Rihanna Tops The Charts + Promo Shots & Video

Though Taylor Swift is currently ruling the albums chart with her million selling debut “Speak Now,” it is Rihanna who is ruling the singles chart with the second track from her upcoming “Loud” album. According to Billboard, the singer’s “Say May Name” single debuted at #1 on the Hot 100 based solely on digital sales. Selling just over 230,000 copies, “Say My Name” becomes Rihanna’s third #1 single this year and her eighth overall. Just 5 years into her career, Rihanna is now in 5th place for female singers with the most #1 singles. Only Janet Jackson (10), Whitney Houston (11), Madonna (12) and Mariah Carey (18) have more.

And in another bit of Rihanna news, check out the digital booklet/promo pics from the singer’s new album (above). You can also view a bit of behind the scene footage from her “Say My Name” video with Drake (below).

Update: The full video has been added now.


  1. Love the pics. Its like the secret garden.

    Congrats to Rihanna on her success.

  2. Congrats to Rihanna on the accomplishments and I like the What’s My Name song.

  3. i love me some riri but don’t you nguy think she could take down the nude photos look. i mean lil girls look up to her and wasn’t last year that she was i was shame fro the nude photos do by her and chris. so what makes this any different.

  4. Rihanna is all about sex now. I don’t think I have ever seen an artist do such a drastic image change in such a short period of time. That said, the pics are tasteful and I love the rose shot. Nothing vulgar about them at all.

    If Rihanna’s career doesn’t slow down in the next few years, she will easily fly pass Janet, Whitney and Madonna is number ones. I don’t think she will reach Mariah anytime soon though. Someone eventually will though because the algorithm used to get a number one single has been made pretty lackadaisical over the last few years.

    The video is straight lame though. Drake’s appearance wasn’t needed and the song is much better without him.

  5. @Dana,

    the change in the algorithm makes no sense. Everyone is affected by the same rules. Mariah carey competed against people and got number 1s with the same conditions. Though the conditions rihanna is competing against may be different, her competition is under the same rules so any change in the algorithm is irrelevant. That’s basic math…BTW.

    BTW, Rihanna is strictly a singles artist. Her album sales have been lackluster, with the exception of GGGB.

  6. Only reason GGGB did good is cuz she milked it for two years, re-released it and put out 10 different singles. I like the beat and hook on “whats my name”. A singles artist is definitely what she is

  7. Rihanna is gorgeous and the songs on Loud sound like they are gonna be some serious club bangers. Love this chic.

  8. hmmm…there is alot of chemistry between these two. It came off natural. I know people say Rhi has changed her image fast but I think that when an artist first comes out they do whatever the label/managers tell them. They are new and want to succeed. After a few years I think the real person starts to come out and this is probably the real Rhianna.

  9. If you are implying that Rihanna’s number one singles are deserved because all artists are playing on the same level field, then you are right. That however doesn’t change the fact that to get a #1 single now is like 90% sales and 10% radio airplay. It used to be 50% sales and 50% airplay. Now rabid fans buy singles in bulk to influence chart position. Eminem is a prime example of this. One of his recent singles debuted at #1 only to drop out of the top 10 all together within three weeks. Rihanna has benefitted from the new algorithm especially because she releases music in such quick succession, rarely being off the charts for even six months before a new single or album drops. The new algorithm was controversial for this very reason. However it did what it was suppose to and that was the prop up singles sales in a market where no one buys albums anymore.

  10. @Dana

    You’re so right…it’s great that you share these facts because many people don’t know what makes an artist/music successful today…it’s “sales and marketing”…having lackluster album sales doesn’t mean what it used to mean because of digital sales…I attended NARM this year and you are so on point and this new algorithm is the continued blueprint for the industry along with the 360 deal. Thanks for sharing!

    Love the song and video…to see romantic pop/hip hop is really nice…soft and loving femininity and masculinity…carefree music in harsh times is refreshing!

  11. Pics #2, 4 and 7 are just…I dont even know what to say, esp. picure 2.

  12. @ RENE I AGREE…100%
    So sad, I will be so glad when the music (beats, drums, electronic tampering and what ever else it is) stops defining the artist and let the artist define the music.. The computer age has done the music world an injustice….

