Rihanna Wins Top Honors at VMA’s

Rihanna’s once controversial video for her hit single “We Found Love” took home top honors at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.

The Calvin Harris assisted track won Video of the Year, beating out MIA (Bad Girls), Katy Perry (Wide Awake), Gotye f/ Kimbra (Somebody I Used to Know) and finally herself, along with Drake (Take Care).

You would think taking top honors for an award only won by a handful of women would be the talk of the evening but you would be wrong.

You may even think the singer’s new pixie haircut or “Cockiness” performance with A$AP would be the talk of the evening, but again, you would be wrong.

Instead it a was a moment not shown on live TV but captured by MTV.com’s “All Access Live” cameras and broadcast all over the internet that became the talk of the evening.

After accepting her award for Video of the Year Rihanna exited the stage where she saw Chris Brown sitting and quickly gave him a hug and a kiss before patting him on the head and walking away.

Lord only knows why this would shock people considering the non-stop rumors of the two being in each other’s company numerous times since the lifting of the restraining order. Rihanna even admitted as much during her recent sit down interview with Oprah.

At any rate, all is forgiven on Rihanna’s part, and judging from Chris’ two wins tonight, the public has moved on as well.


  1. I love her new haircut 🙂

    I’m at a point where I don’t care/am not shocked at what ‘stars’ do in their personal lives. They’re human just like the rest of us.

    Maybe Rihanna and Chris need to restart their relationship in the open, to then see whether they’re meant for each other, who knows.

    Anyways all the best to both of them. They’re both so young!

  2. The dress, hair (so beautiful!), video of the year win was awesome and so deserving! Both looks were fierce, the makeup just gorgeous! That’s what I like about Rihanna, she keeps on reinventing herself and keep giving them something to talk about, at 24 it’s a job in today’s industry to stay in the public eye and come with something fresh, but she does and it’s authentic and her signature, favor of the month, cycle, album, video or award show!

  3. It was not based on talent cause the today’s POP is all about the beats to people talking with no vocals. But I wish everyone would follow her lead on the Chris thing, ENOUGH already!! leave them alone! She is basically trying to right her wrong she put on him because of the fight she started and lost cause he was through with her.

  4. ^^^^and you know this how? were you in the car? people always want to blame the women. even after the beating chris has shown that he has an anger problem..i guess that’s her fault too? sit you hating behind down somewhere!

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