Rihanna To Remake “The Bodyguard”

Rihanna The NY Daily News has an interesting story today about Rihanna. The newspaper is reporting that the singer was in New York over the weekend making plans to get her career back on track. All things “RiRi” were put on hold after the Grammy night altercation with boyfriend Chris Brown left her battered and bruised. One of those projects that got put on the back burner was the possible remake of “The Bodyguard”, the film Whitney starred in back in 1992 with actor Kevin Costner. The Daily News reports that Rihanna was in talks to star in the remake after producers approached her last year.

Rihanna’s camp hasn’t responded to this new rumor as of yet. Photographed leaving Da Silvano restaurant in New York City last night, the singer was mum as well.


  1. It’s too soon for a Bodyguard remake. I thought she was set to do the Last Dragon Remake. That’s one remake I wanna see.

  2. she looks spunky,beautiful,fly and no one will touch her fashion game no matter how hard they try …..bodyguard hell no! i love riri and all but this movie is to big for riri and the nasal vocals omg! give the role to j-hud,fantasia or kelly rowland….this is a joke or pr clean up to let us forget about the drama that she is in right now they must just be realistic .

  3. Do we really need a remake of either of those movies? I for damn sure don’t want to see or hear another Bruce Leroy :lol2:

  4. wow, either that’s a lot of make up or someone finally got a tan

  5. Okay, how the heck is this going to work. The Bodyguard is known for the movies soundtrack and Whitney Houston’s powerhouse vocals. This chick can’t sing to save her life and I doubt if she can act. Isn’t her extra 15-minutes almost up?

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


  6. :stop: Um…can she act? Thats the question someone forgot to ask before launching Beyonce’s acting career.

  7. Oh Please No This Girl can Barley Sing Let Alone act i cant even really understand her when she talks whatever im over her

  8. As for singing

    Teairra Mari >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rihanna


  10. Rihanna’s got the worldwide appeal to pull off this role, provided she can act ‘better’ than Whitney did in the film. HA HA. I’d love to see her in this remake. Absolutely. I don’t totally dig her music/voice but some tracks I’ve liked lots (Rehab…blame it on my fascination/contempt for Justin Timberlake); but yeah, can definitely see her in this role. Would love it, even.

  11. I’ m starting to get sick and tired of people wanting us to hold each other and kiss when some people get movie roles we all know they can’ t pull, Yet when it is another person the critics pour, Can you get more hypocrite?Until she disappoint me i’ ll check the movie out, So give her a chance before you open your trap! 1:00 Minute in a cheerleader (already whack as hell) Movie does not count
    I swear her being Barbadian have something to do with USA black chicks being mad at her, Whatever!

    Hey Kanyade: I love rehab like i can’ t get over the song lol

    as for her vocal, Lip synch anyone?

  12. For some reason, I think she can act. Not sure but I have a gut feeling. Remains to be seen. Any who, I agree with the first comment, I think it is too soon for a remake of this movie. It seems like yesterday me and my best friend went to see this movie. What was it in 1992 or something. I think people should wait 15-20 years after a movie. Same for songs! But that’s my opinion.

  13. i think the postponement will probably be until she isn’t with chris brown, i don’t think they want that type of publicity. however i love those jeans.



  15. Agree’s with Ieshia………I also agree that it’s too soon for a remake of the movie. What about giving some up and coming talent a shot at it, like those that have actually trained to be actors and actresses. Not all singers can act and vise versa.

