thought she wasn’t a little slut? They all are 🙂 hint the leotard the collection of Victoria’s secret undergarments and g-string on stage, But they are grown and i am not their mother.

    I’ll reiterate Just because a woman likes rough sex does not mean that she invites her man to beat her to a pulp .

    Good for her, lifting that restraining order you just have to move the hell on eventually.

  12. NOPE I’m glad she puttin it ALL out there. She aint perfect. tell it all bitch tell it all…..

  13. It’s so weird to me that we pay never mind when men put it all out there but when woman do it we throw shade immediately like women should only say certain things and stay in this little “safe box” like we were all made to be little angels.

    Well we arent we are women with voices that dont always say proper things. we dont always say polictically correct things.

    I mean HELLO shes selling her self in that articles who eva didnt find her appealing, will now after reading THAT article.

  14. This is what you call an attention “WHORE” period. Stop selling your self short Rihanna, class went out of the window for this chick, heck she never had any class! Rihanna will do PORN next week.

  15. Well….. S&M went from 3-2 on the billboard 100 this week. Speaking of the outspoken Madonna and Lady Gaga comparisons, I think Rihanna is forgetting that she’s a black woman and they are WHITE. (Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction) <— Sex symbol + plus racy lyrics. PS Lady Gaga will never be known for a sex symbol.

  16. Well, I know celebs are told to live in the moment and enjoy it as it comes, but there’s so much more to life than that. And as a public figure, there’s a line you always have to be aware of. Don’t say or do anything you will regret later. She may think she’s big and bad and bold now, but 2 years, 5 years, 10 years from now…she’ll look back and wince and go, “Damn, I said that?” No one needs to know what you like in the bedroom. Do your thing, but keep it classy.

    Also, it floors me that she has that much respect for Chris that she wants to make sure his career is safe, but not enough respect for herself to keep her bedroom antics private. Shame.

  17. My thing is that people cannot win with you people. When Beyonce does an interview you bitch and complain about how boring and predictable she is and then when Rihanna opens up and actually shows what having a personality is like you still complain. Shut up already!

  18. @ RANJAY….”Chris ain’t talking about his bedroom antics”

    didn’t he “leak” nude photos of himself shortly before his latest album was released?

    I’m not defending her interview but lets keep it real people. they ALL have issues.

  19. “Also, it floors me that she has that much respect for Chris that she wants to make sure his career is safe, but not enough respect for herself to keep her bedroom antics private. Shame.”


  20. this is one of who our children are listening to. -Maybe her mother should spank her next.

  21. Let her say whatever the hell she wants
    If thsi was GAGA, Katy Perry or any of those other White female artist no one would complain
    Always finding a way to hate on Rihanna

  22. This chick hasn’t moved on. And it clearly is edivent that she wants to still play the sympathy card. What is she gaining from this? Does she want ppl to accept her? Does she feel the need to talk about her personal life in order for people to feel sympathy for her. She can say whatever, that’s fine, but she’s hurting herself. I’m sorry about what she went through her childhood but she should keep that between her and her family. Many people have family issues but they don’t go out the way telling everybody, and it’s not because they are ashamed, they just feel nobody doesn’t need to know and it’s their issues they need to resolve. One interview she’s saying she don’t want to talk about Chris. The next she’s talking about him. And as a Chris stan I don’t understand why she has to bring up his name when he’s not thing about her. He’s moving on and has become a better person. But her she just want to put his name in her mouth to keep having publicity. Yeah let her talk, she can talk if she feels the need to. But come now let’s face reality. If she wants to move on then she need to shut up and life her life. Look at Tina Turner and what she went through. She went through domestic abuse by Ike. But she moved on and forgave Ike. She didn’t accept Ike put her through but I bet in every interview she didn’t bring up his name to get publicity. She moved on. And she is happy. Rihanna isn’t happy so putting up this “I don’t give a fuck” attitude is not gonna help. She’s WEAK.

  23. People want to know everything about a celebrity’s life, and then when they tell it, they want them to shut up. I say live your life, Rhianna. I’m sure the mags want to know about the S&M song connection, so she’s doing her show biz bit in explaining it. She’s also showing she’s not bitter about what Chris did to her, she’s over it. Never has to see or talk to him again, but holds no emotional stuff against him as an artist. I think she’s past him already.

