Rihanna’s AOL Sessions (Upd.)

Rihanna recently graced a Los Angeles sound stage to film her live AOL Sessions performance, which will be launching tomorrow, Feb. 23. The Barbadian beauty allowed the Sessions crew to follow her throughout the day, catching some exclusive behind-the scenes action as the pop superstar prepared for her shoot.

Check out the ‘Behind the Sessions’ video below… and peep Rihanna stepping up her stage game with a little help from Janet Jackson’s old choreographer Tina Landon.

Update: Rihanna’s full performance videos have now been posted. Click here to check them out.

Rude Boy performance is posted below.

Click here to visit Rihanna’s new gallery.


  1. Rih looks good I like her new single, and I didn’t see Tina or am I blind?

  2. Rihanna know she cant dance the only reason why she is stepping up her stage peformances is because all the neagative feedback she been gettin

  3. Yeah they showed Tina and her name. Rihanna also mentions her right before they show her. Glad to see Tina still teaching chicas how to dance. She did great work with Janet.

  4. I really like Rihanna. She seems like a real cool and genuine person. I wish her much success.

  5. Tina Landon = awesome.

    Where is Fatima? Is she still choreographing, I wonder? I know her main muse was Aaliyah.

    This is a good look for RihRih. Some singers can pull off doing little to nothing but singing on stage; some just have that kind of performance charisma. But then there are other performers who need to do more. Glad to see she’s at least trying to get back into ‘lively’ performances…and sound. “Rude Boy” has grown on me.

  6. KANYADE- Yea I love Fatima and LOVED Aaliyah, but last time I seen Fatima she was getting awarded at some award’s show she had on all black and like a funeral veil.

  7. Go Rihanna!!! You international SUPERSTAR!!!

    btw she’s steppin up her game because that was the plan all along dummies!

  8. @ROCKON, that should’ve been the plan when she first came out years ago DUMMY

  9. I think that it’s funny that she would need a person to teach her to walk cause that’s all she is doing and yeah she changed up cause of the negative comments, low sales, no #1 yet and her walking around thinking that reign she sings about is real. She may have gotten someone but her moving and singing at the same time messess her up and she was everywhere with her singing, when I say everywhere her vocals with each songs are not on point. Rihanna sounded better but she is still way off key, tune, them notes if not hollaring are still a mess! She wears less clothing at each showing..

  10. @Rockon are you serious, she’s a pop so called singer and with pop comes movement, like she should have done it from the beginning! Not now after she is seeing no one is on her.. Plus, she is scared of going back home to Barbados to flip burgers!

  11. @lickie at least she listening. Im a rhi-rhi fan i think she needed to step her game up as far as stage perfomance.

  12. I am fan but rili think she nids 2 do beta than this,rili!

    n she nids 2 tone it down.she turned bad n nw she naked all the tym.

    whts gon b left afta this…..A BIG FAT NOTHING!!!

  13. I have know IDEA why certain people keep saying this girl album did bad when she sold 3 million worldwide and her singles may have not hit #1 but they were all hits. People love to just talk bad about her. I just think people are jealous. Thats right, I said jealous. She doing her thing her way and shouldnt have to change because some certain people dont like her. I thinks its pitiful to root for someone to fail.I would root for that person to get better not for their downfall. Only spiteful and hateful people do that.

  14. BANTU- I completely agree with the last part of your comment its sad…very sad.

  15. @ BANTU

    I totally agree , persons find it easier 2 b negative rather than positive

  16. Rihanna’s so gorgeous; I want her hair!

    I just wish this pants-less style (Ri, Gaga, Bey, etc) would go away. It stopped being cute a long time ago.

  17. @ 17150918,

    re: Fatima. Oh no! I’ma google her. LOL. Wikipedia/IMDB. I’m curious ‘coz I really like her style.

  18. rihanna, people just love to hate this girl, but she keeps it moving. When you’re blessed you’re blessed and no amount of haters can take it away from you. Go on ri ri.

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