Rihanna To Make Her Acting Debut

Don’t act like you all didn’t see this coming. According to IMDB Rihanna has signed on to co-star alongside Macy Gray and Kerry Washington in the movie Mama Black Widow. According to the website the movie is about a Black family who migrates from the South during the racially turbulent 1930s. “The story follows Otis Tilson’s struggle to keep his family together as they navigate through a world of alcoholism, pimping, sexual deviation and racial degradation. Told in the gut level language of the original novel by Iceberg Slim, the family’s journey is a harsh testament of lives lived on the margins of a racist and predatory world.”

Rihanna will play the role of Carol.


  1. I love movies and books like this. I can never get tired of American blacks telling their story. The past of my ancestors must be told to every generation so that we can never forget and also so that history will not repeat itself. I look forward to reading the book and watching the movie afterwards.

  2. THe movie sound bomb
    Rihanna is cute funny and loving but singers trying to act? i dont know we all witnessed beyonce make a fool out of herself,alicia not handling her own and the list goes on Idk about that but good luck

  3. Doesn’t sound like my kind of movie, but I do wonder how Rihanna would fare as an actress. Singers often aren’t the best actresses, but there are certainly exceptions and just maybe she’ll be one of them. At least it seems like she’ll be going for a pretty serious role to start out with as a challenge.

  4. For the love of God! Not only is there a shortage of realistic movies for black actors, but so many black people are going to acting classes and majoring in theatre, battling everyone telling them there are no roles for them, and then Hollywood slaps them in the face by perpetually casting black music artists.

  5. Well maybe she’s a better actress than a singer. But I wonder about that b/c in order to act u need sum personality & every time I see her on something she just looks ice cold. But then I think again A.Keys has a decent personality, but in Smoking Aces she sucked & Beyonce shows sum personality & her acting still stinks. Oh my the possiblities of this 1 lol… well as I stated @ the beinning for all we know the girl could probably go str8 Angie Bassett on us lol.

  6. Sounds good to me, I like these kinds of movies. I just hope she gets the proper training or acting coach and not just get thrown in the movie. I would hate to see her do a bad job. It sounds like this movie calls for some real skills. Hope she has ’em. Good Luck Ri Ri

  7. I like Rihanna but I am really over the singer/actress combo. I don’t mind Black women getting their Black Star Power on but I like to see actors act and singers sing. I can do without all that extra stuff. If you wanna sing and act you gotta be very very versatile and very studied. I mean Queen Latifah is an exception b/c she does both very very well. But I think she mastered the craft of acting so well that her singing has really become secondary – now when she sings people wanna know “when is your next movie”. People like Beyonce when they act folks go “when is your next song” I mean you have your Queens and Vanessa Williams that don’t come along often but I am willing to give Riri a chance but if her ish ain’t on point she is gonna get the same treatment Bey got after Hip Hopera, Fighting Temptations, Pink Panther & Dreamgirls.

  8. Movie doesn’t sound promising but I would love to see Rhi Rhi act.

  9. i too am over the singer/actress, because it is a failure. especially in the black “community”. can real actors get a shot and who ever said these singers draw in more dollars lied. last time i checked, movies overall weren’t doing well. especially black movies.

  10. i too am over the slash artist. there are numerous actresses out there whose abilities you don’t have to guess at. so why cast her in this movie. and no i don’t believe her fans will flock to the theatre to see her and that’s the argument for slash artists cross over appeal. as far as i can see it is a total failure, except for a few cases.

  11. I heard Victoria Secret wants her as a model. Does any one know if that’s true? I can totally see her doing that.

  12. I wonder if she can pull off a southern accent. I can’t image that. It’s unfortunate that Hollywood casts these non-acting performers for roles when there are plenty of underrated talented black actors and actresses. I guess they are banking on the singer/performers fanbases supporting the film. That’s why Beyawnce gets so many roles. It’s definitely not because of her acting.

  13. This should be good (at least I hope it is). There’s always some form of anticipation of how an artist will perform as an actor/actress when their career commenced with singing. The cast seems pretty interesting, too.

    One thing I will say, I’m glad to see that Ri-Ri isn’t doing a movie role as a singer (not because I think she can’t sing) because that really shows that she’s thinking/doing things outside of the box. I like that!!

  14. I must say it must be very disheartening for actors/actresses who have given their lives to the art to see singers continuously get roles for which they are not equipped. I understand that it`s a business and that money is the bottom line. However, with the right director/producer/actors/actresses and promotion these movies can be successful without casting singers. Also, even with Rihanna`s fanbase you have to ask yourself, “How many of those fans will support this kind of movie anyway”? With the story being what it is it envolves issues of which doesn`t interest her fanbase because they are mostly very young.

