Rihanna’s Big News Is…

posted by Sista on December 5th, 2012 at 5:00 pm

Remember ‘Styled to Rock,’ the U.K. based reality show being produced by Rihanna? Well, after struggling in the ratings and reportedly being cancelled, the Style Network has decided to pick up the show and will be re-booting it for the American audience.

This is the big news Rihanna had to drop today, though rumors have been circling for a while.

If you all remember, ‘Styled to Rock’ is a fashion competition where contestants style several celebrities, with the ultimate and final contestant winning the chance to create an exclusive outfit for Rihanna to wear at a high-profile event.

The ‘rebranded’ ‘Style to Rock’ will air on the Style Network in 2013 and will reportedly feature more of what the the U.K. version lacked: Rihanna.

So… there you have it. Everyone who thought Rihanna was going to publicly announce she and Chris Brown had re-united/married, can have a seat now…. myself included.


  1. I’m interested in watching it.

  2. I think the show will do better here than it did overseas.

  3. Terry in Toronto

    Tired of reality competitions.

  4. I will be watching to since How Do I Look is gone.