  16. Ieshia:First lower your capital with me you don’ t even want it Second Just because you can’ t sing as good as the next soprano does not mean you can’ t sing rihanna can hold a note probably not as good as your favorite singer but she is not horrible, seems to me like You are just talking to be talking, and you need to sit down somewhere because look is about 90 % of what you need to make it as a pop diva, Rihanna has not tried to sing songs that requires her to belt the hell out, she sings what fits her so what is your problem?I don’ t fake the funk like some people that know others can’ t act yet wanna push it, I’ m giving her a chance if she can’ t act and is horrible i’ ll give her my butt to kiss, Until then ILL give her a chance and won’ t hate on her for no reason, Talking about she has no talent , and she got where she is by staring in the air and looking dumb as hell right? If the chick could sing but wasn’ t gorgeous You all would have something to say about that I notice you are not on topics about REAL talent i.d India Arie, Chrisette Michelle, What they don’ t fit into your box of talents? Child please sit down

  17. @ Voice so your sayin i cant have my own opinion?

    But I will say that i agree with you on that India Arie, Chrisette Michelle Do have real talent

    So Does This Singer Name Deemi she can really sing she sings about real life stuff not sure if you ever heard of her if not look her up on youtube

  18. No Iesha you can have your opinion honey, Matter of fact i argue all the time with people trying to stop me from having my opinion but I can also have mine you know I just feel like some people on this websites wanna say how this singer THAT WE ALL KNOW CAN’ T ACT FOR SAVING HER HER CAREER AND HER FAMILY need to be given a chance and they’ ll go as far as saying oh she got better since her first movie, But won’ t give a chance to rihanna that kind of sucks you kno?

    and are you talking about “just a little bit” deemi?



  20. @Ronda

    Girl, I can’t get enough of Bruce Leroy. LOL

    @Voice you are too funny.

    I think RiRi can probably act because she has had hard times and is not afraid to share it. You have to have a certain vulnerability to be able to put you emotions on screen. So guarded individiuals have a tough time making us believe them when they try to act.

    BTW, I love her Barbadan(sic) accent.

  21. chick can’t sing and she certainly can’t act out her job on stage, which is to be an entertainer! she needs to stick to the only thing she does best which is dress. might as well be a model!

  22. PLEASE :stop: this is NOT a good look! FIRST she has to learn how 2 sing. Then she can play a role like that. I see a MAJOR FLOP developing. :noway:

  23. @ Talulazoeapple

    are you serious with that analysis? please show me a link where rihanna told her story and was “vulnerable.” what hard times has she had and shared with us besides that her parents used to fight and she threw a glass bottle at her brother? (most people singers and actors alike have shared that about themselves). i, as well as many around the world have stories like that, it doesn’t mean we can act. she’s still not speaking out on her current situation and once again, chick can barely put her emotions out on the stage. i really want to know what makes you think that sharing a story (everyone who chooses to go into acting shares a story and most of the time, they don’t share vulnerable stories with people) makes a person a great actor. i’m honestly confused by that assessment

  24. I love your comments Woohoo! :hifive:

    Your perspective is just so crystal clear… :thumbsup:

  25. Her PR is working way overtime to put out such a joke as big as this. What stuff like this will do is this; make us talk about riri regardless of us knowing she dont have the TALENT to dress her self not alone sing!!

    I will honestly be glad when this girl is completely out of the music business once and forever..I can honestly say as of this 3/16/2009 I have not wasted one hard earned sent on this chick!

    I feel sorry for her in a way, but this is what she asked for when they all knew this was a farce (her singing) and it went to far. You can only go so far with lip syncing and continue to get away with it.

  26. I can see Rihanna pulling this off. I would go see it just to satisfy my curiosity.. :thumbsup:

    The music biz is full of fakes and gimmicks..everything is manufactured these days. But, I have to disagree that Rihanna’s singing is a “farce.” She ain’t no Jennifer Hudson, but she’s not trying to be. She does pop music, she appeals to young people. She is a fashionista. She stays in her lane. I don’t see what the problem is.