    Movies with issues that challenges one to think isn`t their cup of tea; their lives are more carefree. This kind of movie, imo, requires serious actresses. An Angela Bassett, Phylicia Allen, Halle Berry, etc. However, if you don`t want to go to the top of the line then there`s Malinda Williams, Meagan Good etc. Why not give these sistas a chance? Just casting singers, who are not studied in the arts, isn`t always the answer. Certain stories require serious actors/actresses and this is one of them.

    This is the type of story that requires actresses who can connect with the audience and bring the story to life. To have a good script/story without the proper actors/ actresses is self defeating. These kind of flaws in casting only denies those who are more deserving… I just can`t see Rihanna pulling off a movie that`s set in the 1930`s; no way.. However, it was only a matter of time before she joined the parade of singer/actress…

    As for Kerry Washington, good for her. She`s a talented actress as well as gorgeous. I also like the fact that she`s political as she and Usher were keynote speakers at Obama`s rally in South Carolina earlier. Kudos to she and Usher for taking a stand in the political process..

    “Off The Wall” by MJ

    When the world is on your shoulder
    Gotta straighten up your act and boogie down
    If you can`t hang with the feelin`
    Then there ain`t no room for you in this part of town
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    Livin` crazy that`s the only way

    So tonight gotta leave that nine to five upon
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    And just enjoy yourself
    Grove, let the madness in the music get to you
    Life ain`t so bad at all
    If you live it off the wall
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    Live your life off the wall (live it off the wall

  15. Ms. Stephanie, I haven’t read the book, but I would highly suggest that as many individuals as possible do so. I would also suggest that they read anything by Zora Neale Hurston. I just finished reading a short story of her’s called “John Redding Goes To Sea”. It was amazing. I look forward to seeing this particular movie starring Rihanna not so much for her ability as an actress, but more for her interpretation of the character she will be playing and for the overall point that the movie ( and the book ) is trying to get at.

  16. The studios hire rappers and mainstream singers because they have the cross over appeal and a built in fan base that can sell tickets. Even though there are trained African American actors and actresses with the skills and have the passion for acting, the studios could care less. It is all about the money and revenue that these rappers and singers can bring in. That is it in a nut shell.

  17. @ Stephanie:

    No, I have yet to read the book.

  18. LOL @ Smooth Criminal aka Terrence

    Boy, you truly are a Michael Jackson and 80’s fan!!

    You know, I actually burned a CD with all of my favorite MJ hits from a child to adult. And guess what, it was for my 3 year old and she loved it! 🙂

  19. Stephanie i read the book
    and its rare but i cried reading it the history is very heart touching
    they should choose someone that can act! honestly

  20. I like books/movies like this . I would go see this movie. It would be interesting to see how Rihanna’s acting skills are.

  21. beyonce kelly rowland alicia keys cant act i believe rihanna will do better

  22. diana ross jennifer hud and patti labelle are natural actors

  23. when beyonce acts its like shes reading from a book she sucks rihanna will be on top soon and she will show bee whos better ha ha

  24. This movie sounds so interesting! I may have to check out the book. As for Rihanna, good luck to her; FEW singing artists have ‘successfully’ crossed over.

  25. I like those kinda films about black families from the south, I’m from London so I find them films very interesting….

    Now I do love me some Rhi Rhi, but I really don’t know how she will be as an actress.

    Well only time will tell, good luck to her though….

    Go Girl…..

  26. @Nesh Nesh:

    Yes, I`m truly an MJ fan. I often find myself feeling nostalgia as I`m frequently taking a trip down memory lane. It really started to take off in the summer of 79` with the release of his “Off The Wall” album. The little boy, from Gary, Indiana, who first burst upon the scenes with his brothers in 1969 was about to rewrite the history books. The high pants legs, the white socks, and the black loafers would soon become the trademark of this great dancing machine. Songs like “Don`t Stop Til` You Get Enough, “Rock With You”, “Off The Wall”, etc. would become Classics. Then after this era I remember hearing the first single, “The Girl Is Mine”, from his upcoming “Thriller” album one morning before going to school.

    Who knew what we were in store for? The latter part of 82` “Thriller” was released and dominated all the competition throughout 83`. There were times when his album went platinum in a week, with sales of 500,ooo usually being the norm. Each week the race was for second as MJ had the #1 slot on LOCKDOWN!!! I recall the day at school of May, 16, 1983 anticipating watching Michael perform that night on “Motown 25”. It was the first time he did the moonwalk. We were all talking about his performance at school the next day, including the teachers. What does he do next?

    Well he and his brothers embarked upon their great “Victory” Tour in the summer of 84`. One of my fav performances from the show was of his song “Human Nature”. His performance along with the lighting was awesome. I often find myself on YouTube revisiting this great tour with the tons of videos. Now what does he do for an encore? Well in the summer of 87` after the release of his “Bad” album he started his phenomenal tour with the same name. Once again his performance of “Human Nature” with the lighting is a highlight. I remember back in the day how we all imitated his dancing style.