  24. Just watch what you say, because it can come back and bite the s*it outta you. But she’s grown let her do what she do.

  25. TMI but who can blame her. These days, talent only is not enough to conquer fame. If you watch American Idol, you will notice that those kids can sing better than 99.9% of artists out there. Yet only 1% of those kids will have a decent career. That’s just how the industry works. And for those who throw in white people names, they get criticized too, not just on Brownsista.com! Haven’t you heard how many times people are talking about boycotting magazines, Glee, even Miley Cyrus.

    What can I say, that’s just how the business works. I was surprised when I saw the new Celine Dion show in Vegas, the woman is actually wearing gowns after gowns. She doesn’t wear leotards, bathing suits, condom dress, doesn’t play with a dildo, doesn’t kiss another person, doesn’t call men from the audience and give them lap dances, etc… So it’s possible… for 1% of entertainers. Just think about how Mariah went from “Vision of Love” to now.

  26. ummm LISTEN you said everything i wanted to. ROCKON really? if this was you-know-who post, you would be in there 24/7 cussin her out as if she stole your money…smh. if she had a life she would not discuss her sex life. all i’m thinking is that notice how they didn’t ask her about musiccccc? that says a lot about her. yes she doesn’t know what kind of questions she will be asked before hand, but if they thought she was worth anything else other than her hot.bod. they would have asked her about her “music”.it Roolling Stone not Cosmo. so what would she do for Cosmo…. pple should stop diverting saying things like if it was Katy Perry….blah blah that doesn’t even make sense why the heck would we talk about her? is she brown???? or am i missing something…?

  27. You know i don’t like rihanna but enough is enough, It’s like most black folks have a personal vendetta against her, for what ? What has she done to you ? Is it her fault that she is young gorgeous rich and in demand? It’s like you always have to downplay her, what is it? you said back in 2006 that her 15 minutes of fame were up, but they aren’t leave her alone. So what if she likes it a little harder than most? that means she needs to be beat ? How small minded of all of you, you haven’t learned your lesson, the more you shit talk her the more she rises, she is the game right now and if that hurts your feeling than you need a life.

    Now that i’m done being fair, i hate s&m and that cool aid wig on her hair. she needs to regroup because she can’t top gggb.


  29. @LEAAN

    Who’s hating on her? Explain. I don’t hate her personally but I feel she needs to get her life together before she ends up somewhere she don’t need to be. Ppl need to worry about they OWN lives instead of these celebrities. We have a life as much as them. So your point is invalid. And stop bringing up about black ppl. What black ppl feel the need to hate on her for what? She hasn’t done anything to me nor for me. So how is having an opinion of someone means they’re a hater. Look up the definition of “HATER” Oh and saying we hurt because she’s famous? I could care less about her. This is why this generation is messed up today because of the lack of guidance and discipline. I have INSPIRATIONS of my own so I don’t feel the need to hate on someone. I’m happy for her. I am but my life is more important.

  30. And what I mean “I could care less about her” I don’t mean it in a hateful way but c’mon now ppl have lives and go through issues but they don’t make up excuses or take it out on other people to satisy their well being. The woman is hurt because she hadn’t been guided in the right direction. Therefore she feels that way. Wake up ppl.

  31. Why are people even commenting on this? Rhianna is trying to sell her album and concerts, new movie coming out. Shocking the media, is what her team believes will make Rhianna rich, and them richer. Personally, I feel the real bad females, don’t have to talk about sex to prove that they are the Baddest Chick in the GAME. Just look at the men they have graveling at their feet. Naomi has her Russian Billionaire buying her houses in different countries, she takes vacations every 3 weeks, buys her jewels. She models for his real estate company in Russia, and Russians really don’t care that much for black folks. So until, Rhianna is using her sex image to pull men that are above a C level even in the urban markets, than she should be validated for her sexual allure. Little girls maybe impress with this oversexed talk, but too me, it’s juvenile, when thus far she has only pull a basketball player, r and b singer, and the attention of Colin Farrel. If little girls look up to her, they need to broaden their horizons.

  32. some grown women need to broaden their horizons too. -there’s no defending this.