  27. dang Woohoo, you’ve gotta vendetta, huh? LOL

    It’s just my opinion I have not written a dissertation. That is all. 🙁

  28. The thing every1 needs to get out of their minds about Rihanna is that she’s not Beyonce!!!! Beyonce can definitely act as we saw in Cadillac Records, I didn’t know she has so much skills…also, Beyonce can sing to back that up…Rihanna, I like u and all, but she can’t sing nor act!!!! OMG…Have u seen her in Bring it on all or nothing? She didn’t have many lines and she was HORRIBLE….I hope this is a scam….for Rihanna’s sake….oh please please…..not Rihanna, save us all.

  29. @prettylady

    the problem is there are so many talented singers, who are actually in this business because they love music (not fashion), and are not getting even half of the attention she has. the music industry is no longer about talent, its about he has the best stylist or the best hair cut, its just kinda stupid. that’s why so many people think she should just be a model, cuz the only reason she can hold anyone’s attention when she’s on stage is by rockin’ a hot outfit, otherwise, the audience would be asleep. People who love real music are just tired of all the gimmicks, and yes, i love beyonce, but sasha fierce is a gimmick too.

  30. @Talulazoeapple

    i was not coming at you in a hateful manner. i just wanted to know if you were serious with your analysis because quite frankly, it was a very confusing statement to me. i have no vandetta against you or anyone on this site for that matter. i apologize if i came across as a person attacking your opinion. it was not intended!

  31. @triniboy

    there is no need to bring mrs. carter into this. let’s just focus on rihanna please.

  32. @Wohoo you know someone going to bring her up. She will come up on every women artist or actress posting. So just get use to it lol.

  33. Iesha: I know AND love her see my point?
    She has the talent and look gorgeous to me,
    But why isn’ t she out there doing it big?
    That’ s what i say people wanna say oh rihanna can’ t sing can’ t act,
    yet they wanna defend the fact that their idol is doing the damn thing because of their looks, Now that the looks is less teen so is the hype around the songs, Its hollywood
    Deemi is very talented But look where she is at

    Prettylady818 EXACTELY rihanna STAYS in her lane she is doing what she can to be the best at what she does
    and leave things she knows she can’ t do alone , UNLIKE some peopel looking ridiculous trying hard to be everything people want them to be
    so hard that they ran out of things to be

    Whatever stans just wanna hate on rihanna because she outshines their idol on their best days, I ain’ t mad, I wanna see her do one movie and i mean a role not playing herself and if she sucks
    i’ ll be right there with everyone being outrage but i refuse to believe that yall are not against some chicks that cant act for shit yet have a pblem with the island girl

  34. She’s pretty and can dress, but that’s it! Wish her a speedy recovery and hope she gets the help she needs to get pass this point in her young life. Time heals all ills!

  35. Mr Jones
    You are the most hypocrite Person ever Lol you out of anybody should be okay with someone trying their hands at acting
    since your girl has been Trying her hands at acting forever,Why are you agreing with what we’ve been saying forever because it is now rihanna?
    The last time I said something about the music industry and the fact that popular singers get movie roles just because of their names you were pissed and called me a hater, But now my point is valid because we are not talking about your girl? That’ s Jalousie Nothing else Nothing more,
    Would it be okay if the role was given to your girl?She can’ t act neither, and as for the singing it’ s simple Lyp sinching the real work is acting on there, You never seen a movie of rihanna beside the 30 second back in 2005 when she just started? Weren’ t your girl just as bad with Her first Movie? Now you swear she got better
    So why won’ t you give rihanna a chance before giving her Your behind to kiss? You’ re the real hater in the whole matter

    Triniboy: Sit down somewhere

    What you all need to realize is that they are not asking her to play a role of a lifetime, She is not playing Eartha kitt, or another Icon
    it is the remake of the bodyguard for crying out loud, not a breaking trought role where she is risking to look like a damn fool , Stop trying to find excuse
    To have something to say on the girl, It’ s pitiful, I give everyone a fair chance i saw, The fighting temptations, glitters,smokin aces,dreamgirls (jennifer hudson)
    and gave everyone a fair chance those that couldn’ t act never got a cent off of me and those that could got my support, How did you know Jennifer Hud Could act ? Some people are still trying to justify her oscar win because she dare to take the light off of someone else, Un-purposely, You need to stop Seriously Stop, You have no Valid argument, you just sound angry and Bitter

  36. :thumbsup: Go Rihanna! Drama drama drama SELLS!!!!

