Rihanna Wins Court Battle with Topshop

Did you guys know Rihanna won a major legal battle against retail giant Topshop? Probably not. On the same day the pop diva came out victorious in court, she also unveiled a new hairstyle. RiRi’s court victory was quickly forgotten as most news services chose to focus on what was really important… the singer’s new curly do.

Just to do a quick recap, Rihanna sued Topshop earlier this year claiming they infringed on her intellectual property rights by selling t-shirts with her name and likeness.

According to Rihanna’s lawyers, Topshop blatantly sought to deceive the public into buying the tees believing they were authorized by the singer herself.

Rihanna is seeking five million dollars in compensation, claiming Topshop “damaged her goodwill” and caused a “loss of control over her image and reputation in the fashion sphere.”

High Court Justice Colin Birss ruled in Rihanna’s favor, saying buyers were likely to have been deceived into believing the t-shirts they were buying were authorized by the singer.

“I am quite satisfied that many fans of Rihanna regard her endorsement as important,” the judge said in his ruling. “She is their style icon. Many will buy a product because they think she has approved of it. Others will wish to buy it because of the value of the perceived authorization itself. In both cases they will have been deceived.”

Birss also said sales of the t-shirts caused a loss of control of Rihanna’s image in the fashion world, but didn’t immediately issue a ruling on how much the singer would be compensated for that loss.

Topshop owner, Arcadia Group Ltd, boo-hooed over the ruling, saying they were “disappointed” and would consider filing an appeal.

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  1. Good. Protect your image. Don’t let others profit from your work w/o approval/compensation.

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