Rihanna Works The Streets Of New York

Rihanna Robin “Rihanna” Fenty (yes, I like to use her full name too) has been using the streets of New York City as her personal catwalk. The island beauty has been calling “The Big Apple” home while she records her fourth studio album which is rumored to be released during the first quarter of 2010. Spotted leaving her hotel room Wednesday afternoon, the singer gave the paparazzi an eyeful of beauty, wearing a cream colored mini-dress and gold heels. Rihanna would later switch things up again while attending a Katy Perry concert and having dinner with friends.

Pics of her fashion forward day can be seen below.

Images via: Flystile


  1. i would like to poin out that what she is wearing is NOT cream but GRAY and she looks good but she needs 2 get back to work ASAP and move on from Mr. Brown

  2. Them shoes are hot. I just like how she dress period. The camera love her.

  3. I love it when she does the “effortless” style, not the costume-like things she’s been wearing lately. Im in love with both looks.

  4. How does she do it? She has been famous since 2006, it’s 2009, and she’s only had one bad day in my opinion. I guess I shouldn’t call it bad since so many people liked it. Back to the pics. those 2 outfits are hot. I’m inlove with the striped skirt and black top.

  5. Her body is so hot! She can wear anthing and make it look good.

  6. 2010 no thats too far but time flies in the meantime keri is getting it,she has reached platinum…..rhi is the undisputed fashion icon and come 2010 she will set the record straight on who is the queen of pop

  7. can you please post on kristina debarge.. she is the new fresh face..mark my words, she is the next big thing..cannot sing but what is it about in this pop world..she already has an endorsement with baby phat and this is her first year being out..watch out for her!!!

    riri needs to get on her groove asap because i am rihanned out..could care less for how she looks because i see it everyday!!


  9. Robin Rihanna Fenty? So that’s her real name.
    I think she’s a cute little young gal, I don’t care for her voice, but she’s working what she has and doing good with it, making that paper.

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