  37. @darksista

    since you are so smart, why don’t you tell me where i said anything about rihanna’s acting? nowhere, so keep your opinions to yourself because they don’t make sense. i was talking about her singing not acting.Hypocrite i am not, so you can keep that opinion zipped up as well

  38. :lol2: I guess you were not agreing with someone talking about her acting uh? That was someone Using your nickname, but they embodied your internet character Perfectly : Ignorant and very simple Minded… Whatever chick,You need to be happy with yourself baby girl and next time you want to call someone a hater zip THAT up honey, because your picture is under that definition :lol2:

  39. @darksista

    please just shut up, you don’t even know what you are talking about. I’m very intelligent boo so i guess you are just pulling this simple-minded stuff out of your a$$, please don’t address me anymore, you don’t know me, i can say what i want, as i said before i was talking about her singing, not her acting. she can remake this movie all she wants, i don’t care because i don’t have to go see it. so like i said before… WHY DON’T YOU POINT OUT THE EXACT WORDS I SAID WHEN I WAS “AGREEING WITH SOMEONE ABOUT HER ACTING?

    if you don’t find it, don’t bother responding to me

    also the person i supposedly was “agreeing with” didn’t says anything negative about rihanna acting in this movie. you look like a fool

  40. donno if anyone can do bodyguard like whitney did, that was my movie and the fact that in the movie they used the songs that she actually sang ugh! may favorite movie of all time, i dont think there should ever be a remake no matter who the celebrity is

  41. Iesha said “Oh Please No This Girl can Barley Sing Let Alone act” Mr Jones said : ” :iagree: totally”

    Okay :lol2: Now lET ME TALK TO you in a language you understand Makeisha , Make me shut up boo, Please do, You can’ t even box with my youngest sister so play with it baby, Even if on that particular subject you were not talking about her acting on the charly angel rihanna topic you did, so either way you have talked about the girl without having any knowledge of it,when you want everyone to give your mother a chance with her acting, while she has been butchering roles left and right…You are pathetic You are a fool a jealous bitter ignorant broad and need to sit down, Idiot, I’ ve had enough of your vacant minded behind for a minute i thought you could handle yourself in a discussion but come to find ou you an’ t defend yourself when you are exposed you’ ve called me a hater before and i was waiting for you to be hypocrite about something and i got you, Now you don’ t know what to say ! talking about shut up , Please make me Lmao :lol2:

  42. What’s with all these movie remakes? There are plenty of talented filmmakers with good movies that need to be distributed. I want to see new movies, not recycled ones.


  44. Chocolate girl Said :”What’s with all these movie remakes? There are plenty of talented filmmakers with good movies that need to be distributed. I want to see new movies, not recycled ones.”

    Now YOU are not lying, I went to the panafrican movie festival, and child there are talent out there, The movie i watched was called Jerusalema, With fine ass Rapulana seiphemo It was hot, Why not give film makers an opportunity to showcase their talents enough with the remakes or sequels!

  45. @woohoo

    It’s all love but thanks for clearing the air.

    The statement was just about actors in general not specifically about Rihanna. Just my observation from watching movies and taking a few drama classes.

  46. Why can’t they come up with a new idea for a movie? I’m sick of remakes especially when the original was so recent. How about a movie about a girl singer from the Caribbean who makes it big in America?

  47. Beyonce must not be available. We all know she plays every black woman in every film.

  48. This just PROVES how these non-talented wannabe actresses (singers) get movie roles. IF you are at the HEIGHT of your career they want to put you in a movie just to get a singer’s fanbase to come in. ANOTHER disaster in the making. SMH

  49. :lol2: … Whew… I’m glad that was a JOKE!!!! :lol2:

    Some of you REALLY thought Rihanna could pull this movie off…. Was that a joke as well???