  33. Hey gifted thank you for taking the time to respond to me. This will however be my last post to you as you don’t seem very smart at all and very angry, a combination of flaws that discust me :).
    First of all , You care more about rihanna than you are willing to admit and that’s fine, I’m not here to burst any bubbles or relieve anyone’s anger.
    I never used the word “hating” i said vendetta, and what a fitting word indeed, you just sat here and told me 8 different ways how you don’t care about us, You didn’t have to respond to me “Chris stan” but you did. Use your own advice and worry about your life, bad mouthing her is not going to prove to me that “you could care less”.

    Ps: vendetta means having a personal vengeance against someone, it is obvious that you have a problem with rihanna and it seems personal, you want to tell me about this generation and you’re how old? and immature at that. Please.

  34. I think everything Rihanna does people seem to have a problem with it. I just think she should just do her, cause she can only live for one individual..HERSELF.

  35. I agree with #22/Truth… This reactions be an example of more double standardizing amongst celeberities and perception and such.

  36. I think rhianna is saying all these outrageous information because she always wants to be on top of the fame game. She is having trouble selling out the tickets for her tour, and one of her songs is #17 on the charts, chris had a successful week with his latest album, so everytime chris gets to the top, rhianna comes out with something for the public to focus on her.

  37. if rhianna thinks talking about her sex life is going to sell her more records and get people to buy tickets then she will keep on doing it, she may be rich but how many rich artists are poor now and cant make the millions to support their lifestyle, rhianna’s management team is who is setting her up to disclose shocking information so people would focus on her, that’s how the entertainment process runs.

  38. Rihanna Is an Adult and who are we to judge her sex life.. Whatever her sexual preference doesn’t excuse Chris Brown’s behavior….

    People always want to say she uses Chris Brown namw when it suits her, but despite the fact at how angry he gets, it something that he did and people might never forget it. That is the price you pay for your actions. If he weren’t a celebrity it might be different but that is his job title and for that he’s held to a diffrent standard… A Role Model..

    She’s young.. Let her live her life for her and not for those who dictate it!

  39. She has a song called S&M so I’m sure she was asked questions pertaining to some of her songs. Why people get riled up over ish like this is beyond me. It’s been done and will continue to be done.

    She likes being spanked she likes being submissive in the BEDROOM notice she said in the BEDROOM…..This chick is no dummy she knows exactly what she’s doing…. Bravo Bitch Bravo.

  40. Rihanna stated she wanted to be a Black “Madonna”…her S&M video is sooooo Madonna…her antics…sooooo Madonna…it’s sales and marketing…I thought it was too much information and unnecessary…but, it works…white actresses lose weight…get accused of anorexia, but the telephones rings and rings…Britney Spears did her thing on Good Morning America…the seeming electric chair, legs spread wide…fans lined up around the corner…to rave reviews…I don’t think she’s a dark gloomy person…no more than anyone one else who has to fight inner demons…battle low self-esteem and realize their net worth through trial and error…how many men has she been proven to have slept with? What she’s doing is working for her career…the way lady gaga walks around is just nasty…her brand of sexual exploits works for her…bottom line and that is the bottom line…Rihanna wanted to be a sex symbol…just like Josephine Baker, Eartha Kitt, Tina Turner, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, Lil Kim, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and now Rihanna and others to follow…I don’t like some of her routines…but, some of her videos are just fine…”What’s my name” and “The Only Girl”…along with her collabos…”The Way You Lie” and others…S&M isn’t as rauchy as it could have been, one of my favorite Ri-songs and videos! I think she presents a balance (we don’t have to see her crouch or grabbing or nudity in every video or photo), as much as she can in the demented driven world of entertainment…where the demands are high and the stakes even higher!

  41. @gifted
    Unless you are from another generation, You can’t speak on this generation, you just turned 18 you think you’re grown? Please if you were grown, you wouldn’t defend Chris brown beatings and violent behavior just because you like how he look, sit your little behind somewhere

  42. Ri Ri certain things aren’t meant to be said…..however, thats your satistfaction…gurl

  43. Rhianna, my 12,10,7 and 5 year have loved u since umbrella now they are asking about the whips n chains??? Are u for your fans or are u trying to get attention from men???

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