Rihanna Unveils ‘Hopeless’ New Video

So here it is- the video for Rihanna’s latest worldwide smash ‘We Found Love.’

Give it a once over and let us know what you think.

My opinion: One of Rihanna’s best and the video she should have made after the Chris Brown incident.


  1. Rihanna is once again using Chris to stir up controversy and garner her more sympathy and attention.

  2. I love the video and lol her recreating her and Chris Brown’s relationship. Pathetic actually.

  3. At least someone is trying to make an interesting video, i had a “requiem of a dream” feel watching it, Good for her

  4. At least she is not afraid to put it out there for PUBLIC CONSUMPTION!

  5. and if she wants to use chris to “gather” attention, then i say go for it, She has carte Blanche given that he humiliated , and beat her behind,probably scared her for life, i mean the child is always naked, obviously she is trying to distract the weaker minded from something else.
    if you did someone wrong, they deal with it HOWEVER THEY FEEL like it, i hope she makes lots of money on this video, Eat your heart out!

  6. Not for the chirrens. Geez. I’m motion sick and depressed, now. Nice faux-realist take on … things. Good job. All the images posted make since now. So many sets/scenes… LOL

  7. I agree It is one of her best but I don’t see Chris Brown anything unless they was doing drugs…

  8. Rihanna deserves every bit of fame and notoriety she gets – the girl knows exactly who her audience is and how to market her stuff. The video is a really strong piece of cinematography and of course she looks beautiful.

    I guess it’s true – “that Rihanna reign just won’t let up.”

  9. This whole vid has Chris written all over it. Anything for attention I guess.

  10. yesssssssssssssssssssssssss

    ALL OVER THE BLOGS- ppl tokin bout how great this vid is!!!!!
    1. finally a vid with a concept and a message and an actual storyline
    2. once again rih shocked us. we were all expecting only girl in the world part 2 [cause of the field pic] but dayum she brought it and surprised us

    the fashion, story, cinematography….on point!!!!!

    even rih haters are shocked and givin credit where its due

    my opinion?

    video of the year so far and best vid of her or any female in a long time

    I LOVEEEEEEEE U RIH!!!!!!!!11

  11. this is an AWESOME video, I just wish to goodness that we didn’t have a CB/Rihanna backstory to detract from how good the video is on it’s own.

  12. I definitely thought the video was amazing! but disturbing @ the same time. I really got the message, however i really hate that she used a chris brown look alike. i could be wrong, but i feel like whenever she has new material coming out she has to use the “incident” to garner attention when she clearly doesn’t need it esp @ this point in her career. i could only watch it once, given the eerie cb/rih this is what happened throughout our relationship and leading up to the grammy night. oh wells, much success rih

  13. WOW!!!


    One of the best videos, period…so engaging…I thought of Amy Winehouse, Kate Moss and people I know who have been caught-up in the downward spiral of obessive, reckless and destructive love…this could have easily been a film…popstar and handsome boxer…I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of him…I don’t see Christ in him at all…I do see “obession” that might mirror her previous relationship…but, the video definitely fits the song…which is sooooooo refreshing…so many people will see themselves in this video…especially, young girls…this isn’t for kids…but, this video can serve as a cautionary tale…Rihanna is keeping it interesting!!!

  14. I really like the video, it DEF makes the song better. And it did really look like a movie. Cudos to Rihanna. If I have to put my input in I nor none of us know about what happened in their relationship but I do understand why people would think this is about him. Hence “Found Love in a Hopeless Place” and the “look-a-like”. Great video.

  15. ARE YOU FU-KING KIDDING ME!!!!! What a desperate plea for attention. I am positive that Rihanna does these extreme videos like this because this B-tch has NO REAL TALENT! SHE PISSES ME OFF.

  16. STOP THE MADNESS……THIS VIDEO IS TRASH and SHE’S TRASH!!! I’ve never felt sorry for her, not one bit!!! SHE BRINGS the WORST out of people including her-self!! This is the same girl who just praised Chris Brown and his music. Now she drops this depressing video in high speed oh my fault in a drug induced HALLUCINATION……B-tch please we don’t believe you, you need more people!!

  17. This is def. inspired by Requiem for a Dream. It’s a smart reference to use.

    This video is a piece of art. Amazing work Rihanna/Melina.

  18. And the sartorial choices? Gorgeous. The punk inspired outfits on BOTH of them is so sick!

  19. It’s giving me Requiem/Sid & Nancy vibes. *runs to watch it again*

  20. Rihanna wanted people to talk that talk after viewing the video. I can definitely see where she is going with this new album and can tell that she was influenced by Madonna.

  21. I’ve seen her do something like this in Russian Roulette, and Love The Way You Lie. It’s a beautiful video, but not suprising for Rihanna. I’d be suprised if she did a video fully clothed and with a happy ending.

  22. so so respect the way she showed her EVERYTHING in this video.

    if you ever wondered what went on in “that” relationship… now you know.

    it was brave, she showed love right along with faults (the drugs) and was REAL about it.

    i don’t see ANY other artist being so real!!!

    *reaches for binoculars*

  23. and as far as her USING the CB situation….

    maybe it took the young girl THIS LONG to work it out emotional. she has every right to express it artistically.

    who are you to say when a person gets over a loss, broken heart, rape, breakdown???

    i didnt know there was a time limit on healing


  24. @liverpool- wait- there was drugs involved in their relationship?

  25. oh pls! beat her down brown did the same thing in a few of his songs..one chick singing the hook even sounds like Rihanna.

    The rihanna reign just won’t let up so get over it & sthu!

  26. @ danielle, I believe the drugs symbolized the addiction to the man…

    Who am I to say? Lol

  27. No, Cb cant catch a break but he shouldn’t have put his lil hands on her! as a female it would take a while to get over something like that! the guy you thought you loved beat you to a pulp, shes an artist so thats what artist do they express their emotions through art! she is alil dark and gloomy though i pray she gets delivered from CB and perhaps that entire music industry and come to the Lord Jesus Christ! 🙂

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