  50. Good girl gone stupid. How are you going to take back a man who bashes your face in and tries to strangle you. Whatever the allegations are Chris Brown would be in court if it were not serious. Dumb girl. I’m no longer a fan.

  51. @darksista…you right i don’t know what i should say. so i will say this…

    bitch shut your grown ass up, fighting with someone over the internet. you are pathetic. thank you

  52. u funny beyonce cannot act she would have to play herself to win an oscar :lol2:

  53. lol, i just read that you said i was jealous of rihanna boo plz, i look better than rihanna, give me a good stylist and recording contract and you would be like “rihanna who?” and wouldn’t even know. i guess you think you are belittling me by calling me all these stupid names, but that just shows me how intelligent you aren’t and how little your vocabulary is.

    i hope you are not over 25 because the comments you are making make you sound like you are about 19 trying to sound like a grown up

    That’s what i tought Little thing, Play with it, You don’ t want it :lol2:

  55. Why are we arguing in a blog where the purpose is to post your opinion…? Agree to disagree. Haters will hate. Truth is, I’m pretty sure no one on here knows facts about these artists and no one here is on the panel of experts who judge acting for the academy awards or grammy awards, so everything is just an opinion. Life is too short to walk around with a chip on your shoulder!!!

  56. :stop:

    Her publicist denied these rumors. She will NOT be remaking The Bodyguard. (THANK GOODNESS)

  57. I don’t want to see Rihanna act or Beyonce act. I don’t believe either of them are headed towards an oscar. I am a Beyonce fan, love her work, but the girl is a mess in front of the camera. I am betting Rihanna wont do much more. I think what bothers me the most is when singers want oscars and its not even their craft. How many actors are still waiting to achieve that and acting is actually their passion. cant stand to see Rihanna get a role (just like bey) just because she is cute and famous. I am biased because my passion is acting and these chicks just get roles handed to them. The reason Beyonce always gets movies but has minimal roles is because directors and producers want her name to draw in a crowd but don’t want her stinking up the film.

  58. :lol2: They cannot be serious? Rhianna needs to stick with modeling and finding songwriters for her hit singles.

  59. who does rihanna outshine? because its definitely not beyonce who is on the cover of vogue and has a triple platinum album right now.

    rihanna stans are delusional to think she could have pulled this movie off. and she will never do even a portion of the accomplishments bey has made so leave her out of this. i’m not surprised a rihanna stan brought her name up first.smh

    anyway i’m glad this was a false alarm. rihanna need to be worrying about chris creeping with his 40 year old manager and him beating her up instead of walking around trying to look cute. then again she is apparently dumb as hell since she took him back.smh

  60. The majority of black men and women who spoked about Chris Brown physical abuse. Never once touch on the subject about mental abuse …yeah 92 percent of us have been subject to mental abuse were a person either ran game on you, slept with you and disappeared, dated you for 90 days and then said hey let’s be friends? HA! HA! Or took your money and used you in the most horrific way. Or you visited him in jail and he or she dumped your ass as soon as they got out! So when you say that you would not physically abuse and point the finger at Chris Brown try looking in the mirror at yourself ..and beleive me you all have one way or the other abused someone wether it was physically or mentally one abuse does not outweigh the other…I come in love and leave in peace. Myshel

  61. :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :noway: can her non english speaking non singing azz pull this off. I think maybe Letoya Luckett can do it. Her voice is alot more appealing to the ears.

  62. Myshel: I agree I was talking with my sisters about mental abuse and how sometimes it can be worse than the actual punching….

