Video: Rihanna on American Idol

R&B icon Chaka Khan wasn’t the only diva performing on Thursday night’s American Idol finale. Pop’s reigning princess, Rihanna, was also on hand to perform her new single “Where Have You Been.”

Though not as good as her performance on Saturday Night Live, Rihanna still brought the crowd to their feet in what was still a very spirited performance.

Pics and video above/below.


  1. I loved everything about the performance except for the end when she was trying to sing the ending of the song.

  2. Love this!!!!!! She should lip-synch at least the end. Baby girl was breathless.

  3. she did surprisingly well

    i love that even though she isnt the greatest vocalist she isnt afraid to sing live.

    because she does i see alot of improvement, i was impressed.

    now only if chris brown would sing live……

  4. So you call that backtracking that goes on when she is singing live? She’s not all the way live, and you can tell when she is not. 2.5 mins with help and was out of breath at the end and that was Ok? The breathless part at the end was funny! Rihanna cant do one thing (singing) good so throw in some moves also and you got another hot mess and that’s what that boiled down to… Stop!

  5. That was a great performance.
    The crowed went wild.
    There are not many artists that are so versitale as Ri-ri.
    Big up Ri-ri from Barbados.
    You make me feel proud.

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