  13. Love the song. like the video. It looks like she is going catch up to Mariah before to long. Congrats to her. I like all the songs coming from Loud

  14. Congrats to Rhi Rhi on her continued success. Despite haters who says she can’t sing & she’s raunchy she continues to climb the charts. The pics are very tasteful but I think it’s time artists starting setting an example for the youth & keep their clothes on. I know sex sells but its way over board now.

  15. Wait a minute
    Is there a reason why rihanna is held at a different standards then the rest of her pop-sugar counterparts? May i please introduce Ciara’s steamy “ride” video? All of beyonce, Janet and even Britney spears videos? Is there a reason why rihanna is singled out? You know what i hate? Hypocrites rihanna might wear skanky outfits but i never seen her bend over and cock her legs open in the name of performing under another “personality” yet some people get a pass and others are being called every name in and beyond the book;So please let’s get to what this is really about, The girl got a number one, Will it kill you to say “congratulations?” I mean none of us here has a number one song in the country, so in essence she has achieved something,Either you want all of them to cover up and sing more meaningful songs, or you really have a hatred and jealousy toward rihanna and if that is the case i feel sorry for you 🙂 You don’t even know the girl That is sad on so many different levels…

  16. @ Moonya, I have seen Rihanna bent over and her legs spread wide open plenty of times while she was performing. So don’t you be naive all the while trying to throw indirect shade @ other artists.
    Hypocrite much?
    Let’s not dear.

  17. @”Pretty” “woman”:
    “throw indirect shade” What does that even mean? Is it English?And i’m glad you watch rihanna way more than i do, to know her every moves, But was your post supposed to mean something? You haven’t answered my question,You just spewed a little more venom at rihanna, so if Hate and a cute attempt of patronizing me is all you have, I’m afraid our conversation is over.

    Oh and btw: Pretty woman, don’t jealous other pretty women


  18. @ Moonya

    This particular post was about Rhianna, so we were talking about Rhianna.

    …just seemed the most logical thing to me. ^_^

  19. @”Pretty”
    No you’re sad, and you can’t speak English apparently 🙂

    Fair enough.. It still does not explain the way some people go out of their way to tear this young women down, But i guess we aren’t all happy and fulfilled 🙂

  20. Thank you, Rene. Why would people mention Ciara or Britney when this is a Rihanna thread?

    @ Moonya, it is very UNtrue that people don’t say the same things about Beyonce, Ciara (who had her video for Ride banned from a certain “black” channel). When Britney was more popular, people talked about how she was a bad role model for little girls because of her sexual themes and way of dressing, so there goes your theory. You are just upset because you’re probably a fan and don’t want to hear anyopne saying anything bad about Rihanna…oh well.

  21. @Lovely:
    First of all this isn’t high school {maybe for you}, I do not go and cry in the bathroom because someone does not like my taste in music, You logic is flawed.

    Second of all i am NOT fan of rihanna by a long shot, I am just a positive black woman, who’s tired of her sisters being miserable and unhappy and taking it out on “faceless” celebrities behind their keyboard.

    I have a very lucrative career and i work HARD, but there are a lot of people who work harder than i do and make more money than i do , does that negate everything i accomplished? Of course Not! That’s how i think and that’s why i am appalled that a bunch of [I presume] grown folks sit here all day spewing hatred at a sister who is doing rather well, and it could be beyonce or ciara and my opinion will remain the same.

  22. @ Moonya, ok you can have your opinion, but mine has not changed either. These pics that I was refering to still look (as someone else said), oversexed. I like Rihanna to some extent, but my opinion still stands as is. Thank you. That is all.

  23. I’m all for young women finding themselves (sexually and other wise) but every aspect of your walk through life doesn’t have to be part of your “image”. I think Rhianna is extra and she don’t even know why…subtly speaks volumes nowadays, to me. It’s getting to the point that her image is all over the place and sometimes that leads people to becoming bored and disconnected, if they are about the music. She should start clinging to her talent more and not what is on the surface because eventually that will lose weight…her beauty is obvious, so it shouldn’t be hard for her, since people are lost in how you look more now than how talented you are.

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