Rihanna Unveils ‘7’ CD Cover

Rihanna continues you to go for shock value, this time using the CD cover for her upcoming ‘Seven’ album as the backdrop.

Sporting recently cropped locks and not much else, RiRi is shown totally in the buff (from the top up) with words scrawled across her body, including ‘fearless,’ victory,’ ‘unapologetic,’ the number of her new album, ‘7’ and the title of her new single, ‘Diamonds.’

This is classic ‘BadGirlRiRi’ and I love it. This image immediately jumps out at you and sorta reminds me of a more personal take on Janet Jackson’s iconic 1991 RollingStone cover, which from the neck up was also used as the CD cover for her ‘Janet’ album.

Rihanna’s ‘Seven’ album is slated for a November 19th release.

Update: No shock here, Rihanna renames her album ‘Unapologetic,” via Twitter.


  1. Topless again. O_O Not to be harsh or anything but I am not impressed. We’ve seen this type of look in the Rated R era and to channel it again is disappointing. I actually like the ‘Diamonds’ single but I’m just tired of all the nudity. And PLEASE, no say… “well such and such is doing it.” I like Rihanna but I see no growth. I haven’t for a while now. =/

  2. The album is called “unapologetic,” not seven.

    If she was going for shock value, she failed because this is nothing new for her. Nothing “bad@$$” she does should be shocking to anyone at this point. Once you’ve posted pics of yourself smoking weed and all of that to shock people, this is to be expected from you.

    Goodluck to her!

  3. Okay I was just coming back to make that correction. I said Side Effects earlier but that’s just a song on the album.

  4. I like the album cover, it’s where she is right now with the CB controversy and being roasted for her decision or the appearance of such…it’s a rebuttle…I think this is a great album cover!

    “Pretty” gets boring and people hate that more than anything after awhile…artists today overexpose themselves because of web 2.0 (collateral damage)…if they take a leave and refresh themselves, it’s a comeback…the public’s attention span is very short…so all in all, Rihanna is doing a great job in reinventing herself…since taking a break right now it is not an option!

  5. I love the album title. I don’t think rihanna does things like posting pics of her smoking weed or the nudity for shock value, I just think it’s who she is or who she has grown to be. I personally don’t like this cover,it does remind me of the rated r era a little bit. But I must say that the album cover is different from any other current artist. She is so bold and not afraid to go there knowing it’ll cause controversy.Rihanna has been the ” bad girl” since Good Girl Gone Bad and I love it.

  6. The Janet Jackson Rolling Stone cover actually came out in 1993. I’ll agree that that was shocking for Janet. Rihanna naked…not so shocking.

    I actually like the original album title better. Having said that, I just hope it’s better than Talk That Talk. That album was terrible.

  7. I LOVE the Diamonds single cover and absolutely LOVE the cd cover and yes she is pushing envelopes…most artist would take this and make it a mag cover but Rihanna made it a cd cover….the title “unapologetic” is right on

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