    There was even a girl I knew, named Dee Dee, who imitated his style as no one was immune; everyone wanted to dance like MJ. Like The “Victory” Tour I`m also quite frequently watching The “Bad” Tour on YouTube. I just thank God that my mother conceived me when she did as I can say that this great SHOWMAN and PERFORMER was a part of my generation. The voice with the 4 octave vocal range and his performing ability is unmatched. I don`t have any children but if I did I can visualize telling them about, this MASTERFUL performer known as, Michael Jackson…

  27. 80`s FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I wish these slash artists would sit down somewhere and stick to what they know. Now I’m all for branching out and trying to get to new levels, but I am not for singers and rappers taking acting roles that could go to worthier true actors and actresses. Rihanna is going to suck- she can’t even deliver a realitsic performance in her videos, why would someone think she could deliver in a full length movie??

  29. h, and i agree with however said she won’t be able to pull of the southern accent..what Were they thinking?!

  30. Sorry folks. I find most period pieces are diffcult to watch. I am still traumatized by the memories of watching the movie “Rosewood”. So, nope, I probably won’t go to see this movie even if a real actress had the role. I cosign with everyone who is concerned about singers and rappers getting chosen for these roles.

    P.S. “The Great Debaters” was fabulous. There was the usual racist fare but there was a lot of hope and victory in this period piece. I left the theater feeling mighty fine.

  31. People on here crack me up for real. Go ri-ri if beyonce can do it you can do it lol. Yes they want her as a victoria secret model liyah.

  32. Some singer/rapper/performers can also act.

    Pearl Bailey did it better than most as did Ethel Waters

    Mos Def acts his little behind off. Did you see “something the lord made?”

    Macy Gray is a pretty good actress and a good performer.

    Loretta Devine…

    Diana Ross (I don’t think she was as bad as many people seem to think).

    Its not really fair to assume Rhi Rhi won’t be able to act simply because Beyonce can’t act. They are different people.

    BTW I don’t think Alicia was bad in Smoking Aces. It wasn’t an Oscar performance but it wasn’t that kind of movie.

  33. I love Rihanna and her last song Take a bow is superb!! I’ve read the book and i absolutely loooove the story but the role of Carol is very difficult so I hope she will do well!

  34. honestly i hope she does well and get herself ans oscar
    if she doesnt pull it out
    i hope she let go and do something that wont make people despite her
    i like rihanna she sould be a singer/model
    that’s what i think

  35. I really like the book. I remember reading it.
    The line-up looks good, i just hope rih doesnt mess it up…i just cant see in that role…I hope see hid her accent, it would be kinda weird if she had acting in that movie. I wish they would have pick out balck female actresses for this movie instead…

  36. UM NO THis TRiCk WAs in THE BRING IT oN SEQUEl…ActING AS HERSELf ANd did HORRibLY…I wish THEY wouLd Cast AnGEla BAssEtt, WHy WHACk ASS RIhanna…I wISH SHe would juSt Go AWay….

  37. @ Nef
    Yes. Some singers/rappers are also TRAINED actors. Mos Def is a trained actor. Tupac attended the same performing arts high school as Jada Pinkett Smith. Many times singers and rappers use a persona while performing on stage so technically they are acting. I just would like to see those who are DEDICATED to the craft given the opportunity to shine.

    Now several black actors are double and triple threats: Tichina Arnold, Monica Calhoun, Vanessa Williams, etc etc. With the exception of Vanessa, actors usually don’t fair well when they record music. Not our fault, but that is usually what happens. Good singing is valued more than good acting. Well-done acting involves a bigger production. Now people act a fool every day but this is usually seen as annoying. Good singing can be heard at the bus stop and can instantly make your day.

    As long as WE do not support good movies that do not feature these crossover artist (like The Great Debaters) we will continue to see this trend. I am not mad at the Rihanna’s of the industry for spreading their wings. I just feel sad for the true thespians you are being overlooked.

  38. WHY can’t black singers sing AND act, when white singers AND actressess do it all of the time? It’s called building an enterprise. Capitalizing. Mogulizing — think Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Mariah Carey…and the list goes on. Black people have to stop blaming the industry for the lack of roles for black thespians and look to ourselves for opportunities. Blacks are the number one consumers, but are almost absent in producing, incorporating, and creating opportunities for themselves and others within the community. It’s not because the money isn’t there, because we all know that folks’ got money. It’s because we’d rather complain about the system rather than create our own system. No one is going to give you anything; and blasting succesful artists for taking opportunities that they have created as a result of their success and hard work is nothing less short of hating.

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