Rihanna Unveils ‘Rogue Love’ for Ladies


Just in time for the holiday gift giving season, Rihanna has decided to unveil her new fragrance, Rogue Love, for women.

The first iteration of “Rogue” was unveiled last September and featured a campaign that turned out to be way too provocative for U.K. censors, who restricted it to radio only.

It was soon followed up by “Rogue Man,” the most expensive perfume by the singer to date. However, price didn’t keep fans away as “Rogue Man,” sold exclusively via Macy’s.com, sold out in less than an hour after its initial unveiling.

No doubt Rihanna is hoping for similar success with “Rogue Love,” described by the singer as an “aphrodisiac for happy couples.”

You can hit up Macy’s to procure your bottle now, but like “Rogue Man,” it’s gonna cost you a cool $70- hardly a bargain for a celebrity fragrances, which usually run half that amount.