Rihanna Wears Her Own Brand

Rihanna’s days of making other designers rich may soon be coming to an end. The 25-year old pop diva has hung up her haute couture duds and has instead been seen jet setting across the globe in her own signature wears.

As previously reported, RiRi teamed up with River Island to launch her own capsule collection with the brand, and is presently gearing up for the September 12th release of her fall line.

Earlier this week Rihanna was seen sporting one of her own designs, a black and white print bodycon dress, which she paired with snakeskin stilettos from Roberto Cavalli, and her now signature RiRi Woo Lipstick by MAC.

Love it!


  1. She looks fabulous…in her own brand 🙂 and just in general.

  2. That dress is the ugliest print I have ever seen. How can anyone who cant even show up for a 2 hr performance expect to run a demanding business that requires 24 hr attention. FLOP! She’ll have women wearing caribbean colors to bright we’ll all go blind.

  3. Rihanna looks great! This new run looks much better. I like the dress, I’m sure it’ll be a top seller. The basic black(body) dress or a version of it always sell! Add a blazer, man’s white button down shirt or a trench coat and some chunky jewelry and boots (ankle or thigh high) and a lip color that pops and this dress continues to live new lives!

  4. @Carol I like this dress. It is normal and looks a lot better than most of the other stuff from her collection. As for running her fashion business- Rihanna won’t be, the people at River Island will be and that is smart. I agree most artists who start fashion lines end up closing them down or selling them. I think Posh Spice has done so well because she put music on the back burner and made fashion her first priority.

  5. She always looks great. She is not like that other one who tries to hard. lol no name no blame

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