Rihanna Teams Up With Doritos

As many of you undoubtedly know by now, the “Who’s That Chick” video that leaked online last week featuring Rihanna, was actually an advertisement made for the Doritos company. Rihanna recently tweeted that the video was only a “glimpse into the crazy musical experience” that is about to happen and included a link to the website, http://doritoslatenight.com. The site contains a short video montage of what is said to be the full Doritos experience, which is set to debut on October 15th.


  1. LOL @ SISTA. “cheesier” LOL I loved the video and like the song. Very lively and vibrant. And Doritos are delicious…and cheesy, and delicious.

  2. I love the Spicy, Sweet, Chilli Doritos that are really hard to find in stores now and days. SMH. But above everything else… are Dorito commercials that serious now and days? LOL. Make it seem like it’s about to be an awards show. LOL. I’d prefer the video with Rihanna to be a music video instead!

  3. yay, let’s get Rhianna to encourage kids to eat high salt, high fat and MSG riddled snacks!!!

  4. Oh lighten up. Sometimes its okay to eat junk food LoL Love Rih and know this will be a smash like everything else she’s involved in. Hope Pepsi is next for her.

  5. Nice video, Rih looks good.
    LESLIE- I haven’t seen a Pepsi commercial in years.

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