    Knowles’ s stans spend more time on rihanna than on bey herself, You had your chance to make your point when the album came out, we expected a million the first week, there was nothing
    You need to sit somewhere and open a knowles credit card account where you can buy anythin that has her names, that way people would shat up, hating on a young , just abused young girl makes you look
    bitter, bitter of the fact that she is taking the spotlight off of knowles because guess what? when you talk abour rihanna you ain’ t talking about knowles, when you read about rihanna YOU AINT READING ABOUT KNOWLES, so get some sens and sit down somewhere “real talk”

  63. beyonce is not triple platinum u crazy :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: that cd sucks

  64. Strangely, this could be good. Rih Rih’s voice is hardly up to par with Whitney’s, but she’s got the star damsel in distress thing going. And call me crazy, but Rihanna can make the certain little moves and look a little like Whitney.

  65. :lol2: These comments are funny I think if Keyshia Cole was set to play this role most of you would’nt object. Funny. And on Beyonce’s acting, no. Ciara’s acting, hell no. But I’ve never seen Rihanna work, so I have to give her a fair chance.

  66. I think that if they do decide to re-make this movie they should wait. IMO they should just leave the movie alone all together. However, if Rhianna is chosen at a later date I am definately going to give her a fair chance and check out the full range of her acting abilities before throwing the towl in.

  67. Truthteller But I’ve never seen Rihanna work, so I have to give her a fair chance.

    Thank you people will spend all their money of movies from other singers that can’ t act for shit, but won’ t give rihanna a chance ain’t that a mess?!

  68. Its been so long.So it would be good to see a body guard remake but I never would’ve thought Rihanna would be the chosen one.

  69. Kell to da naw.:lol2: .. I mean the body guard won an MTV movie award and had the biggest single of all time . And Whitney Houston is still active and getting paid a $1 million to sing I will always love you. Any reference to the Bodyguard is always going to lead back to Whitney Houston.

    Really it was the soundtrack and Whitney Houston that made the Bodyguard movie. Rihanna can’t sing those songs and I hope she knows it.

    But its her right to do so if she chooses. Thats like Beyonce trying to remake mahogany by Diana Ross . It’s the magic and personality of that particular star that sells.

    The bodyguard was about a phenom singer. Not dress and beauty. Whitney Houston just happened to have that to boot. It was the time period. (1992 la riots, 1991 Rodney king beating) It broke racial grounds. Nowhere in the movie was the interracial relationship mentioned.

    You can’t remake that kind of magic. The nerve to even put her in the running irks me. :noway:

  70. @Ashawan

    I rebuke you in the name of Jesus, how dare you mention Beyonce playing Mahogany? 😆
    Mahogany is my movie, and to this day it is a classic and does not deserve to be remade….and at least not by Beyonce. The Bodyguard/Last Dragon/Mahogany should not be remade, they are classics mostly black cult classics.

  71. Check Ri ri in her videos…its not a movie but she plays the roles well. Especially in rehab. I think she will be awesome in a Bodyguard remake. I wonder if they’ll make her change he accent?

  72. Althought it was proven to be false I would think if they did a remake of The Bodyguard they would also do a remake of the soundtrack. Yes those songs were damn near iconic and when you think of them you think of Whitney… but listen to the music and realize that those songs wouldn’t fit in today’s music scene.

    When they were first hinting that Rihanna was in talks to make the movie over the main thing being said was it would be a fresher, sexier version of The Bodyguard… hense them wanting Rihanna in the role… Not only that the songs from the movie were the types of songs Whitney was known to sing… if they were to do a remake or the movie and soundtrack I am sure they would pick songs suited for Rihanna or whoever the singer to play that role’s voice.

    Hell if it were true I would give her a chance…. she was hella convincing she was crazy in the Disturbia video and she was hella beautiful and in some scenes semi touched in Rehab….

    And quiet as it is kept Whitney’s performance in The Bodyguard was not all that… she was a little better in Waiting To Exhale but that might have been due to all the other actors taking the focus off of her carrying the movie and being the main character….

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