Rihanna Teams Up with Coldplay

Back in September Coldplay’s snooty rock fans were left shaking their heads when the band’s lead singer Chris Martin announced a collaboration between the group and pop singer Rihanna.

While Martin expressed a desire to push the group’s boundaries, their fans were none too pleased at the idea of their rock gods going mainstream.

Now that the single, ‘Princess of China,’ has finally been unveiled, Coldplay fans can truly have their say, and so can you.

Give the track a listen below and let us know what you think.


  1. I’m out of words Rihanna can literally dabble with any genre of music, I really like this song

  2. she comfortable in any genre. these RNB females think if you’re not singing like you’re in a Bama baptist church you’re not singing. this is why Rihanna will be around for a long time

  3. This is typical of both Rihanna and Coldplay. I fail to see what boundaries either of them pushed. Coldplay is a pop band that thinks it is a rock band and Rihanna is a pop star who thinks she’s a rock star.

    I think they are copying Christina Aguilera and Maroon 5.

  4. “This is typical of both Rihanna and Coldplay. I fail to see what boundaries either of them pushed. Coldplay is a pop band that thinks it is a rock band and Rihanna is a pop star who thinks she’s a rock star.”


    I don’t think they are copying CA and Maroon 5 inasmuch as I think Coldplay wants an instant radio hit and Rihanna wants to “push boundaries.”

  5. audio’s not working for me 🙁

    Jarrad – Didn’t Rihanna already do a song with Maroon 5 anyways from GGGB? That was def more of a pop song though, so I can’t compare it to this one (which I haven’t heard)

  6. @Ella umbrella- seems to me that Coldplay usually has 1 or 2 ‘hits’ per album (someone please correct me if I’m wrong) but their albums sell tremendously.

    I feel that most artistes these days have to go in the dance-y/techno-ish direction to get a radio hit. Look at Usher, Neyo, Pitbull, J Lo, and yes Aguillera and Maroon 5.

  7. I love coldplay….but I don’t care for Rihanna on this song….her vocal are lackluster as always!

  8. Nice. I like it. her song with Maroon 5 was crafted a lot around her – this song is more Coldplay than Rihanna but I love this track and the one with Maroon 5 – I am a lover of all things Abam Levine anyway. Good look Rihanna.

  9. One of the popular trends in pop music today is, of course, the featured artist. You see it in every Akon song title, “(Feat. anybody).” It get’s old, but it’s a money maker, so the trend persists. Many of these radio-ready singles are full of the same nonsense the learned music appreciator would expect. Techno beats and drop with candy-coated, autotune-heavy vocals are accompanied by a drop-in rap verse.

    These “collaborations” aren’t always terrible capital garnering jingles however. Some turn out to be successful due to pure talent and creativity. For example, the new Coldplay single, which you can listen to here, is a result of a well thought out idea.
    Chris Martin didn’t simply ask Rihanna to sing on this song for her name. I mean, come on, it’s Coldplay. You don’t get much bigger than Coldplay. Chris timidly asked the superstar to lend her vocal prowess to the song due to the contrast their vocals have with each other. The result of her consent is a solid waveform of ambiance and grace. In “Princess of China,” Rihanna shows a new side to her vocal ability. While maintaining the power and melody one would expect, she also croons a beautiful chorus and some alluring oriental tones in the background of a unquestionably honest track.

    The dissimilarity between the two vocalists is flawless. The harmony is unexpectedly sweet and endearing. To say that the pairing is unorthodox is questionable. It isn’t one that is completely baffling, but not one that most would conjure in their heads. Regardless, I’m quite happy with the result and think the song will do quite well. As it should.

  10. what can i say but Rihanna delivered again. This girl can ride any beat and make it hot. That’s why she’s the number one stunner in the game right now.

  11. Coldplay know they just want that number 1 song in the country who else to get but Ms. Fenty. Anywho, love the song and I would like it better if Rihanna was the only one of the track…lol.

  12. I really like this song…they sound good together…the song is so atmospheric…great single for the Fall…I drive a lot so this is one I would use to unwind in traffic…it has a calming affect…every since “California King Bed,” I now know that Rihanna has plenty of untapped talent…Rated R was more creative than commercial…she just might surprise some people with her future twists and turns!

    As a huge fan…minus some of her over the top staged sexual stunts, but it did help her to get the title “sexiest woman alive”…I am now really interested to see what she does with her next release to continue her princess reign!

  13. It works.

    I haven’t liked Coldplay since “Yellow”.

    But we all evolve and grow… I’d be interested in seeing a video for this.

  14. I like it. No a huge Coldplay fan, but the pairing sounds lovely to me. @ XEDOS, thanks for the thoughtful review.

  15. Way to much autotune! Rihanna gets away with stuff, she is placed in places she should not be in cause she dont have the talent for this kind of music. The song is boring, it needs some kind of visual. Again it’s beats that have kept her here and no matter and how many songs she does she gets no respect because none is due. She’s visual. People are getting real tired of her also.. Enough of her already..

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